Why do I enjoy being a member of Mistress Lilyan's ONLY FANS Because it gives me a unique access into Mistress Lilyan's life through Her sensual videos, photos, audios and text posts that I can't see or hear anywhere else. Another big reason is because it gives me an opportunity to actually contact Her by sending Her messages. The experience of actually talking with Mistress Lilyan is so thrilling that it makes euphoria course through my entire body. Now, I suppose the bigger question here is: why Mistress Lilyan? Well, the most obvious reason is Her unparalleled beauty and the... Read more →

A peek into my Royal Email Mistress: I watched our session again last evening while I had about 45 minutes of privacy. I watched the beginning one and then watched the first 15 minutes of the last segment. The result of this is a few things. First, the sense of intense arousal that quickly filled me, physically and mentally, as I watched you expertly extract information from me, coupled with your raw and irresistible sensuality was overwhelming. I will not be too graphic, I will just say certain things happened without my having to touch anything myself. Second, I am... Read more →

I saw Your website yesterday,i gotta say that i'm amazed with Your beauty,You are very,very gorgeous young lady,Mistress Lilyan. I read Your site carefuly,every word,and then i decide to send You this message. I'm 19,foot freak,puppy,worthless, pathetic,stupid little foot dog. I'm a big fan of foot/sock worship,humiliation,trampling and everything about Femdom,i can't explain,but smell of girls sweaty feet/socks turns me on,it brings me down on my knees,i could stay on the floor all of my life,laying down,under Your precious feet,Mistress and sniffing them,while You humiliate me,kick me or just ignore my pathetic ass. Mistress Lilyan,i gotta admit,i am poor slave... Read more →

scotee: humping the floor like a pathetic spineless loser, begging for attention, begging to be used scotee: if i could still be as turned on (and thus manipulatable) i would beg You to castrate me scotee: god i am so pathetic Mistress Lilyan: are the signs up scotee: yes scotee: all of them scotee: even the new ones Mistress Lilyan: crawl from one to the next and read them out loud scotee: or the duplicates scotee: omg scotee: yes Goddess Mistress Lilyan: all of them scotee: yes Godddess scotee: next time You will watch me doing this and hear me... Read more →

Miss Lilyan, please forgive me, i fell asleep early last night, but as soon as i woke up i messaged You and am sending the pics right away. my place is still a total mess but the signs have been up since the first day i moved, i had to move them every now and then because of moving things in, and i still have to put up ictures and things but all the signs are up and i even slept in the cage last night, its all ready for use and my bed isnt even set up yet hahaha!... Read more →

Hi Mistress Lilyan: Second letter today. Your letters are short, sweet and to the point-mmine seem to take forever! But your bio says you want to hear about my turn-ons-and i WANT You to hear about my turn-ons-because the more knowledge You have about me-the easier it is for You to control me, and i want it to be easy for You to control me!!! i went to the next town and bought some red lipstick (along with groceries)-and nobody noticed-that i can tell. Its some kind of Revlon bright red brand-i think it was expensive, but i was too... Read more →

Dear Mistress Lilyan i hope You are feeling well and enjoying Your days off. Days off are great-i get more days off than i work-and wouldn't have it any other way! i live in a small town where everyone knows each other,so i haven't gotten the lipstick yet. Tonight i hope to drive to the next town 1 hour away where nobody knows me, and get some. Thank You very, very, very much for a wonderful time last night. i felt totally subordinate to You, waiting quietly in Your chat room, waiting for You to speak to me. i felt... Read more →

Hi Mistress Lilyan How are You? i'm sorry to bother You again. i must be turning into a high maintenance customer because i keep sending You these messages, but i keep coming up with ideas for more penalties and payments, but i will try to keep it short. i did the ten squats like You told me!!! i just had a couple of ideas for more paments and rules. Right now we agreed that i should pay 1 credit for every 1/2hour You are in pvt or member chat. i was thinking i should also pay 1 credit for every... Read more →

