Time to reveal the winners of my Semi Annual Challenge combined with Victoria's Secret ! all of my puppets had a chance to participate and I got truly spoiled! Here is the anouncing post , if you did not read it before. I received fabulous gifts, from lingerie to clothing and cosmetics. Participants were very good when it comes to sizes and colors, I was very very pleased and I am excited to reward the winners! Rewards: I am happy and spoiled! The Super Shopper SISSY SAMANTHA with most savings of $469.67 !! wins 2 h of my time online... Read more →

you know I LOVE Victoria's Secret and I know you LOVE to spoil and please me. I decided to give you this treat - an honor to take a part of this Summer VS Challenge. As you may know Victoria's Secret semi sale starts on line and in store in June . Sales up to 90% off! Here is what you will do - you will go to the store/online and purchase items for me - but the challenge is, to get the highest amount in savings! So if you pick a pair of panties for $30 on sale for... Read more →

scotee has been seduced into a contract - 12 full months of servitude.. blackmailed or seduced..? One could wonder, maybe both, I think I seduced and brainwashed him slowly to push him into a corner where he had no choice but to sign a contract voluntarily. That's right. I had enough info on him and nothing to lose exposing it, so a smart move is to sign a contract to protect yourself. That is what I always tell my sub boys. Protect yourself with a contract is the smartest thing you can do! Because as means I seem to be... Read more →

Some more sequins for me, in a sexy mini skirt, that will be a head turner I am sure! and I have to say I am proud of sasha, good boy went to Victoria's Secret then called my phone line to politely ask of he could buy me something SEXY!! bras, parfume and make up.. good job sasha!! you actually held the items in your hands, how amazing is that? Now they are in mine.. Read more →

Special Wish List Edition Some of you are so lucky if you have a Victoria's Secret store near you.. you bring a wallet full of cash or a credit card and this list - guaranteed to make me happy! Bookmark this page , as I will be adding new items when I want something:) Once you purchase items in the store you will email me the pictures and a copy of your recepit, to mistresslilyan@gmail.com Items must have tags and be brand new of course. Once I confirm you made the purchase I will reply with my PO Box ,... Read more →