hair fetish news!

while on vacation I got an amazing hair treatment! It did to my hair exactly what i hoped for and I am hooked.. my hair never been softer ( although it was pretty soft already!) or silkier in touch.. I went thru hell for 2 days, not being able to wash my hair nor take a shower, while the treatment was on my hair.. I needed to avoid the heat, moisture and such, for it to work its best.. but now I am in hair heaven! calling all hair fetish boys.. want to keep me happy? pay for my next... Read more →

hypnotized him

one of my favorite fetishes is HAIR FETISH ! I love to excersize my power over my subbie by brushing, touching my hair, hypnotizing him to the point I have full control over him ( and his wallet in this case)... but I wanted to challenge myself and try to introduce this particular slave to a new fetish he never enjoyed before.. FOOT FETISH... Slowly session by session I would hypnotize him with my feet and dangling movement, it would go straight to his brain and slowly to his cock too! :) he is now my new foot subbie as... Read more →