From Jan 1 2013 I have been taking notes on my BoyToys and robots noting every little thing that would help them advance to Pink or Black Book.. I have written down every single gift/tribute they sent, every session the booked, phone calls and of course all failures to obey as well. It is not only about the $ spent but the level of loyalty and obedience they show towards me. It is hard to qualify for Pink book, even harder to be placed in Black book, so if you are not there this year, hope it is a motivation... Read more →

Look at this idiot, after getting all fucked up drunk, he decided he needs more alcohol and drives to the nearest place to get some, whcih is like 10 min away.. and of course! Police stops him, he is soo fucked up he loses his license and his job as well. Useless paypig at this point! Time to dig into your retirementaccount now ! tim is so addicted , he will be bringing me money anyway, isn't that right tim? you are soo in love with your Goddess you cannot stop... and that makes me laugh even more, at you!... Read more →

its been more than 1 year since usedslut has contacted me begging to be allowed to serve me. Yes begging .. It was old good times when yahoo ping box was still there on my website.. ( now yahoo does not provide that service any more ). usedslut did it the right way though. he read my website and understood that begging does not work with me unless it has some financial background , so before he started talking to me, he went to my amazon wish list and purchased 2 nice gifts. That certainly got my attention. and year... Read more →

Do you think you are a true MONEYSLAVE? Read about my contracted slave , how it all started for him , how he started the lifestyle, how he found me and how he is commited to $1500 a month. PDF file. download and start imagining it could be you! realizing it is your destiny to become a walletslave for Mistress Lilyan what are you waiting for? Read more →

usedslut is on a moneyslave contract for 12 months , and he must send $1500 monthly whenever I demand it .. under my conrol , for my amusement . I received 3 envelopes from him recently , here is the first one with his writing assignment , I will open other enveloped later, I am too busy these days! Read more →

OMG I am so busy these days! I dont even know where to start with these updates so they will be random thoughts:) plus some recent pictures. donkee has been serving at my feet in cam sessions several times a week for a month now. in chastity , waiting for my permission to unlock, with a gag ball in his mouth. I noticed he is patient, loyal, humble. good chance to be in my black book for 2013 if this continues. alex serves with his open wallet at my feet regularly in cam sessions , adoring and worshipping my bare... Read more →

Had a nice call with usedslut yesterday , and YES I used you can see he was ordered to load my mastercard with a $1000 , which he did ..good boy! permission to wank over your own money leaving your bank account right into my silk purse. He was not allowed to cum of course, maybe today during his cam entertaining session he will have more luck,PERHAPS! Read more →

My paypig usedslut misbehaved and did not follow my instructions as ordered, and I do not like that .. I expect obedience if I give you tasks and assignments. I have better things to do with my time than come up with tasks for you, that you later ingore, stupid used slut learned his lesson! The task was meant to amuse me, but it was no show, so I emailed him a penalty. He is on a contract for $1500 a month, that is what he must pay , and it does not include penalties and gifts or Royal Celebrations... Read more →

Used slut was so horny and weak on the phone, so happy to be used, he gladly sent $500 directly to my visa! and he did not even hear thank you from me.. au contraire he thanked me to allow him to pay! financial domination with my paypiggies is some of my favorite ways to stay entertained! so if that is your fetish, to be my money slave I have no limits in taking you beyond your limits. All levels of financial slavery are welcome, of course I prefer the extreme financial domination.. slave j had a teamviewer session with... Read more →

How does a Princess like me relax? .. well one of my favorite things to do is to shop till I drop! using your hard earned money of course.. this time I am using usedslut's credit card to pay for accessories to my house.. all that without even speaking to him.... just laughing every time I press PURCHASE , knowing he gets an email notification ! I get them too , as all of his emails are automatically coming to my inbox.. yes piggy, clicking and laughing is so relaxing.. while you wank your useless dick, thinking how to pay... Read more →