Hi Mistress Lilyan Just a quick follow-up, i checked through the messages i sent You and twice i called You Milyan. i'm very, very sorry about that. i think i was tired and ran the words "Mistress" and "Lilyan" toghether in my mind and came up with Milyan. i'm sorry, i meant no disrespect and it was totally my fault. my desire is to be a good sub--and a good sub certainly should not get his Mistress's name wrong. i also misspelled i "Liltan" yesterday-i guess i just hit the wrong key and i will try to be more careful... Read more →

Hi Mistress Liltan Thank You for Your wonderful reply. i'm very glad You like the idea of keeping me iin line through penalties etc. Just have a few minutes before work, so i'll just say a few things. First, i am very sorry i called You Mistress Milyan in my last letter. i will pay penalty right away. i hope You find that sufficient for such a bad mistake! i like the idea that You may be late--but i will still have to wait! i think that is very appropriate, expecially since if i am late, i will have to... Read more →

After spending hours in my live cam room: You say in Your bio that You want us to respect Your rules-i don't just respect them, i LOVE Your rules! You also said in Your bio that You will ignore any requests that don't involve pvt or gifts, and i will gladly send You something for the rules You gave me(those rule are Your gift to me-and i love them and apprecite them-thank You!! It was music to my ears to have You tell me that i belong to You and i REALLY want to show You how obedient and loyal... Read more →

This is doug from last night (March 3). i really enjoyed our "get together" and i want to thank You for it. i feel very comfortable dealing with You,for a nummber of reasons. i am a foot fetishist, as well as a sub, and i truly believe You have the most beautiful feet i have seen!!! But that is not what i admire You for--You were born with those feet--i admire You for the skill with which You use those beautiful feet to seduce men--including me!! i really appreciate that about You, and i love You for it!! Also, i... Read more →

Mistress, First of all, I will write in this mail "Mistress", although I'm your slave, but I find it's better than "Madam" or "Princess", or whatever. For me and my eyes, you are a Mistress and that's why I will write Mistress. Secondary, I don't wan't to be seen by your pretty eyes as a timewaster. This is why I'll tell you the truth now : I'm not ready to serve you, yet. I'm to scared about that ! But please, let me explain why I find you so.... terrifying. I first came into your website because I was searching... Read more →

from jim1 Update--Mistress it has been 41 days now without sex or cuming. And I want you to know I have made it 40 hours without stroking, only 8 hours to go. I am not sure why you have me do the things you have me do as they are so difficult and truly painful. Last time was 24 hours and it almost killed me. But I will do it somehow. I will watch the video loop for one hour and recite my mantra over and over. ******* 48 hours. I never thought it would end. May I humbly ask... Read more →

from jim1: On my second day with you you told me that I was addicted to you. Each day I find myself drawn to you. Like today I was up 2 hours earlier than normal and what did I do, straight to the computer to worship you and see if you were online. It is like I am drawn to you and becoming more this way each day. I want to be as honest with you as I can; you are starting to affect my mind, my brain. And as I am sure you know you are affecting my cock,... Read more →

from jim1 : Hi Mistress Update—not sure what is happening to me. Yesterday after my training session with you I had to do some things for work and later in the evening while I was driving home out of the blue I realized that I was thinking about you. Not only that but as soon as I started thinking about you I felt a sharp pain in my cock and my balls begin to tighten. This has never happened to me before. At first I discounted this and thought it was all just in my head but then I had... Read more →

from sonm: im such a weakling a spineless pathetic excuse for a man, i was never a man Your power over me is growing faster than i can control it, i feel like i am being consumed please may i pay to chat with You today please? You win, i am losing, i cant stop it i kept dreaming how i was losing control to You, i would wake up and remind myself its only a dream and then fall back asleep and have the same dream over and over part of me, when i woke up, said i need... Read more →

Read and learn how to write a proper introduction email : Dear Mistress Lilyan, Hello from a long time admirer who has finally gotten the courage to contact You, dear Mistress Lilyan. I do not recall when I first came across Your website, but more and more I find myself drawn to Your website and Your twitter feed, eager for any insight into what is going on with You. I am a 42 year old, long time submissive male with a long and deeply ingrained lust for financial domination, feet, shoes, pantyhose and stockings, and chastity. Needless to say I... Read more →

