He could not stop fantasizing of that, every woman he met online, he imagined that She might be the one to ruin him. Like so many wannabes, he too chatted with Women on cam on the same subject while they moved their legs hypnotically….and after he ejaculated, he returned to his mundane life, only to come back when he had the urge. Yes, he had spent quite some money this way, over the years, but nothing too serious. He was just playing, not really committing, and he also did not think much of the money he had spent. After all,... Read more →

One of my findom clips focus on training , so if you are new walletslave to my world and want to learn how financial domination operates this is a great clip. Even experienced moneyslaves will get weak and triggered to serve. One of my money slavery addicts, in his own words expresses the power of this video clip: "When watching this clip i realized a big change has happened in me. i consider this clip as Your answer to my prayer. But if i had watched it a year ago i probably would have scared badly. Until now my biggest... Read more →

I created this blog post to help my submissives decide what platform they want to use. I have been a big fan of the new adult friendly social media alternative to Twitter! Twitter has been shadow banning SW ( sex workers) , deleting their content for a long time now. I used to put daily effort and time into my Twitter account so you guys feel connected and feel my presence. However when I face the fact that this work can be deleted without explanation, I started searching for my options. First, I signed up for Onlyfans. I made a... Read more →

There are 50 shades of financial domination and the moods, feelings that come with it. On both sides. From nurturing to greedy and ruthless FinDommes, and subs desiring to feel used on many different levels. Often humiliation is one of those feelings that a walletslave will crave. I focused on humiliation my potential moneyslave in this clip. Putting that paypig in his place, so he knows where he stands with me. his life is now simple, organized and therefore easy to follow. (Click image to PLAY GIF preview. The quality of preview is much lower than the actual clip! )... Read more →

Gradually, in his long years of serving online, tributing here and there, pretending to serve Women online, he realized he was only lying to himself. He realized he was not really serving, but only indulging in his fantasies, in a safe manner…. He spent some money…..he ejaculated….that was it..from time to time, he happened to talk to a Woman, who was much more dominant…he always thought that this time it would be different…this time he had found the One…to serve forever…but it was not the case…some ejaculations later, he felt the shame, he felt the regret…he went away…. It gradually... Read more →

Working as a successful lawyer, his life was devoted to his profession, he gave everything to become top of his game. Living alone, single, dedicated to his work, feeling proud of his good and hard work. Respected by his colleagues, he was something of a role model to many younger layers. Of course, he made some money, and also acquired some property. After 20 years of hard work, no real expenses, no family, living for himself, he had managed to save up some money, to compliment his assets….Owned office, two houses, one apartment in the city, one villa in the... Read more →

Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend? part 2 6. Her knowledge of and her ability to fulfill my needs This is a really big one... Goddess knows my urges to be dominated and controlled. She has always known them... before i knew them... and to this day she still has a better understanding of my needs than i ever will. She can see inside me and make my needs a reality. My girlfriend has no idea about these needs at all. My needs, however, extend beyond sexual ones. I have the need to be respected, appreciated and cared... Read more →

Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend? part 1 So I've completed part 1 of my session with goddess. As you can see from the pic, she wore the PVC outfit that drives me so utterly insane. She's set me a number of tasks today... one of which being this post. Goddess has chosen this topic and I have no doubt she's chosen it to brainwash me and lead me further down her path to moneyslavery, financial domination and becoming her loyal servant and paypig. I know I shouldn't do it but I want to please her so much.... Read more →

Sometimes you need a little tease, little pick me up , so I decided to create a curated collection once a month under a tab TEASES . I keep them priced low so you can get every single one and enjoy! Let them be your tease, your preview before ordering a custom video of me, or scheduling your private cam session / phone call. Drooling is expected! 1. Cleavage that will mesmerize you and prepare you to surrender. Stare, stroke and spend.. 2.Prepare yourself to watch and fall in love... Perfect legs, feet and face so seductive.. you will melt..... Read more →

I was in a session with one of my regulars and while talking with him, I got inspired to create this clip for single losers who love being humiliated. Some of you need to be put in place with a strict guidance and humiliation. When you are living a loser life with no purpose, what good are you? I know it is depressing and you need purpose like everyone else. Start here! That cleavage will put you on track! Simple task that will create a snowball effect in your life. I got some great feedback from this clip, scroll below... Read more →

