Ready for my PPV ? It is so much fun, you are going to forget everything else around you and immerse yourself into mindfucking pleasure of 1on1 interaction with me! OMG!! hear me saying your name with my sexy accent, in a one of a kind bonus audio! you are going to be hooked! It will drill into your brain along side the clips, unforgettable experience.. keep reading to learn how. you will get 1 min video clips on your specified category ( mix is also possible ) 1. CLEAVAGE TEASE 2. FOOT FETISH BARE 3. FOOT FETISH NYLONS 3.... Read more →

I created this blog post to help my submissives decide what platform they want to use. I have been a big fan of the new adult friendly social media alternative to Twitter! Twitter has been shadow banning SW ( sex workers) , deleting their content for a long time now. I used to put daily effort and time into my Twitter account so you guys feel connected and feel my presence. However when I face the fact that this work can be deleted without explanation, I started searching for my options. First, I signed up for Onlyfans. I made a... Read more →

Why do I enjoy being a member of Mistress Lilyan's ONLY FANS Because it gives me a unique access into Mistress Lilyan's life through Her sensual videos, photos, audios and text posts that I can't see or hear anywhere else. Another big reason is because it gives me an opportunity to actually contact Her by sending Her messages. The experience of actually talking with Mistress Lilyan is so thrilling that it makes euphoria course through my entire body. Now, I suppose the bigger question here is: why Mistress Lilyan? Well, the most obvious reason is Her unparalleled beauty and the... Read more →

After giving it much thought and requests from many of my fans I finally opened another layer of my web! OnlyFans! Perhaps you want to silently lurk at what is happening in my Goddess life or you want to be loud and comment on all of my posts, this is a place to be! I cannot imagine you not being a part of it if you want to be a part of my web. So I am thinking of adding majority of images/ clip teasers there instead of regular Twitter. I am planning to update daily or as close to... Read more →

March has been fabulous with a trip to Spain! Spent days relaxing at the seaside Sitges and later on in Barcelona. Attended European Summit and was features as a speaker at Top Model Panel. This was my first public appearance as well as first Summit I attended. Met a lot of people from the industry and received some interesting opportunities that may turn into some projects in the future. Met potential partners for my brand development and we had some good talks. But also took my sweet time to walk the beach, the streets of Barcelona and eat at Barcelona's... Read more →

Christian Louboutin Madame Claude Peep-Toe d'Orsay High Heels you all know I have this desire for exquisite footwear... and I keep adding beauties like these to my collection. I could not resist these high heels! They expose my foot in a perfect way, don't they? you must agree even if foot fetish is not your weakness. The arch, toe cleavage and delicious peep toe to let you glimpse at my manicures toes. I realize they will seduce many of you into submission and possible ruin, and that is exactly the thought behind buying them. Be aware of the power of... Read more →

NEW BONUS FOR YOU That goes for any contest on on the site with a cash bonus. If I win a contest, the biggest spender on that contest day ( midnight to midnight - unless stated differently) will receive a 30 min deal for FREE ( however you will need 120 credits to activate the deal) SOCIAL PRIVATE SHOW. What is a SOCIAL PRIVATE SHOW? It will be our time alone to get to know each other more. Over a cup of coffee in my office, or glass of wine. You can use the deal any time you wish... Read more →

Oh yes I know you wish it was you travelling to this 5 star resort. My life is fabulou$$. This is how a true Financial Domme is spending her vacation$. Lavi$h. $candalously decadent. Were you a part of this lavish vacation ? There was a contest during summer months at DreamHouseLive with the all inclusive stay in Silver Sands in Mexico. So if you have been in my private session, tributed to my tip target or tipped in June, you were part of this awesome vacation! I won ! I kept the destination private , so I don't have any... Read more →

Fab montages divided by topics , to trap anyones attention! it is a collection of addictive images I took while on my webcam , teasing and denying my subs. They are all recent, taken in last month so you have not seen them before for sure! maybe a sneak preview here and there , but not the whole collection. So what are you waiting for, start clicking and collect them ALL. you can download them and play as many times as you want , to get yourself more trapped into my web. here is a sample of a web cam... Read more →

Now you have one more reason to keep coming back to My Website! Collect all of the MYSTERIOUS PICTURURES of the day! A little bit of daily MYSTERY! Get a picture of Me presenting one of the following: foot fetish, stockings,pantyhose, high heels, upskirt or SIMPLY Me blowing you a KISS that will send you to heaven! Follow the day numbers in the title to know when the picture was updated! See what $2.99 brings you today! Get every picture and earn a reward! More info inside! For future pictures, check the button on the side menu ! Read more →