I was in a session with one of my regulars and while talking with him, I got inspired to create this clip for single losers who love being humiliated. Some of you need to be put in place with a strict guidance and humiliation. When you are living a loser life with no purpose, what good are you? I know it is depressing and you need purpose like everyone else. Start here! That cleavage will put you on track! Simple task that will create a snowball effect in your life. I got some great feedback from this clip, scroll below... Read more →

So how real is your exposure fetish? Do you want to be exposed and ruined? Or just a 24 h thrill to get your adrenaline levels HIGH... We both know it excites you , or you are curious enough to try it.. do you need the experience? Has it been haunting you for a while? Go for it! Here are the requirements: 1. Make a sign ( example shown ) I beg Mistress Lilyan to EXPOSE ME . Include date. 2. Pose any way you want with your sign. Sign must be readable! 3. Purchase Exposed? Blackmailed? Humiliated? , and... Read more →

Look at this idiot, after getting all fucked up drunk, he decided he needs more alcohol and drives to the nearest place to get some, whcih is like 10 min away.. and of course! Police stops him, he is soo fucked up he loses his license and his job as well. Useless paypig at this point! Time to dig into your retirementaccount now ! tim is so addicted , he will be bringing me money anyway, isn't that right tim? you are soo in love with your Goddess you cannot stop... and that makes me laugh even more, at you!... Read more →

this pathetic slave is coming to me several times a month , usually once or twice a week, begging to worship my dirty used shoes.. and begging to cum.. Well , I love to deny him that pleasure, every time, he leaves with blue balls and at least 400 euros milked out of his account. you think he would learn his lesson.. he is such an idiot, ke still hopes I will grant him my permission to cum one day. I love using him ,and showing him how I relax while he is paying for each and every minute laughing... Read more →

my sissy in training is addicted to poppers and forced intoxication and loves to entertain me on camera. sissy sandra is really slutty and dirty minded, I would even say a pervert! He is pouring poppers in a cup to sniff and get fucked up on alcohol .. in this session he got so high that he poured paint all over his head and face .. how pathetic , isnt it? How low will u get when you are high and want to please and entertain me? Poppers are a great tool to turn off your brain and become a... Read more →

I have removed several disobedient slaves from My Life and I have few openings! Do you want to serve Me? are you: a moneyslave? foot slave? shoe slut? nail lover, My silky hair admirer? simply in love with ME? sissy who wants to be trained? or become My LIVING DOLL? get this application and begin your NEW LIFE under My SPELL! Comes with a DEVINE PICTURE you will put as your wallpapers as a daily reminder to serve! PLUS MY YAHOO ID ! Read more →

eyebrow experiment

one of my subbies decided to entertain Me, so I odered him to shave in between his brows every 3 days to see if the unbrow would start growing.. to give it the best chance he went to the drug store and purchased a serum to grow eyelashes.. perhaps the serum will make the unibrow grow too.. We shall see ! I should make him put the serum on his eyelashes too! to give him a nice feminine look.. you hear it den? go ahead..apply twice a day, unibrow and eyelashes:) Read more →

taking over the pc of my little dick subbie

this subbie was really scarred of me taking over his pc.. he danced around the idea , that seemed so exciting but also scary to him for a month I think.. finally he got the guts to let me in.. I enjoyed myself, of course, I always do! He was thrilled after the first session , he was back the next day for another one! Now $300 later he is saving for another session of me getting into his secrets! (my oh my the pictures he stored on his pc.. I felt really sorry when I saw him naked.. )... Read more →

watch me tease my slave

Watch my clip teasing my slave: click here 31:03 27 views Fem Dom, Stockings, And Feet! Added on April 9, 2010, originally recorded on March 18, 2010. Editor's Comments:Lilyan teases you with panties and feet and tell you what to do. See her suck on her finger and stroke the top of her panties. Letting her shoe dangle right at the camera, you see her toes and heels right at your face. Take her instructions and get off to her humiliating you! It's femdom to the fullest! VIEW RECORDING Read more →

I own him now

Robbie begged Me to accept him as a continuous paypet, as my property. Well he is such a slut I am not sure I should give him this privilege.. I had to clean out his yahoo account, and his NF account as well. Total disaster what I found there.. all good now! He is not allowed to change his password.. Or ELSE!! If you want to serve me, fill out the INTERVIEW on the Home page. Read more →

Quite busy ! Robbie is back, that white collar moneypig, that stupid loser is all hooked and I made sure he will be fucked over well, for disobeying my payment schedule I put him on when he first called me a while ago. He is paying LOSER TAX, over and over again as his form of begging for forgiveness. I allowed him a little pleasure- going to my wish list and looking at all these pretty things he could buy me, if that stupid loser had enough money! Well, he picked a nice robe for me. GOOD BOY! That was... Read more →