SamD has been tip toe'ing around my world for several months, and the idea of poppers was very intoxicating to him.. Due to his location poppers are not available for him to buy ( see how lucky you are if you can just drive to an adult tore and buy them anytime ?) we started forcedintox sessions based on alcohol an that was a blast! 2 great sessions in July already and SamD is trapped into my worlds. Not that he feels trapped. he was seduced and he is enjoying very inch of that sticky web that surrounds him now.... Read more →

Martin : hello miss Mistress Lilyan: hello Martin : sorry i paniced Martin : teamviewer was too intense for me Mistress Lilyan: was it Mistress Lilyan: I didnt think it was intense at all Mistress Lilyan: none of your passwords worked Martin : well its the first time i have done something like it Mistress Lilyan: did u love it or hate it Martin : can i tribute you and we forget it ever happend? Martin : both Martin : teamviewer was rly scary ,but exciting aswell, but to scary for my taste Mistress Lilyan: I am not sure I... Read more →

I love this combo, getting mike sniffing his favorite poppers while I am taking charge over his computer via teamviewer.. he knows I am going to shop Amazon while he is sniffing, we call it amazon porn! haha! turns him on so much! teamviewer play is hot, but try it with poppers or another forced intoxication treatment nex time, you will love it! call me now! CLICK HERE Read more →

popper is so addicted to sniffing and my control he will do it anywhere! I have posted about him so many times, in so many places I lost count ... quite often he sniffs poppers at work while watching porn and being obedient little slut ! I logged into his computer to go shopping on amazon while he is sniffing greedy pig poppers and wanking under the desk , here are some screen captures for you to get inspired ! Read more →

Used slut was so horny and weak on the phone, so happy to be used, he gladly sent $500 directly to my visa! and he did not even hear thank you from me.. au contraire he thanked me to allow him to pay! financial domination with my paypiggies is some of my favorite ways to stay entertained! so if that is your fetish, to be my money slave I have no limits in taking you beyond your limits. All levels of financial slavery are welcome, of course I prefer the extreme financial domination.. slave j had a teamviewer session with... Read more →

I have been very busy as I am promoting my new site and spending more time doing webcam sessions with my fans and subs. It has been a lot of fun and got to know some of you more.. If you have not visted me there yet , here is the schedule: Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun Night about 9 PM EST to 2 am EST , sometimes I stay longer , if it is busy. Sometimes I need to cancel my night, when I have other things to do. Follow my cam twitter to keep up.. But also... Read more →

If you are a regular reader of my site you know I met robbie several years ago..and he has been in my pink book for a while, he is such a slut but still I love using this old paypig ! making him oink while I control him, his wallet gets raped and I sit here laughing on my end...the more I ignore him the more he oinks .. the more he spends the more I laugh... Financial domination via teamviewer is so much fun for both parties, him : he loves to be abused and used and laughed at..... Read more →

I have access to robbies computer whenever he is online.. I decided to check on him, 5 minutes ago and I found him obsessing over my website :) That sure made me smile and feel even more powerful over this paypig .. He needs me in his pathetic life, we met perhaps 4 years ago and robbie is drawn to me like moth to light..and it will never end.. he has been wallet raped by me this month big time, and I will make a big update on all of the gifts soon. Best shopping on teamviewer this month! Read more →

Jonathan has contacted me recently and and he craves teamviewer control .. I remembered him calling me about teamviewer before , and he disconnected so quick I had no chance to get any info on him, but he called back! This time I moved quicker and took a snap of his screen ... yes dear, your name,family contacts is now in Jonathan folder in my desk.. you better play my blackmail Christmas game if you want it to remain safe.. Read more →

Entry 1: this is how we met : July 11, 2012 Royal Birthday Countdown 3 days to go! Teamviewer Yesterday I trapped a new slave marco into my teamviewer session.. oh he had 2 sessions already, 2 days in a row, the excitement is thrilling ! OMG he has so much shemale porn on his pc.. if only his facebook friends knew! I collected a lot of information , and of course since it is Birthdy Countown, he had no choice but shop for my birthday gift .. he bought me beautiful Chopard Sunglasses, and I sat here watched him... Read more →