Busy Busy!! so just a short update: Joa- still trapped in a blackmail contract , loving the control over this young sub, there is no escape and he knows he has to be obedient . He is like a puppy in love, serving me makes him wag his tail! robbie - paid up his $400 Royal Birthday Blackmail Game fees and has been trapped for good now! I have his full info, personal and business - he now depends on my good mood not to expose him..I could wake up tomorrow , in a really fucked up mood and decide... Read more →

All my loyal puppets, paypiggies, blackmail bitches have done a great job spoiling me this July for my Royal Birthday! I have a BIG SMILE just writing this post and sharing the presents I received.. Yes I could buy myself all of these and more, but receiving them from you feels a LOT better! This year I got some fabulous shoes from hosieryboy; Black Diamonds from adam; patio furniture, sonos system ,lots of make up and other smaller stuff from usedslut; another sonos system and Chopard sunglasses from marco; andy bought me some amazing furniture ( lucite table and chair),chandelier... Read more →

When it comes to financial domination I am an expert.. I know exactly what it takes to drive your adrenaline levels thru the roof! my ukrainian used slut tim has contacted me about 5 months ago and we agreed on a financial domination contract for 3 months.. What a ride that was! $1000 a month eBay/amazon/credit card spending agreement for me plus his phone calls in addition.. He loved every bit of it and so did I . used slut truly lives up to his name, he loved the financial abuse and he wanked over every ebay notification they sent... Read more →

TIK TOK time is almost up! When I wake up tomorrow I betetr have all the remining emails with gifts confirmation ... Some of the gifts for my Royal Birthday Celebration arrived already, I will open them while drinking a cup of java, and will present themt o my girlfriends that will arrive for a small intimate party late afternoon! I have to say I am impressed with my boys, they have been very obedient, well most of them! I got some fabulous gifts that I will love for a long time.. Once, because I only select the items I... Read more →

Yes I LOVE to be spoiled! you know how hard you work and how much you love buying me gifts! Sonos Play 5 from adam, fabulous whole house system. I need 2 more..Sonos 3 play for other rooms.. buy them here.. Buy it now Swarovski exquisite tray, for my mirrored desk, to carry my Swarovski pens! from jonathan Luxury Dior makeup from popper , while sniffing his poppers:) Decadent Longines Yellow Gold and DIAMONDS Watch OMG so precious! from adam and vanity mirrored collection , so glam!! from ukrainian tim !! LOVE LOVE!! Read more →

OMG more gifts for Me! Jeweled Victoria's Secret Limited editin Angel perfume - one of my favs! and Dior Addict Be Iconic Limited Edition Kate Moss mirror - from ukrainian tim Dior make up, miniature perfume set from popper! he loves shopping while sniffing his poppers. Fabuloys Melissa Pink pumps from hosieryboy Dior Miss Dior Cherie Perfume from andrew and more from popper- swarovski jeweled hair pins! cuttest ever! welld one boys:) you shure know how to put a smile on my face! Read more →

Hello Mistress Sorry to bother you, it's just further to my ridiculous request for you delete stuff from my PC. So stupid and pathetic that I can not understand why it's a turn on. But it is. So, if you do have time and it still amuses you then you may wish to start by deleting all emails and contacts that don't interest you. Then move on to files and pictures Then finally deleting programs, games, applications etc that I might have paid for leaving me with just a bare basic set up to allow internet access for shopping, webcam,... Read more →

he was lucky to find me in March of 2012 when he first found my website. he could not resist the images of perfction, the words of destrtuctions and seductivness.. he craved to contact me and he did.. I wouldn't ever want to talk to him before he proved himself to me.. I get so many time wasters I am really picky who gets my attention ! he knew he had to step up in the game and quicky emailed me he had sent me 2 gifts of my wish list for the total of $100 ..not bad.. we chatted... Read more →

I have so much to update, this is just a preview , a taste of what is coming in near future! I have so much material to write about, and never enough time. my subbies need me so much, I spend hours on the phone, training them, abusing them, doing teamviewer sessions and cam sessions. I know how much some of you love to be exposed, how some of you love to read about my boytoys.. Stay tuned! maybe it is your lucky day and you will be included in this preview? if not, keep checking back! wanking loser from... Read more →