Do you wonder what my custom videos are like? Or my personalized intox phone sessions with poppers? Cam foot fetish sessions? Sissy training for my submissives? I released a couple of videos ( links at the end ) of me in a call with my submissive sissy, who loved to be trained, and guided into a feminine future I planned for her. Those were such a success that I am asked to upload more, so you can get a taste of what it is like. Maybe you are too shy to call, maybe you are just a voyeur.. So more... Read more →

So you called me before.. Or you are thinking of it.. Anticipation. Anxiety. Followed by Intoxication. Mind corruption. Personality Bending. ’’Sniff your poppers pet. Drink and Sniff’ echoes through your mind as you eagerly wait for me, Mistress Lilyan to answer your call.. Just by the first sound of my voice you can feel submission overcome you… your shyness and obedience are now exposed to me and it’s almost like I knows exactly what to say to make you feel vulnerable again. your mind slowly begins to sink and your manhood presses against chastity cage. Bound by my voice you... Read more →

Sissy training, ForcedBi and more.. with the remote controled butt plug HUSH

Imagine this: you are at work, at a meeting or a family dinner.. and you are wearing this secret teledildonic butt plug your Mistress told you to get.. It is wireless, nobody else can tell.. Imagine.. feeling me control it remotely, sending vibrations your way.. I decide when and what wave strength, Imagine.. never knowing when it is coming, the excitement and thrill of my control. Yes, you want to feel it! I have already took control of several pets, via phone APP connected to the butt plug and there is even a chat option, you can send me a... Read more →

How great is that sissy Samantha? 1st post of mine in 2018 and about you? Do not get too giddy! I thought it would be a perfect shout out to your devotion and entrapment equally, for the past 6 years of your service as my pet sissy in training. 6 years ago we met when you found my foot fetish videos on youtube and you followed my directions to my website and found a NiteFlirt link to call! I still remember how nervous you were , but we has such a great conversation! Through these 6 years you had ups... Read more →

Musings from Sissy Samantha Hello, Sissy Samantha here, grateful and fortunate to be owned by Mistress Lilyan. I say this because I had a really crazy idea recently. Mistress was on vacation for several weeks and when she returned she was on camera only once before being overtaken by illness. Yes, even our beautiful and brilliant Queen sometimes falls victim to the limitations of the human body, even a body as sublime as Hers. In any case my thought was, in light of Her extended absence, perhaps I should try to slowly wean myself off of this Goddess addiction. What... Read more →

by Sissy Samantha A Divine Experience I recently attended "I Am Divine", a wonderful documentary on the life and times of Harris Glenn Milstead, a.k.a., Divine. Divine was something of a cult star, playing female roles in many of John Waters' films, from the latter part of the 1960's until 1988's Hairspray. I also learned that Divine had starring roles in several Off Broadway plays in the 1970's, and has a number of albums to her credit as well. But for me personally this was such a fun night, as I went out in full Divine drag!! And what a... Read more →

I love my sessions with andy , he is very submissive in my presence. He has been serving me as a good girl for a long time now.. Close to 2 years andy! I know these has been most wonderful years in your life, you are finally living according to my plan for you.. and you love the plan don't you.. plan of complete control , take over and ruin eventually. you come to me like moth to flame.. I guide you every step of the way,, I helped you organize your closet, look how pretty is is! all the... Read more →

I am so proud of my Sissy Samantha and her progress ! Read her own words below . Samantha's Journey-- Shopping I've never been a huge fan of shopping. Just get in, get what I need, and get out. But as Samantha it's quite a different story. I love looking at dresses and skirts, blouses and shoes, both online and even in stores. So much fun!!!! I have yet to actually try anything on in store, but I suspect I will eventually. I certainly have no hesitation browsing through the women's departments and holding various items up to my body.... Read more →

Sissy wrote: I love the feel and look of women's clothing, and I always have. But I suppressed those sissy desires for a very long time. But, with the help of the incomparable Mistress Lilyan, the sissyfication project is under way. Mistress is guiding me through the inevitable feminization process, and Samantha is bursting out in all her pink glory!! We have had two sessions so far, and I look forward to more. I do not know where Mistress will lead me, but I am a most willing follower of my Queen. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Sissy... Read more →

I think Sissy Samantha earned another shout out! Look at her! The wardrobe changes, her variety of outfits is growing , I am proud of my sissy. Shaves legs feel so much better when you put pantyhose or stockings on, all of you sissies should do that. sissy loves PINK and most of her clothes are pink and pretty~ The first time I saw sissy on camera she wore pretty light pink tutu dress. OMG I loved it! Sissy was so girly and giggly,Excited about shoing off .. She would walk in her high heels , show of a nice... Read more →

I LOVE getting emails form Sissy Samantha letting me know she is enjoying her sissy life . Shaved legs feel so good, I am proud of sissy .. Sissies should shave. Period! No excuses. Chest hair and bikini too. There should be no hair sticking out when she is wearing sexy panties. Speaking of panties, Sissy Samantha got me some of my wish list. Good girl! Read more →

Sissy Samantha has been in her closet for 25 year or so, high time to be out, don't you think? I know how I enjoy this change in J, now Samantha.. I still enjoy J , but Samantha is going to be an important part of his life, and I am helping her to come out. I was shocked when J , who has been serving me for over a year, purchased my sissy assignments! OMG! you can buy the sissy tasks here: I have a plan for this PINK loving sissy , I will PINKIFY her life! Look at... Read more →

Sissy christina: Hello Mistress Lilyan. How are You tonight? i am sissy christina. i just bought Your Yahoo ID on niteflirt, where my name is xxx. i hope You are having a nice evening. Mistress Lilyan: hello sissy , yes I am good Mistress Lilyan: how are you? Sissy christina: Good. Wifey just left for the night, so am just getting online now! Mistress Lilyan: awesome! Mistress Lilyan: Are you getting dressed too Sissy christina: well, my kids are just getting to sleep, so i have to wait a bit. then wifey's wardrobe is at my disposal Mistress Lilyan: sounds... Read more →

sissy steve confessing his addiction to cock me: hello sissy steve: hello Mistress Lilyan oink me: good sissy, so what have u been thinking recently steve: been trying to fight being a sissy slut, but always come back to gagging for cock and cum me: what would you like to include in the contract with me steve: i am not sure - i just know i need to be sucking cock and eating as much cum as possible me: but do you need to be forced to do so steve: when feeling like this no ,but it comes in waves... Read more →

I am now allowing new subs to enter a contract with me to become my property. The fee to get started is $19.99 PAY and REPLY with your email address. Contract will be emailed to you. The fee will be credited back to you for your first week of contract fee. for example if the weekly fee is $49.99, you will only pay $30 for first week. Credited only if you sign a contract of course. Who should sign the contract : - money slaves, sissies, crossdressers, worshipers, chastity boys, cum control boys, slave in training, consesnual blackmail slaves -... Read more →

I have removed several disobedient slaves from My Life and I have few openings! Do you want to serve Me? are you: a moneyslave? foot slave? shoe slut? nail lover, My silky hair admirer? simply in love with ME? sissy who wants to be trained? or become My LIVING DOLL? get this application and begin your NEW LIFE under My SPELL! Comes with a DEVINE PICTURE you will put as your wallpapers as a daily reminder to serve! PLUS MY YAHOO ID ! Read more →