Mistress, I have been reading your website this evening. I have pored over it in detail and been reading it in great detail. It is very satisfying. I get an erotic charge from your words. I love your interest in forced intox, and especially that you like guys to drink and take poppers. You even provide a link to buy them. I promised to buy some poppers and alcohol before I speak to you next. Now that I have read your website again, I am excited by the prospect. I also love your fascination with control. That is what I... Read more →

I love teamviewer sessions, the control turns me on! Read what S. had to tell after his first session ever! If you are on the edge of getting your own session - read this! He LOVED IT! in PDF file. First time published, get it now! my sessions run at $100 per 30 minutes, sometimes I stay longer, if I find it interesting, but do not expect it, especially if I have a line of slaves waiting to be abused! if you are new with questions buy the info kit here Read more →

TIK TOK time is almost up! When I wake up tomorrow I betetr have all the remining emails with gifts confirmation ... Some of the gifts for my Royal Birthday Celebration arrived already, I will open them while drinking a cup of java, and will present themt o my girlfriends that will arrive for a small intimate party late afternoon! I have to say I am impressed with my boys, they have been very obedient, well most of them! I got some fabulous gifts that I will love for a long time.. Once, because I only select the items I... Read more →

Yesterday I trapped a new slave marco into my teamviewer session.. oh he had 2 sessions already, 2 days in a row, the excitement is thrilling ! OMG he has so much shemale porn on his pc.. if only his facebook friends knew! I collected a lot of information , and of course since it is Birthdy Countown, he had no choice but shop for my birthday gift .. he bought me beautiful Chopard Sunglasses, and I sat here watched him click , I was giggling , proud of myself, while he was hoping that was enough to keep his... Read more →

Like I mentioned before I am in the middle of furnishing my office, so excited about it.. It will be so glam in old hollywood style. Well some of my paypiggies have been honored with a chance to contribute towards my office furniture and accessories! you still have a chance to contribute, hurry before it is too late! BUY ITEMS HERE New Office Wish List so my paypiggy tim, from Ukraine, loves when I abuse him and that I dont even care.. so I decided he will be responsible for one big payment for the furniture company! My order was... Read more →

Hello Mistress Sorry to bother you, it's just further to my ridiculous request for you delete stuff from my PC. So stupid and pathetic that I can not understand why it's a turn on. But it is. So, if you do have time and it still amuses you then you may wish to start by deleting all emails and contacts that don't interest you. Then move on to files and pictures Then finally deleting programs, games, applications etc that I might have paid for leaving me with just a bare basic set up to allow internet access for shopping, webcam,... Read more →

he was lucky to find me in March of 2012 when he first found my website. he could not resist the images of perfction, the words of destrtuctions and seductivness.. he craved to contact me and he did.. I wouldn't ever want to talk to him before he proved himself to me.. I get so many time wasters I am really picky who gets my attention ! he knew he had to step up in the game and quicky emailed me he had sent me 2 gifts of my wish list for the total of $100 ..not bad.. we chatted... Read more →

I have so much to update, this is just a preview , a taste of what is coming in near future! I have so much material to write about, and never enough time. my subbies need me so much, I spend hours on the phone, training them, abusing them, doing teamviewer sessions and cam sessions. I know how much some of you love to be exposed, how some of you love to read about my boytoys.. Stay tuned! maybe it is your lucky day and you will be included in this preview? if not, keep checking back! wanking loser from... Read more →

chris contected me today andspan: hello miss, how are you? I would love it if you would give me the honour of a teamviewer session with you x Mistress Lilyan: hello, I am good Mistress Lilyan: how did u hear about me ? andspan: I did a web search miss, and your name came very near the top! andspan: also, I have seen you on live jasmin before x Mistress Lilyan: okay , nice to meet you here andspan: you too missx Mistress Lilyan: what excites you about teamviewer, have you done it before andspan: no miss, i haven't. I... Read more →

Woke up and started my day with a delicious coffee and a message from mys lave who needed to be used! It was his first teamviewer session and he was so excited I could not refuse! I was enjoying myself! IanS: hello mistress, i am finally back from holidays Mistress Lilyan: hello Mistress Lilyan: I returned from my holidays as well.. IanS: oh great I hope you had a good time Mistress Mistress Lilyan: oh yes Mistress Lilyan: and you IanS: I did too, amazing time. IanS: I was in Sri Lanka Mistress Lilyan: sounds great IanS: yes it was... Read more →