2012 BoyToy Report For the 3rd time I took a little break in my busy life to remember 2012 , that has been fabulous for me and many of you who were able to serve me, get to know me , and get closer to me. Just being a part of my website brings you closer, if you read my posts regularly you will have a good idea of who I am. But some of you are lucky to get the honor of hearing my voice, watching me live ..speaking to me, and being seduced deep into my web. I... Read more →

OMG I am so busy these days! I dont even know where to start with these updates so they will be random thoughts:) plus some recent pictures. donkee has been serving at my feet in cam sessions several times a week for a month now. in chastity , waiting for my permission to unlock, with a gag ball in his mouth. I noticed he is patient, loyal, humble. good chance to be in my black book for 2013 if this continues. alex serves with his open wallet at my feet regularly in cam sessions , adoring and worshipping my bare... Read more →

Oli has been in chastity for close to 1 year now I believe.. September 26 2012 (see his blog), to be exact.. and he has been my good slave on top of that sniffing poppers and drinking beer and vodka to my command.. I know he loves to be controlled and we have built a really close Mistress- slave relationship , very close to owning him..but not yet! yous till have work to do Oli! He is one of my best slaves for forced intoxication! CLICK TO GET POPPERS The largest selection of poppers on the net. Featuring Rush, Jungle... Read more →

As I did last year, I am continuing this tradition to group my best subs and worshipers into my Black and Pink book levels and reward them for a year of dedication, loyalty and devotion... The most obedient and devoted boys are placed in the Black Book, the book they have been dreaming about ! It is not easy to becomes one of the black book boys.. one has to be devoted for the whole year, has to prove me his dedication and willingness to sacrifice and adopt to a new life - under my control. Whatever way you serve... Read more →

Forced Intoxication is so much fun and one of my favorite subject in sessions with my subs. I enjoy the power I have over them, and always wonder how low will they sink today.. Sinking in alcohol, poppers , smoking and more.. is losing their control and accepting I will take charge and know what is best for them. RIGHT! I always know what's best for my boys, dont I boys? WHAT DO YOU NEED BEFORE THE SESSION Make sure you prepare yourself right for forced intoxication session: Make sure you have enough time, you don't have to drive anywhere,... Read more →

time to update my boytoys on what is going on in Mistress busy life! I usually take vacation in August for about 3 weeks, but this year is different.. I will be moving to my new house!! I am so excited!! I have been planning it for a while and it is that time! i will be packing Fri 26th and on.. till I pack all my shoes, handbags LOL I am assuming I should be done within 4 days. Then moving and unpacking.. shopping for new furniture as my new house is empty! I am looking forward to that... Read more →