Hi Mistress Lilyan: Second letter today. Your letters are short, sweet and to the point-mmine seem to take forever! But your bio says you want to hear about my turn-ons-and i WANT You to hear about my turn-ons-because the more knowledge You have about me-the easier it is for You to control me, and i want it to be easy for You to control me!!! i went to the next town and bought some red lipstick (along with groceries)-and nobody noticed-that i can tell. Its some kind of Revlon bright red brand-i think it was expensive, but i was too... Read more →

Dear Mistress Lilyan i hope You are feeling well and enjoying Your days off. Days off are great-i get more days off than i work-and wouldn't have it any other way! i live in a small town where everyone knows each other,so i haven't gotten the lipstick yet. Tonight i hope to drive to the next town 1 hour away where nobody knows me, and get some. Thank You very, very, very much for a wonderful time last night. i felt totally subordinate to You, waiting quietly in Your chat room, waiting for You to speak to me. i felt... Read more →

Hi Mistress Lilyan How are You? i'm sorry to bother You again. i must be turning into a high maintenance customer because i keep sending You these messages, but i keep coming up with ideas for more penalties and payments, but i will try to keep it short. i did the ten squats like You told me!!! i just had a couple of ideas for more paments and rules. Right now we agreed that i should pay 1 credit for every 1/2hour You are in pvt or member chat. i was thinking i should also pay 1 credit for every... Read more →

Hi Mistress Lilyan Just a quick follow-up, i checked through the messages i sent You and twice i called You Milyan. i'm very, very sorry about that. i think i was tired and ran the words "Mistress" and "Lilyan" toghether in my mind and came up with Milyan. i'm sorry, i meant no disrespect and it was totally my fault. my desire is to be a good sub--and a good sub certainly should not get his Mistress's name wrong. i also misspelled i "Liltan" yesterday-i guess i just hit the wrong key and i will try to be more careful... Read more →

Hi Mistress Liltan Thank You for Your wonderful reply. i'm very glad You like the idea of keeping me iin line through penalties etc. Just have a few minutes before work, so i'll just say a few things. First, i am very sorry i called You Mistress Milyan in my last letter. i will pay penalty right away. i hope You find that sufficient for such a bad mistake! i like the idea that You may be late--but i will still have to wait! i think that is very appropriate, expecially since if i am late, i will have to... Read more →

This is doug from last night (March 3). i really enjoyed our "get together" and i want to thank You for it. i feel very comfortable dealing with You,for a nummber of reasons. i am a foot fetishist, as well as a sub, and i truly believe You have the most beautiful feet i have seen!!! But that is not what i admire You for--You were born with those feet--i admire You for the skill with which You use those beautiful feet to seduce men--including me!! i really appreciate that about You, and i love You for it!! Also, i... Read more →