Milking you when I sleep. Listen to my recording!

I just made this recording for my money pigs! so they can serve while I sleep HHAHA Listen to me when I take your money away, when I LAUGH at you and when I tell you what you are! Listen to it for only $1.99 per minute before I hike up the rate to drain you faster! only valid 24h! let me know how listening to me made you feel:) Read more →

Mike has tried several Mistresses before he found me, and none of them were able to read him mind as well as me and know exactly what he wants. I applied a brainwashing mixture of his smoking addiction plus my voice and image of my precious feet, and he was mine! There is no mercy for this one... First session I paid my credit card off $4000 , but that is just a drop in his $250 000 savings account.. Todays sessions was around $4000 as well.. I cannot keep up with spending enough LOL His first payment already cleared,... Read more →

I expect you to financially contribute to My life of leisure every day. I love to be properly honored on a regular basis. I love to SHOP! You love to let me SHOP and PAMPER myself! Money Slave Assignment :Start from a $5 gift certificate from Amazon, and then return daily to increase the amount you send. How high will you go, it quickly gets addictive! I wonder who the biggest Loser will BE! Listen to instructions: Biggest Loser Instructions Gift Certificates: Send to
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