Why do I enjoy being a member of Mistress Lilyan's ONLY FANS Because it gives me a unique access into Mistress Lilyan's life through Her sensual videos, photos, audios and text posts that I can't see or hear anywhere else. Another big reason is because it gives me an opportunity to actually contact Her by sending Her messages. The experience of actually talking with Mistress Lilyan is so thrilling that it makes euphoria course through my entire body. Now, I suppose the bigger question here is: why Mistress Lilyan? Well, the most obvious reason is Her unparalleled beauty and the... Read more →

Today I woke up in a particularly 'findom' mood. I thought to myself.. For moneyslaves or aspiring walletslaves, who want to feel the SACRIFICE of FINANCIAL DOMINATION. I want to take everything. For 2 months. Leave them with bare necessities. Utilities, mortgage/ rent and nothing for entertainment, eating out, no purchases at all, unless approved by me. I think that would be insanely hot and challenging. But what do they get in return? The privilege for be a paypig for 2 months, to feel the reality changing on them from day 1 of financial control. I will not let them... Read more →

As i re-watch the session now, I'm so surprised that it was only a little over 30 minutes! She did so much to my mind in such a short time. She wore black stockings and the sexiest red dress that hugged her wonderful curves. Her makeup was exquisitely applied and I loved her earrings and bracelets too. While i'm usually into shoes, they were lovely too and complimented her outfit perfectly. Absolute class all the way. As soon as the session started she started to interrogate me. Ask me questions about my life, my fetishes, my weaknesses. Then she used... Read more →

I might get into trouble for this but i must be honest. I first met Goddess Lilyan on DreamHouseLive. For those of you who don't know, DHL automatically records private sessions as an archive that the member can re-watch as much as they like. Obviously, Goddess would not approve of me watching our session as much as i like so the rules are i'm supposed to send a small payment for each time i watch and (i think) ask for her permission before viewing the session again. I got money available for sessions today and I couldn't resist re-watching our... Read more →

Tomorrow will be my 2nd session with Goddess Lilyan and the 1st planned session. The fact that it's planned is significant for 2 reasons. The first reason is that for the first session i was caught by surprise by Goddess' beauty and was overcome by it. This made me weak and perhaps easier to control. For tomorrow's session i will (hopefully) be better prepared. The second reason it's significant is that Goddess now knows more about me and my weaknesses and can therefore exploit them. For the first session I was putty in Goddess' hands. She had me under her... Read more →

Was not sure if I should post about it , or just keep it separate from the world I am offering you guys.. But this is part of me so I decided to share and hope for your understanding. As some of you may know I have 4 yorkies, my oldest one is 16 and just gotten very sick last week.. It took priority in my life, over my schedule. That will explain why you could not catch me on line as much as scheduled. Yesterday, after 2 visits to the vet, and ultrasound he was diagnosed with liver cancer.... Read more →

Here are 10 reasons why Goddess Lilyan has had such a profound impact on me in the space of a week: 1. Her legs Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. I'm definitely a "leg guy" and Goddess Lilyan has the most perfect legs i've ever seen. I can say with all honesty that i doubt i'll ever see anything as perfect. Her thighs are the part i get particularly drawn to. However, much like Lilyan's other features, there's so much more to it rather than just her legs being sexy... Having the assets is only... Read more →

Slave Dave confessions part 2

OK so this post will probably be rather long but i'll try to keep it concise. If i'm going to document my supposed surrender of my life to Goddess Lilyan then probably the best way to start is to talk about what my life is like now. I've decided that i don't want to reveal private information about myself because I want to remain anonymous. Not just for myself but for people who my actions may effect. I know that many slaves enjoy giving out personal details for blackmail and things like that but while it's something i find interesting... Read more →

So.... I am going to give it my best! I will admit that I have not been on any particular schedule with my phone lines, and I understand that can be very hard to catch me or figure out when to expect me to be available. I have been very good at keeping my CAM SCHEDULE though! I update it weekly, usually late Sunday or Monday for the current week. CAM Schedule As far as my PHONE LINES go, I will send out an email with phone plan for the following week. I will also post it on my twitter... Read more →

Slave Dave confessions ..part 1

Introduction So this is the beginning... Of what i can't say exactly but i do have some idea i think. However, i get the feeling that when i go back and read this first blog post sometime down the track I'll feel like in retrospect i had no idea how deep i was going to get. It's been one week since i first met Goddess Lilyan. I'll go into the exact details of our first encounter later but let's just say for now I wandered innocently into her room and she proceeded to identify my weaknesses and start to make... Read more →

