Ready for my PPV ? It is so much fun, you are going to forget everything else around you and immerse yourself into mindfucking pleasure of 1on1 interaction with me! OMG!! hear me saying your name with my sexy accent, in a one of a kind bonus audio! you are going to be hooked! It will drill into your brain along side the clips, unforgettable experience.. keep reading to learn how. you will get 1 min video clips on your specified category ( mix is also possible ) 1. CLEAVAGE TEASE 2. FOOT FETISH BARE 3. FOOT FETISH NYLONS 3.... Read more →

I created this blog post to help my submissives decide what platform they want to use. I have been a big fan of the new adult friendly social media alternative to Twitter! Twitter has been shadow banning SW ( sex workers) , deleting their content for a long time now. I used to put daily effort and time into my Twitter account so you guys feel connected and feel my presence. However when I face the fact that this work can be deleted without explanation, I started searching for my options. First, I signed up for Onlyfans. I made a... Read more →

Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend? part 2 6. Her knowledge of and her ability to fulfill my needs This is a really big one... Goddess knows my urges to be dominated and controlled. She has always known them... before i knew them... and to this day she still has a better understanding of my needs than i ever will. She can see inside me and make my needs a reality. My girlfriend has no idea about these needs at all. My needs, however, extend beyond sexual ones. I have the need to be respected, appreciated and cared... Read more →

Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend? part 1 So I've completed part 1 of my session with goddess. As you can see from the pic, she wore the PVC outfit that drives me so utterly insane. She's set me a number of tasks today... one of which being this post. Goddess has chosen this topic and I have no doubt she's chosen it to brainwash me and lead me further down her path to moneyslavery, financial domination and becoming her loyal servant and paypig. I know I shouldn't do it but I want to please her so much.... Read more →

As i re-watch the session now, I'm so surprised that it was only a little over 30 minutes! She did so much to my mind in such a short time. She wore black stockings and the sexiest red dress that hugged her wonderful curves. Her makeup was exquisitely applied and I loved her earrings and bracelets too. While i'm usually into shoes, they were lovely too and complimented her outfit perfectly. Absolute class all the way. As soon as the session started she started to interrogate me. Ask me questions about my life, my fetishes, my weaknesses. Then she used... Read more →

I might get into trouble for this but i must be honest. I first met Goddess Lilyan on DreamHouseLive. For those of you who don't know, DHL automatically records private sessions as an archive that the member can re-watch as much as they like. Obviously, Goddess would not approve of me watching our session as much as i like so the rules are i'm supposed to send a small payment for each time i watch and (i think) ask for her permission before viewing the session again. I got money available for sessions today and I couldn't resist re-watching our... Read more →

Tomorrow will be my 2nd session with Goddess Lilyan and the 1st planned session. The fact that it's planned is significant for 2 reasons. The first reason is that for the first session i was caught by surprise by Goddess' beauty and was overcome by it. This made me weak and perhaps easier to control. For tomorrow's session i will (hopefully) be better prepared. The second reason it's significant is that Goddess now knows more about me and my weaknesses and can therefore exploit them. For the first session I was putty in Goddess' hands. She had me under her... Read more →

Here are 10 reasons why Goddess Lilyan has had such a profound impact on me in the space of a week: 1. Her legs Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. I'm definitely a "leg guy" and Goddess Lilyan has the most perfect legs i've ever seen. I can say with all honesty that i doubt i'll ever see anything as perfect. Her thighs are the part i get particularly drawn to. However, much like Lilyan's other features, there's so much more to it rather than just her legs being sexy... Having the assets is only... Read more →

Do you wonder what my custom videos are like? Or my personalized intox phone sessions with poppers? Cam foot fetish sessions? Sissy training for my submissives? I released a couple of videos ( links at the end ) of me in a call with my submissive sissy, who loved to be trained, and guided into a feminine future I planned for her. Those were such a success that I am asked to upload more, so you can get a taste of what it is like. Maybe you are too shy to call, maybe you are just a voyeur.. So more... Read more →

If you are into foot fetish they my feet are to die for! I wanted to share a short story from my life from the past week. I go for a weekly massage and my massage therapist treats my whole body but gives special attention to my feet. I know that because I have been getting massages all my life and I can feel the difference. Last time I saw him I decided to start the foot fetish conversation. Me: So what happens when people with ugly feet come in? Him: You have no idea how often that happens. But... Read more →

Christian Louboutin Madame Claude Peep-Toe d'Orsay High Heels you all know I have this desire for exquisite footwear... and I keep adding beauties like these to my collection. I could not resist these high heels! They expose my foot in a perfect way, don't they? you must agree even if foot fetish is not your weakness. The arch, toe cleavage and delicious peep toe to let you glimpse at my manicures toes. I realize they will seduce many of you into submission and possible ruin, and that is exactly the thought behind buying them. Be aware of the power of... Read more →

NEW BONUS FOR YOU That goes for any contest on on the site with a cash bonus. If I win a contest, the biggest spender on that contest day ( midnight to midnight - unless stated differently) will receive a 30 min deal for FREE ( however you will need 120 credits to activate the deal) SOCIAL PRIVATE SHOW. What is a SOCIAL PRIVATE SHOW? It will be our time alone to get to know each other more. Over a cup of coffee in my office, or glass of wine. You can use the deal any time you wish... Read more →

