Like every year, from Jan 1 2014 I have been taking notes on my BoyToys and robots noting every little thing that would help them advance to Pink or Black Book.. I have written down every single gift/tribute they sent, every session the booked, phone calls and of course all failures to obey as well. It is not only about the $ spent but the level of loyalty and obedience they show towards me. It is hard to qualify for Pink book, even harder to be placed in Black book, so if you are not there this year, hope it... Read more →

2012 BoyToy Report For the 3rd time I took a little break in my busy life to remember 2012 , that has been fabulous for me and many of you who were able to serve me, get to know me , and get closer to me. Just being a part of my website brings you closer, if you read my posts regularly you will have a good idea of who I am. But some of you are lucky to get the honor of hearing my voice, watching me live ..speaking to me, and being seduced deep into my web. I... Read more →

If you are a regular reader of my site you know I met robbie several years ago..and he has been in my pink book for a while, he is such a slut but still I love using this old paypig ! making him oink while I control him, his wallet gets raped and I sit here laughing on my end...the more I ignore him the more he oinks .. the more he spends the more I laugh... Financial domination via teamviewer is so much fun for both parties, him : he loves to be abused and used and laughed at..... Read more →

I have access to robbies computer whenever he is online.. I decided to check on him, 5 minutes ago and I found him obsessing over my website :) That sure made me smile and feel even more powerful over this paypig .. He needs me in his pathetic life, we met perhaps 4 years ago and robbie is drawn to me like moth to light..and it will never end.. he has been wallet raped by me this month big time, and I will make a big update on all of the gifts soon. Best shopping on teamviewer this month! Read more →

Busy Busy!! so just a short update: Joa- still trapped in a blackmail contract , loving the control over this young sub, there is no escape and he knows he has to be obedient . He is like a puppy in love, serving me makes him wag his tail! robbie - paid up his $400 Royal Birthday Blackmail Game fees and has been trapped for good now! I have his full info, personal and business - he now depends on my good mood not to expose him..I could wake up tomorrow , in a really fucked up mood and decide... Read more →

robbie is back! I wonder how many times I have written this about him, he comes and goes! cums and goes..that old paypig is crawling to my feet begging for my mercy , since hi disobeyed my Royal Birthday Game! He owes me $400. Here is his half payment. Well this time I am not playing around, he is going to sign a financial domination contract for 12 months, and if he goes again, he will be puni$hed and buy out options will be set HIGH. My Financial Slavery Contract will be soon available for public! It is in its... Read more →

As promised all disobedient bitches will be P U N I $ H E D !! as they should! I already created 2 pages for forrest and den, I am not surprsed in fxxx, he gets off on blackmail so much I kind of figured he will go down that road, but den !? one of my best sub boys, and he disrespects my Royal Birthday? He knew the rules well, so his excuse was so lame!! I was gone on July 13.. do I care?? We live in a 21st century of internet accessible everywhere if you need it!... Read more →

I have been very busy since my birthday! But , just to let you know, all of you disobedient bitches who did not obey my Birthday Blackmail Game are on my TO DO list! Blackmail is coming... and you consented to it! I am getting turnd on just by planning it!!! some names on my list: robbie, drew, forest, rod, morrison, josh,curiousrob,beast,den that's just some names I remember.. I congratulate all the ones who played my game , I know you enjoyed the thrill and your information is safe in my files! Read more →

As I did last year, I am continuing this tradition to group my best subs and worshipers into my Black and Pink book levels and reward them for a year of dedication, loyalty and devotion... The most obedient and devoted boys are placed in the Black Book, the book they have been dreaming about ! It is not easy to becomes one of the black book boys.. one has to be devoted for the whole year, has to prove me his dedication and willingness to sacrifice and adopt to a new life - under my control. Whatever way you serve... Read more →

OMG !! When i saw those I could not resist but smile!! A swarovski crystal pink piggy on a pink ribbon ! This is your chance of forever be in my thoughts as my paypiggy:) I added it to my wish list.. get your piggy ( its only $21 plus shipping) and when it comes Mistress will add your name on a pink ribbon and hang in my window! As a daily reminder of a good boy! As I write it there are only 4 left! so hurry they may not add any more.. get yours as soon as possible.... Read more →

marcello is a new sub who loves to be financially abused and loves to serve! I have not decided if he is going to be a good boytoy, but he already bought me 2 toe rings! Well done marcello.. keep up the good work.. italian loser is so addicted to my beautiful body he is so easy to brainwash and while I hypnotize him with my perfect lingerie, he tells me all about his business and wife! I took so many pictures of him wanking at his work desk, he is forever mine! When he spends his own money, he... Read more →

I thought it would be a good insight on My relationship with slaves, boytoys and subs .. I am very personal with My boytoys, I do like the invidual approach rather than mass approach.. It allows Me to get to know your weaknesses and fetishes on a different level, when I test , tease and poke your brain. I love exploiting my slaves to the point of no escape, bring them to their knees and watch them squirm for My attention. My slaves love My unique way and they keep coming back like a moth to light. Yes I AM... Read more →

As promised at the end of the year I have prepared a summary of My good boys for 2010! 1st annual report! Black Book Boy Toys PH, CB, DEN, MARK,TODD The most obedient boytoys in 2011... The category is very ELITE and I require a lot from a Black Book BoyToy! These boys have been very good in 2010, I am impressed and pleased with them..and want to continue training them to make them rise the bar even higher in 2011. Congratulations! Each of my Black Book BoyToys will receive personalized email with My Voice recording congratulating them! Pink Book... Read more →

robbie loves to be used, he knows he is just a wallet to me, but he craves my attention.. he called me the other day to hear my voice, he missed it.. He played my PPV game till the end.. well done.. and then went shopping for Me. That's a good day! Then, he was sent back to work.. to earn more for his greedy Goddess. steve is addicted to my voice, he called again, missing it.. he admitted he has been watching my video and listening to my voice over and over.. that is how I program your brain... Read more →

I own him now

Robbie begged Me to accept him as a continuous paypet, as my property. Well he is such a slut I am not sure I should give him this privilege.. I had to clean out his yahoo account, and his NF account as well. Total disaster what I found there.. all good now! He is not allowed to change his password.. Or ELSE!! If you want to serve me, fill out the INTERVIEW on the Home page. Read more →

Quite busy ! Robbie is back, that white collar moneypig, that stupid loser is all hooked and I made sure he will be fucked over well, for disobeying my payment schedule I put him on when he first called me a while ago. He is paying LOSER TAX, over and over again as his form of begging for forgiveness. I allowed him a little pleasure- going to my wish list and looking at all these pretty things he could buy me, if that stupid loser had enough money! Well, he picked a nice robe for me. GOOD BOY! That was... Read more →