Once in a while I will be taking calls all night long under a AFTER HOURS special event. The rates will be higher though ( obviously ) but if this is the only time you can play, still sooo worth it! Click PHONE tab on the top for my links. So tonight , regular rates till 11 PM EST ( New York) and then switching to AFTER HOURS rates. Thursday calls will be on starting 5PM est till 11 PM + after hours special 11PM - 6 AM Friday : 8 am till 2 pm , after 2 pm :... Read more →

Popper sniffing calls are one of my favorites and I am always looking forward to those when I turn my phone lines on ! I have recorded custom clips for my popper sniffing sissies before but never a sniffing to my delicious cleavage! I have had plans to record popper instruction video clips for a long time , just never had the chance until yesterday! I will be releasing it this Friday! So stay tuned and here is a little preview : I will be uploading this new clip to my clips stores on IwantClips and NF goodies If you... Read more →

My cries to be released get ignored but I understand. I am here for Mistresses amusement. She dictates what is happening in my world. She consumes and knows what is right for me. Moments later I think this is the last time I tell myself as I drift back to my normal self. No more poppers after this, no more forced intoxication. A part of me just wants to escape and then Mistress Lilyan grabs hold of me. She commands me to pour myself a shot followed by another shot. ‘’Sniff, sniff, sniff’’ and I'm easily pulled back into her... Read more →

He is standing, his face in the corner when she enters. Lilyan can see only his back. A steel collar around his throat, a heavy chain leading down to steel cuffs pulling his wrists up behind him, steel shackles at his ankles... And bare skin. He does not turn as she approaches him from behind, her heels tapping against the floor. He can not. A short chain from his collar to the wall makes him stare into the corner like an errant boy. Lilyan comes up behind him and runs her hand over his bare bottom. Leaning in close to... Read more →

My heart starts to race. ‘’Keep sniffing ____’’ My mind begins to melt as she says my name. ‘’Good boy _____’’ My eyes shutter and I feel weaker and weaker. I slowly come back to reality and Mistress crushes it. I’m ordered to take it to the next level and get more fucked up for Mistress. I love this right? I'm not a victim, I volunteered. I follow her orders mindlessly not thinking of any consequences. I can feel my cage throbbing almost crying to escape. Mistress Lilyan knows that brown bottle is my weakness and she knows the perfect... Read more →

Do you wonder what my custom videos are like? Or my personalized intox phone sessions with poppers? Cam foot fetish sessions? Sissy training for my submissives? I released a couple of videos ( links at the end ) of me in a call with my submissive sissy, who loved to be trained, and guided into a feminine future I planned for her. Those were such a success that I am asked to upload more, so you can get a taste of what it is like. Maybe you are too shy to call, maybe you are just a voyeur.. So more... Read more →

Read carefully.. The Holiday time is one of my favorite parts of the year! The lights in the city , the decorations in my house all puts my in very festive mood! you however can make it even better ! what you do matters! Perfect time to show that you worship me and COMMIT yourself to me. No matter what is going on in your life at the moment, your priorities are set right- Mistress Lilyan's holiday mood! Perfect time to strengthen our Domme/sub relationship. Perfect time to spoil me with your heard earned money to show how much you... Read more →

So how real is your exposure fetish? Do you want to be exposed and ruined? Or just a 24 h thrill to get your adrenaline levels HIGH... We both know it excites you , or you are curious enough to try it.. do you need the experience? Has it been haunting you for a while? Go for it! Here are the requirements: 1. Make a sign ( example shown ) I beg Mistress Lilyan to EXPOSE ME . Include date. 2. Pose any way you want with your sign. Sign must be readable! 3. Purchase Exposed? Blackmailed? Humiliated? , and... Read more →

So you called me before.. Or you are thinking of it.. Anticipation. Anxiety. Followed by Intoxication. Mind corruption. Personality Bending. ’’Sniff your poppers pet. Drink and Sniff’ echoes through your mind as you eagerly wait for me, Mistress Lilyan to answer your call.. Just by the first sound of my voice you can feel submission overcome you… your shyness and obedience are now exposed to me and it’s almost like I knows exactly what to say to make you feel vulnerable again. your mind slowly begins to sink and your manhood presses against chastity cage. Bound by my voice you... Read more →

