Once in a while I will be taking calls all night long under a AFTER HOURS special event. The rates will be higher though ( obviously ) but if this is the only time you can play, still sooo worth it! Click PHONE tab on the top for my links. So tonight , regular rates till 11 PM EST ( New York) and then switching to AFTER HOURS rates. Thursday calls will be on starting 5PM est till 11 PM + after hours special 11PM - 6 AM Friday : 8 am till 2 pm , after 2 pm :... Read more →

So you called me before.. Or you are thinking of it.. Anticipation. Anxiety. Followed by Intoxication. Mind corruption. Personality Bending. ’’Sniff your poppers pet. Drink and Sniff’ echoes through your mind as you eagerly wait for me, Mistress Lilyan to answer your call.. Just by the first sound of my voice you can feel submission overcome you… your shyness and obedience are now exposed to me and it’s almost like I knows exactly what to say to make you feel vulnerable again. your mind slowly begins to sink and your manhood presses against chastity cage. Bound by my voice you... Read more →

Intoxication Time! PROMO April and May 2019 4.99 3.99/min Click to see if I am available now ( for callers who pre book a DAYTME call, in EST or later afternoon/ early night in London) Message me via discord or DM on twitter for appointments and details) Buy Discord ID: get a drink NOW..and continue to read you know you want to lose control and listen to my hypnotic sexy accent the longer you stay on the phone with me the weaker you are, willing to tell me all of your secrets! make sure you load your account FULL before... Read more →

you have been craving updates on my website, I get tons of emails and DM on twitter requesting posts on my website/blog. I simplified the website options a little bit , removed some of the clutter , hopefully that makes it easier to navigate. Feedback welcome! How do you receive this site on your desktop, via mobile? Email me your thoughts and ideas. Link on sidebar. Life has been busy, very busy.. Mostly with my contracted and regular robots, addicts and puppets, but also I am doing cam chats 4 times a week, so that takes a lot of my... Read more →