From Jan 1 2013 I have been taking notes on my BoyToys and robots noting every little thing that would help them advance to Pink or Black Book.. I have written down every single gift/tribute they sent, every session the booked, phone calls and of course all failures to obey as well. It is not only about the $ spent but the level of loyalty and obedience they show towards me. It is hard to qualify for Pink book, even harder to be placed in Black book, so if you are not there this year, hope it is a motivation... Read more →

this pathetic slave is coming to me several times a month , usually once or twice a week, begging to worship my dirty used shoes.. and begging to cum.. Well , I love to deny him that pleasure, every time, he leaves with blue balls and at least 400 euros milked out of his account. you think he would learn his lesson.. he is such an idiot, ke still hopes I will grant him my permission to cum one day. I love using him ,and showing him how I relax while he is paying for each and every minute laughing... Read more →

I have been busy as always, but here is an update , in random order. scotte : Singed a blackmail contract about 3 months ago and has been paying weekly fees like a clockwork. Well he does not have a choice, or I should rather say , to pay is the smart choice:) We went shopping on Victoria Secret a lot! It is one of my favourite stores for casual clothing , great to lounge in and they have some cute and sexy dresses. While we shop I always remind him what his place is and what my plan is... Read more →

2012 BoyToy Report For the 3rd time I took a little break in my busy life to remember 2012 , that has been fabulous for me and many of you who were able to serve me, get to know me , and get closer to me. Just being a part of my website brings you closer, if you read my posts regularly you will have a good idea of who I am. But some of you are lucky to get the honor of hearing my voice, watching me live ..speaking to me, and being seduced deep into my web. I... Read more →

yet again this paypiggy is attcted to me like a moth.. he keeps coming back to my private sessions and paying for me to relax while he is servicing my shoes, most of the time I am doing other things.. such as sending twitter messages how stupid he is! and when he begs me to let him cum, I have a better idea.. lets max out your credit card and use wife's one.. let's make her my paypiggie as well. OINK OINK he is not worthy any pleasure for his money, nor his wife's money Read more →

Busy Busy!! so just a short update: Joa- still trapped in a blackmail contract , loving the control over this young sub, there is no escape and he knows he has to be obedient . He is like a puppy in love, serving me makes him wag his tail! robbie - paid up his $400 Royal Birthday Blackmail Game fees and has been trapped for good now! I have his full info, personal and business - he now depends on my good mood not to expose him..I could wake up tomorrow , in a really fucked up mood and decide... Read more →