Its here! My Birthday Week in progress! One of most favorite times during my year, right next to Christmas and Valentine's Day so just imagine how thrilled I am! Revel in the fact I exist, a living Goddess so out of your league, so impossibly superior to you, who will graciously allow you to become My worker slave. All you have to give is everything you ever had and ever will have. Impress Me Shop My WishList on Amazon or tribute via NiteFlirt:NF or Be a good boy for me, maybe I'll notice you. Once you've had My attention you... Read more →

I know you love getting high on poppers, the rush is incomparable! Sniffing alone does excite you but imagine what it feels like to be told to inhale deep by a mistress in charge. I talk to popperpigs ( as they call themselves often) on a daily basis so I have a lot of experience in handling your kink. I created a video for the newbies who are curious and want to learn more before they call my Intox Phone Line Coerced Intox Fantasy How to prepare for your 1st call on my popper line? What will poppers do to... Read more →

Imagine texting with me while at work! in bed with your wife or in a boring meeting or a class! Or getting a txt message from me when you least expect it! How exciting would that be? Every single message designed to bring you closer to your me. Read more →

After giving it much thought and requests from many of my fans I finally opened another layer of my web! OnlyFans! Perhaps you want to silently lurk at what is happening in my Goddess life or you want to be loud and comment on all of my posts, this is a place to be! I cannot imagine you not being a part of it if you want to be a part of my web. So I am thinking of adding majority of images/ clip teasers there instead of regular Twitter. I am planning to update daily or as close to... Read more →

I am happy to announce I have been nominated in another prestigious event that I am planning to attend , in Bucharest Romania in June 2019! At this glamourous event I have been nominated in the following categories: Fetish Model of Th Year Independent Model of The Year Best Live Cam Model Personal Site MistressLilyan.com VOTE here ( Just once, but you need to register a free account, every single vote matters! Scroll through the page to find my 3 categories) Thank you! Read more →

This is a free task that will make a difference! I want you to go to this link(CLICK HERE) DAILY and vote for me in 5 categories. That simple. I will be attending the gala in Romania and hope to WIN! But that can only happen when every one of you votes! Start right away! I am honored to be nominated in the following categories: Fetish Model Of The Year Premium Queen European Live Cam Model Glamour Model of The Year Best Entertainer xoxo Mistress Lilyan Read more →

Intoxication Time! PROMO April and May 2019 4.99 3.99/min Click to see if I am available now ( for callers who pre book a DAYTME call, in EST or later afternoon/ early night in London) Message me via discord or DM on twitter for appointments and details) Buy Discord ID: get a drink NOW..and continue to read you know you want to lose control and listen to my hypnotic sexy accent the longer you stay on the phone with me the weaker you are, willing to tell me all of your secrets! make sure you load your account FULL before... Read more →

Read carefully.. The Holiday time is one of my favorite parts of the year! The lights in the city , the decorations in my house all puts my in very festive mood! you however can make it even better ! what you do matters! Perfect time to show that you worship me and COMMIT yourself to me. Perfect time to strengthen our Domme/sub relationship. Perfect time to spoil me with your heard earned money to show how much you crave to please me. Perfect time to make me a priority. Perfect time to make sacrifices for me. This is your... Read more →

you have been craving updates on my website, I get tons of emails and DM on twitter requesting posts on my website/blog. I simplified the website options a little bit , removed some of the clutter , hopefully that makes it easier to navigate. Feedback welcome! How do you receive this site on your desktop, via mobile? Email me your thoughts and ideas. Link on sidebar. Life has been busy, very busy.. Mostly with my contracted and regular robots, addicts and puppets, but also I am doing cam chats 4 times a week, so that takes a lot of my... Read more →

Sissy training, ForcedBi and more.. with the remote controled butt plug HUSH

Imagine this: you are at work, at a meeting or a family dinner.. and you are wearing this secret teledildonic butt plug your Mistress told you to get.. It is wireless, nobody else can tell.. Imagine.. feeling me control it remotely, sending vibrations your way.. I decide when and what wave strength, Imagine.. never knowing when it is coming, the excitement and thrill of my control. Yes, you want to feel it! I have already took control of several pets, via phone APP connected to the butt plug and there is even a chat option, you can send me a... Read more →

Royal Birthday Celebration! Best time to show your appreciation! ADDICTION and BLACKMAIL GAME you think of me, I am on your mind, I have changed your life for the better in so many ways. If you have been with me for a while we probably developed a connection that no one else can understand or provide. If you are new, get ready for a ride of your life! I will take you to places you did not imagine going, push your limits and enjoy watching you spin. I love what I do! Do you love what I do? It is... Read more →