Royal Birthday Celebration! ADDICTION and OBEDIENCE So.. your dick starts tingling when I say your name? Perhaps you are so ADDICTED to me you cannot live without me? Show me the love! Now is the time to impress me for my Black Book of 2015. I know how the thought of a good boy gets you hard and horny.. so this year we continue the tradition - the thrilling game to celebrate My Royal Birthday July 13th. I love to be spoiled , and your duty is to serve and make me happy! The more you adore me the more... Read more →

Shoes speak louder than words. These are fabulous ,aren't they!? I could not resist little shopping today so I selected a pair of Christian Louboutin's of my wishlist. Why not spoil myself? Awesome feeling. "Her superfine stiletto heel makes "So Kate" one of the most delicate of all Louboutin pointed toe pumps. Her dramatic pitch provides with a supremely sexy silhouette. Ultra-chic black patent leather version,sky high pump. Heel height : 120mm See more colors here: CLICK I know you are drooling over them, sissies want to put them on, shoe lovers want to see me wearing them! I will... Read more →

I saw Your website yesterday,i gotta say that i'm amazed with Your beauty,You are very,very gorgeous young lady,Mistress Lilyan. I read Your site carefuly,every word,and then i decide to send You this message. I'm 19,foot freak,puppy,worthless, pathetic,stupid little foot dog. I'm a big fan of foot/sock worship,humiliation,trampling and everything about Femdom,i can't explain,but smell of girls sweaty feet/socks turns me on,it brings me down on my knees,i could stay on the floor all of my life,laying down,under Your precious feet,Mistress and sniffing them,while You humiliate me,kick me or just ignore my pathetic ass. Mistress Lilyan,i gotta admit,i am poor slave... Read more →

SALUTE MISTRESS LILYAN, Today it was my first interaction with you my MISTRESS, i have seen you about two month back on, from that day i am searching for you but i never got u online. First time i have seen those beautiful feet, heels, painted toes, gorgeous face, beautiful fingers,lovely smile and amazing beauty. MISTRESS i am searching on Google from last two months for you but fortunately today i seen your snap while searching on Google and i am so lucky and it was my pleasure that i found you online on your site for 5 minutes.... Read more →

Mistress Lilyan, I am your foot slave my age is 23 male. Two months back i have seen you on webcam and since then i am looking for you. I am searching for you but two days back i got you in google and i am on your site continuously from last two days also i am trying to contact you over mail, since then i am not able to sleep, i think this is a part of your slave treatment so that he feel some pain by mistress. Mistress day and night i am thinking about you and your... Read more →

I want to give special attention to my new puppy that has fallen under my spell and is now under my control. He knows I have the most exquisite feet and legs , that make him weak ...on top of my precious voice of course !! He purchased my used house shoes and a pair of my worn pantyhose, and he was mine! My scent is so intoxicating he easily got addicted.. Now he often indulges in my fabulous scent .. what a lucky puppy! puppy has purchased so many cute pairs of shoes for me! I think he purchased... Read more →

I added my 2 recent videos to NiteFlirt! Drink and give me your info! VIDEO CLIP join the weak who already surrendered to me after watching it! Consensual Blackmail maybe? lets see! Have a drink ready before you purchase to make it more fun! Be ready to be seduced and used.... Seduced by Mistress Lilyan deepen your addiction to me! your Leggy Queen that you cannot resist.. Dangling those sexy slignback high heels you cannot stop kissing Queen's attitude brings you to your knees.. Seducing you with an upskirt will only get you weaker...once you see this clip you will... Read more →

Seduced by Mistress Lilyan video clip

your Leggy Queen that you cannot resist.. Dangling those sexy slignback high heels you cannot stop kissing Queen's attitude brings you to your knees.. Seducing you with an upskirt will only get you weaker...once you see this clip you will crave more, its a sweet addiction that you will never want to cure.. Long black hair Goddess tosses around her face, can hypnotize you and turn you into a drone! Taste it once and leave hungry forever... clip with audio. in white sheer pantyhose. black skirt and pink slingbacks.. Price: $24.99 USD Length: 13 minutes Format: MP4 Category: PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS Read more →

Sexy Shoes "Do you like them?" Eric raised his eyes slightly. Just enough to lift his gaze from the floor. He knew his place. His eyes rested on Lilyan's new shoes. Many designers were well represented in Lilyan's wardrobe... Manolo Blanik, Christian Louboutin... In this case it was Jimmy Choo. He had learned to recognize the different designers by up-close exposure... By taking care of her many shoes but also by occasionally feeling one of their heels as Lilyan ground it into his palm. "Stunning, Goddess." Lilyan looked down to admire them again herself. She was gratified to see that... Read more →

