He could not stop fantasizing of that, every woman he met online, he imagined that She might be the one to ruin him. Like so many wannabes, he too chatted with Women on cam on the same subject while they moved their legs hypnotically….and after he ejaculated, he returned to his mundane life, only to come back when he had the urge. Yes, he had spent quite some money this way, over the years, but nothing too serious. He was just playing, not really committing, and he also did not think much of the money he had spent. After all,... Read more →

Gradually, in his long years of serving online, tributing here and there, pretending to serve Women online, he realized he was only lying to himself. He realized he was not really serving, but only indulging in his fantasies, in a safe manner…. He spent some money…..he ejaculated….that was it..from time to time, he happened to talk to a Woman, who was much more dominant…he always thought that this time it would be different…this time he had found the One…to serve forever…but it was not the case…some ejaculations later, he felt the shame, he felt the regret…he went away…. It gradually... Read more →

Working as a successful lawyer, his life was devoted to his profession, he gave everything to become top of his game. Living alone, single, dedicated to his work, feeling proud of his good and hard work. Respected by his colleagues, he was something of a role model to many younger layers. Of course, he made some money, and also acquired some property. After 20 years of hard work, no real expenses, no family, living for himself, he had managed to save up some money, to compliment his assets….Owned office, two houses, one apartment in the city, one villa in the... Read more →

Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend? part 1 So I've completed part 1 of my session with goddess. As you can see from the pic, she wore the PVC outfit that drives me so utterly insane. She's set me a number of tasks today... one of which being this post. Goddess has chosen this topic and I have no doubt she's chosen it to brainwash me and lead me further down her path to moneyslavery, financial domination and becoming her loyal servant and paypig. I know I shouldn't do it but I want to please her so much.... Read more →

Why do I enjoy being a member of Mistress Lilyan's ONLY FANS Because it gives me a unique access into Mistress Lilyan's life through Her sensual videos, photos, audios and text posts that I can't see or hear anywhere else. Another big reason is because it gives me an opportunity to actually contact Her by sending Her messages. The experience of actually talking with Mistress Lilyan is so thrilling that it makes euphoria course through my entire body. Now, I suppose the bigger question here is: why Mistress Lilyan? Well, the most obvious reason is Her unparalleled beauty and the... Read more →

Here are 10 reasons why Goddess Lilyan has had such a profound impact on me in the space of a week: 1. Her legs Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. I'm definitely a "leg guy" and Goddess Lilyan has the most perfect legs i've ever seen. I can say with all honesty that i doubt i'll ever see anything as perfect. Her thighs are the part i get particularly drawn to. However, much like Lilyan's other features, there's so much more to it rather than just her legs being sexy... Having the assets is only... Read more →

Slave Dave confessions part 2

OK so this post will probably be rather long but i'll try to keep it concise. If i'm going to document my supposed surrender of my life to Goddess Lilyan then probably the best way to start is to talk about what my life is like now. I've decided that i don't want to reveal private information about myself because I want to remain anonymous. Not just for myself but for people who my actions may effect. I know that many slaves enjoy giving out personal details for blackmail and things like that but while it's something i find interesting... Read more →

I did not edit the storry , so there may be typos and grammar mistakes. He is not speaking English as his first language. Mistress Lilyan MISTRESS LILYAN FOOT SLAVE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION DATE – 13.07.12 PLACE – MISTRESS LILYAN Place As it is a big event Mistress called me on her Birthday for service at his bungalow at sharp 6.00 AM and I am very happy that today I will be able to please my mistress with my work. Brilliant mistress already given order to another slave to fulfill all food arrangements and I am having all cleaning activities at... Read more →

Lilyan is trying on her new boots. She hears me in the other room with a plastic gift bag. She asks me to come for my opinion. She asks what I have in the bag. She takes it and pulls out a full body harness. She asks what is its function. I reply to increase loyalty for a male to serve. She soon is tightening the buckles so I am unable to get out of the harness without her assistance and the collar design restricts my head movement. She is pleased and finds also in the bag spurs to fit... Read more →