I am proud to announce I have been nominated again for the Fetish Model of the Year Award at the Bucharest Summit . I won the Award at the 1st Edition of Bucharest Summit in 2017, what an amazing experience! Make sure you help me win this year too! Vote ( you will need to sign up with a valid email) https://bucharestsummit-awards.com/votes You can watch the voting and me accepting the award here: CLICK FOR POST Read more →

It's that time of the year again! my darling robots, sissies , paypiggs and subs. Aren't you blessed that every single one of you have ME in your life to celebrate this wonderful , ohhh so romantic day ? you should not need any other reasons to spoil me! but if you get thrilled just thinking about being blackmailed but do you really want to do it? As always it is consensual. If you chose not to follow the rules you every bit of info I have collected from our conversations or emails are at risk. Yes! The same info... Read more →

Like every year, from Jan 1 2015 I have been taking notes on my BoyToys and robots noting every little thing that would help them advance to Pink or Black Book.. I have written down every single gift/tribute they sent, every session the booked, phone calls and of course all failures to obey as well. It is not only about the $ spent but the level of loyalty and obedience they show towards me. It is hard to qualify for Pink book, even harder to be placed in Black book, so if you are not there this year, hope it... Read more →

I know I have not posted regularly all through 2017 but I that does not mean I was not as active as ever! your Mistress was busy in 2017! So the blog updating suffered but I am back on track hopefully now! So what has been going on in 2017? I have been blessed to travel more than I expected last year.. I started with a New Year trip to London and Paris, visited Bucharest and Timisoara in Romania, Budapest in Hungary, Prague in Czech, Sitges and Barcelona in Spain... then Costa Rica tropical vacation. So in between sessions with... Read more →

Few days after Bucharest Summit there was Aw Awards in Mamaia Beach, Constanta, Romania , what a wonderful location and the weather was fabulous. Just what your Goddess needed! It was such a busy event and I was also a mentor/speaker at several panels to share my experience in fetish world of domination. It was definitely a great trip! But before that happened , with a small group of friends we went to see Dracula Castle and Transalpina road, one of the most beautiful roads in the world! I can attest to it! However after 3 hours of driving, we... Read more →

How great is that sissy Samantha? 1st post of mine in 2018 and about you? Do not get too giddy! I thought it would be a perfect shout out to your devotion and entrapment equally, for the past 6 years of your service as my pet sissy in training. 6 years ago we met when you found my foot fetish videos on youtube and you followed my directions to my website and found a NiteFlirt link to call! I still remember how nervous you were , but we has such a great conversation! Through these 6 years you had ups... Read more →

It is here! Are you wondering if you are included? Are you wondering if I meant you when I used that magic word BLACKMAIL ? Yes! If you are not making me happy and you should be, you should be punished, isn't that right? Christmas/ New Year is that time of the year where you are expected to spoil me rotten, all of my subbies, robots, contracted or not. If you have been serving me , if we have ever had a phone call, session ( video or chat ) or you are a newbie wanting to start, you better... Read more →

Royal Birthday Celebration! ADDICTION and BLACKMAIL GAME So.. your dick started tingling when you see a new post? If you have been in my web for a while, you know what I expect of you for my Birthday! Perhaps you are so ADDICTED to me you cannot live without me? Show me the love! On this special day I want to feel all of my GOOD BOYS and GIRLS send me all the love from all over the world! This is the time when you show me your appreciation, your devotion and admiration. Spoil your Goddess with a gift of... Read more →

Soo excited to be a part of Bucharest Summit, taking part in mentoring participants in fetish world as well as enjoying the most glamourous event in industry I have attended yet! And the most exciting part is that I was nominated for the Fetish Model Of the Year and I WON! Such an accomplishment and I am very proud of it. Being nominated out of the pool of fetish model all over the world is already a huge honor, but going home with the award in my hand definitely made me feel fabulous! I wore a gold sparkler, floor length... Read more →

March has been fabulous with a trip to Spain! Spent days relaxing at the seaside Sitges and later on in Barcelona. Attended European Summit and was features as a speaker at Top Model Panel. This was my first public appearance as well as first Summit I attended. Met a lot of people from the industry and received some interesting opportunities that may turn into some projects in the future. Met potential partners for my brand development and we had some good talks. But also took my sweet time to walk the beach, the streets of Barcelona and eat at Barcelona's... Read more →