Proper emailing

If you want my attention make sure your email is written properly! I will not respond to one lineres with no information besides: i want to serve you.. yeah? so does 1000 of others.. why should I take my time and reply to you? here is a lesson in proper emailing: Stunning Mistress Lilyan, i am 24 years old from London UK and have looked at Your website for many months now, longing for You to take control of my finances and drain my wallet. i only earn £26,000 a year ($40,000), but i dream of being forced to live... Read more →

Hello Mistress , this is slave sherif 37 , years old . i seek to found a very strong Mistress who like to blackmail without any of mercy , i ask about blackmail because i know it is a total powerful over my life , work , computer , financial , friends ..etc and i ask about blackmail because i control everything in my life and No one say to me NO , so i seek to found a Mistress who will forced me in my life and control everything as she like , so i hope Mistress if you... Read more →

SALUTE MISTRESS LILYAN, Today it was my first interaction with you my MISTRESS, i have seen you about two month back on livejasmin.com, from that day i am searching for you but i never got u online. First time i have seen those beautiful feet, heels, painted toes, gorgeous face, beautiful fingers,lovely smile and amazing beauty. MISTRESS i am searching on Google from last two months for you but fortunately today i seen your snap while searching on Google and i am so lucky and it was my pleasure that i found you online on your site for 5 minutes.... Read more →

Mistress Lilyan, I am your foot slave my age is 23 male. Two months back i have seen you on webcam and since then i am looking for you. I am searching for you but two days back i got you in google and i am on your site continuously from last two days also i am trying to contact you over mail, since then i am not able to sleep, i think this is a part of your slave treatment so that he feel some pain by mistress. Mistress day and night i am thinking about you and your... Read more →

hello mistress! i'm slave nick, i'm a 16 year old loser from germany. i'm all alone sitting in front of my computer and worshiping you cause you're worth it, you're a GODDESS! i'd quite like to become your slave. i do whatever you want. thers just one problem: as i'm not 18 years old yet i cannot send you money on paypal or something like that. BUT i could buy paysafe cards for you and then send you the code. and by the time i'm 18 i would also come to your country ( as i have seen its portugal)... Read more →

Hello Mistress Sorry to bother you, it's just further to my ridiculous request for you delete stuff from my PC. So stupid and pathetic that I can not understand why it's a turn on. But it is. So, if you do have time and it still amuses you then you may wish to start by deleting all emails and contacts that don't interest you. Then move on to files and pictures Then finally deleting programs, games, applications etc that I might have paid for leaving me with just a bare basic set up to allow internet access for shopping, webcam,... Read more →

"I am Michael, 28 years of age, and have just fallen into your web of seduction and destruction. My fantasy is to be forced on my knees and worship your feet and whatever else you allow me to do so, verbally degrade and humiliate me, spitting, flip me off with your middle finger tell me "fuck you stupid loser" etc (like your youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QgI4jb5G8Q), permanently branding me as your property, and put me in a cage wearing a chastity device. Speaking of chastity, I would like to be locked long term, if not lifetime...i feel i do not deserve... Read more →

"I'm an entrepreneur, I live in Milan and not I family Since guy ssentivo my innate nature sub to the other sex. I tried every experience possible and for a while, I landed in the world of financial slavery, which I consider the strongest form and rewarding psychological level. Keep in mind that not seeking financial domination relationship aimed at some reloads or some gift. Seeking a real financial domination ratio, total without limits. Seeking a woman without scruples arise, know his total sfruttarmi economically advantage. Be fully exploited and without hesitation and my psychological pleasure Gain about 80,000 per... Read more →

Message from devoted2You to MistressLilyan: "Most Majestic Mistress Lilyan... i have worshipped You from afar for sooooo long.... i'm a uk pathetic male creature drawn to Your words of sadistic seduction and heavenly humiliation... i do not deserve the life i have... i am a worthless, pathetic humiliation junkie not fit to kiss Your shoes... and yet here, i find myself, begging for Your attention and an audience with You... tho i must confess.... i am married... so time's would be stolen but i'd hope the quality would make up for the quantity... in anticipation..." Message from Fabrizio to Mistress... Read more →