Hypnotized by my feet video clip

Are you obsessssssing after my feet? Get hypnotized by them.. this video clip will keep you glued to your monitor , stroking and getting dizzy ..close up of my royal feet in nylons and strappy black high heels..dangling in front of your addictive... pay as you go clip ( no audio) , new members get 120 FREE credits to watch this or any other clip! these clips are only 10 credits/min! Hypnotized by Lilyan's feet Hypnotic Feet Read more →

I have a bunch of used pantyhose and stockings with runs. They are available for sale now! Incredible low price ! ONLY $35 for previously worn , unwashed pair with runs.. You tell me stockings or pantyhose, I will select pair for you.. Color and style will vary, and will be selected randomly.Will be shipped in a discrete poly bag, well packaged to preserve my royal scent. Contact me Ps. I do not sell panties ! I have some used shoes for sale as well. Read more →

I have removed several disobedient slaves from My Life and I have few openings! Do you want to serve Me? are you: a moneyslave? foot slave? shoe slut? nail lover, My silky hair admirer? simply in love with ME? sissy who wants to be trained? or become My LIVING DOLL? get this application and begin your NEW LIFE under My SPELL! Comes with a DEVINE PICTURE you will put as your wallpapers as a daily reminder to serve! PLUS MY YAHOO ID ! Read more →

Last Friday I had a great session with PH . Ph is such a weak slut when I look at him and when he hears My voice.. He knows I am a SPECIALIST in FINANCIL DOMINATION and once in My claws he is not able to escape.. The session lasted close to 11 hours..and ended just because I wanted to go to sleep.. He spent hours and hours looking into My eyes wanting to give Me more and more.. He is so addicted to Me , to My Feet and Eyes there is nothing that compares to the experience he... Read more →

Now you have one more reason to keep coming back to My Website! Collect all of the MYSTERIOUS PICTURURES of the day! A little bit of daily MYSTERY! Get a picture of Me presenting one of the following: foot fetish, stockings,pantyhose, high heels, upskirt or SIMPLY Me blowing you a KISS that will send you to heaven! Follow the day numbers in the title to know when the picture was updated! See what $2.99 brings you today! Get every picture and earn a reward! More info inside! For future pictures, check the button on the side menu ! Read more →

pantyhose !!

yesterday I had an amazing session with Fred .. who adores Me in stockings.. I love our sessions and teasing him into total craziness , till he loses control.. :) He loves watching Me in pantyhose and could watch Me for hours..and he does! He has been addicted to My legs in pantyhose for few years now! Fred is one of the guys who have huge weakness for pantyhose and he understands so well how AMAZING pantyhose feel on My legs, how silky and smooth they are to touch nd how sexy and feminine they make me feel.. Guys liek... Read more →

Sneak Preview into my new pictures LEGS PANTYHOSE FEET HIGH HEELS

Get a preview on My new photo shoots! For all leg lovers, foot , pantyhose lovers.. get these pictures before anyone else will be able to see them! I am busy so it will be a while till whole sets are can enjoy them today.. 3 pictures that will keep your mouth open and drooling:) Amateur , digital quality.. you need to have these! Read more →

80 foot fetish videos for 1 low price

LIMITED TIME!! get access to my recorded sessions.. foot fetish.. leg tease..bare feet..stockings..pantyhose... for 1 low price! some sessions have sound, some don't, but the video is very good quality, you will be drooling all over your screen... Secure payment options. GET ACCESS NOW (select FAN CLUB) from the left side menu Read more →

Own a pair of my pantyhose !

Haven't you always dreamed about being able to touch my legs when I am waring my silky pantyhose? Oh yes you have! Now you have a chance, to come as close as it gets, to your dream.. own a pair of my personally worn pantyhose.. These silky, french cut style pantyhose are so adorable, and will never let them go! They are previously worn of course! and now available for your enjoyment.. Shipping worldwide Payment: Amazon Gift Certificate, ( you can use your credit card) BID HERE Read more →

Mistress Lilyan in pantyhose

I love wearing pantyhose.. from very early on I have been taught that an elegant woman never shows her bare legs and wears pantyhose or stockings. I love how they make my legs look, and how they feel when I cross my legs. Pantyhose is one of my favorites things to wear , especially in fall and winter. But also in summer those very sheer ones, add nice tanned look to my legs, without making me to hot. My favorite are RHT , there is just something so sexy about that style..and if you add the line in the back..... Read more →

watch me tease my slave

Watch my clip teasing my slave: click here 31:03 27 views Fem Dom, Stockings, And Feet! Added on April 9, 2010, originally recorded on March 18, 2010. Editor's Comments:Lilyan teases you with panties and feet and tell you what to do. See her suck on her finger and stroke the top of her panties. Letting her shoe dangle right at the camera, you see her toes and heels right at your face. Take her instructions and get off to her humiliating you! It's femdom to the fullest! VIEW RECORDING Read more →

Foot Mistress

Foot Fetish I am your foot Goddess. worship my feet regularly to please me.Sign up for updates and follow me on twitter. I have been into foot fetish for years and years, I love the effect my feet have on you! The trans you can get in when looking at the videos, how weak you get..and beg for more! See special album for Feet Lovers Here I love telling you what to do with my feet, how to worship them and pamper them. I recorded a voice message for you to listen to, when you want to learn what pleases... Read more →