He is standing, his face in the corner when she enters. Lilyan can see only his back. A steel collar around his throat, a heavy chain leading down to steel cuffs pulling his wrists up behind him, steel shackles at his ankles... And bare skin. He does not turn as she approaches him from behind, her heels tapping against the floor. He can not. A short chain from his collar to the wall makes him stare into the corner like an errant boy. Lilyan comes up behind him and runs her hand over his bare bottom. Leaning in close to... Read more →

Lilyan's New Ride "Not that it matters, but… What do you think?” Lilyan asked. “It’s beautiful! You’re going to look great in it. Cruising with the top down.” Ethan replied, enthusiastically. Lilyan smiled, “Yes, I will, won’t I? Well, what are you waiting for then? Give the nice lady your American Express card.” Ethan fumbled in his wallet and pulled out the credit card. This would max it out, of course. It would take years to pay it off. Even with the second job she had found for him in the evenings. “I’ll just go run this and bring back... Read more →

Sexy Shoes story part 2.

this is the continuation to the story I posted previously, look in past posts. As usual, there was a note of warning in her tone. Eric had learned, painfully, the cost of failing her. He nodded quickly, "Yes, Goddess. Everything is ready for you." Lilyan reached down to pat him on the head and started up the stairs to dress for the evening. Cautiously, Eric looked up at her longingly. "Make sure my bed is turned down. And chill some champaign. Then lock yourself up for the night, understood?" she called over her shoulder. "Yes, Goddess." At the top of... Read more →

written by a sub He is standing, his face in the corner when she enters. Lilyan can see only his back. A steel collar around his throat, a heavy chain leading down to steel cuffs pulling his wrists up behind him, steel shackles at his ankles... And bare skin. He does not turn as she approaches him from behind, her heels tapping against the floor. He can not. A short chain from his collar to the wall makes him stare into the corner like an errant boy. Lilyan comes up behind him and runs her hand over his bare bottom.... Read more →

"I am Michael, 28 years of age, and have just fallen into your web of seduction and destruction. My fantasy is to be forced on my knees and worship your feet and whatever else you allow me to do so, verbally degrade and humiliate me, spitting, flip me off with your middle finger tell me "fuck you stupid loser" etc (like your youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QgI4jb5G8Q), permanently branding me as your property, and put me in a cage wearing a chastity device. Speaking of chastity, I would like to be locked long term, if not lifetime...i feel i do not deserve... Read more →

Sexy Shoes "Do you like them?" Eric raised his eyes slightly. Just enough to lift his gaze from the floor. He knew his place. His eyes rested on Lilyan's new shoes. Many designers were well represented in Lilyan's wardrobe... Manolo Blanik, Christian Louboutin... In this case it was Jimmy Choo. He had learned to recognize the different designers by up-close exposure... By taking care of her many shoes but also by occasionally feeling one of their heels as Lilyan ground it into his palm. "Stunning, Goddess." Lilyan looked down to admire them again herself. She was gratified to see that... Read more →

so rod purchased and signed / returned blackmail contract , ( you can buy the BLACKMAIL INFO HERE:) now he is under my control! get a little taste of my chat with him this week.. Rod: hi mistress! Mistress Lilyan: hello Mistress Lilyan: how is your ass feeling Rod: i have to tell you something. It will be very difficult for me to pay you tomorrow. I have a lot of financial difficulties. I have a lot of debts already, mistress Mistress Lilyan: well then your $5 per day penalty starts Mistress Lilyan: and your info goes on my site... Read more →

Blackmailed By Mistress Lilyan.. Blackmail is one of the fetishes I enjoy..why? Your need for exctitement is so high you would do anything to feel the rush ! You are so easy to control and manipulate then.. Blackmail is your way to get aroused , you need it bad, and I know how to use it. You crave the adrenaline that comes with blackmail contract, the threat of others finding out what a pathetic loser you are.. makes you tell Me your deepest secrets.. Secrets I can use any time, or threaten you to reveL THEM PUBLICILY if you do... Read more →

Enjoying Myself today getting My new victim squirm! He honestly thought it was not real, until I trapped him into My web.. now he signed a contract and is turning into an obedient whimp! (you can get the info on My contract here ) He tried to disobey , by refusing to send me the required page ( letter to his mom admiting to what a failure he is! with his signature in handwritting) ..I cretaed a separate blog for him, posting all the info I have .. ok, just part of it,.to teach him a lesson.. I got the... Read more →