Like every year, from Jan 1 2014 I have been taking notes on my BoyToys and robots noting every little thing that would help them advance to Pink or Black Book.. I have written down every single gift/tribute they sent, every session the booked, phone calls and of course all failures to obey as well. It is not only about the $ spent but the level of loyalty and obedience they show towards me. It is hard to qualify for Pink book, even harder to be placed in Black book, so if you are not there this year, hope it... Read more →

As promised all disobedient bitches will be P U N I $ H E D !! as they should! I already created 2 pages for forrest and den, I am not surprsed in fxxx, he gets off on blackmail so much I kind of figured he will go down that road, but den !? one of my best sub boys, and he disrespects my Royal Birthday? He knew the rules well, so his excuse was so lame!! I was gone on July 13.. do I care?? We live in a 21st century of internet accessible everywhere if you need it!... Read more →

I have been very busy since my birthday! But , just to let you know, all of you disobedient bitches who did not obey my Birthday Blackmail Game are on my TO DO list! Blackmail is coming... and you consented to it! I am getting turnd on just by planning it!!! some names on my list: robbie, drew, forest, rod, morrison, josh,curiousrob,beast,den that's just some names I remember.. I congratulate all the ones who played my game , I know you enjoyed the thrill and your information is safe in my files! Read more →

Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics, Chocolate & Raspberry, oh yes I love chocolate raspberry! this is heaven! popper bought it. Olay Daily Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloths - Normal to Dry 120 Cloths these are a must every night, love them! popper bought them. Yves Saint Laurent Love Umbrella brightens up a rainy day! popper bought it. Godinger FIORI CANDY DISH/RACK from popper. The Acupressure Atlas I want to learn acupressure, got the book from popper. Mind Control Language Patterns oh self explanatory! sin bought it. InStyle (1-year auto-renewal) from den Vivienne Westwood by Melissa Women's Anglomania Ultragirl VI Pump OMG... Read more →

Its been a looong time since I updated my brag wall, with all the gifts I received! it has all been bought on Amazon wish list thiis is just an example of what my mail is like every week:) Its like Christmas! see Bella gets interested too! I love opening the boxes and envelopes.. whats in there? Yves Saint Laurent Poudre Eclat d'Ete Bronzing Powder 04 Sunny Glow I Love YSL, and the price was a huge bargain! popper bought it! Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup Spf 15 great stuff, bought by popper Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish pH Bond... Read more →

I have so much to update, this is just a preview , a taste of what is coming in near future! I have so much material to write about, and never enough time. my subbies need me so much, I spend hours on the phone, training them, abusing them, doing teamviewer sessions and cam sessions. I know how much some of you love to be exposed, how some of you love to read about my boytoys.. Stay tuned! maybe it is your lucky day and you will be included in this preview? if not, keep checking back! wanking loser from... Read more →

As I did last year, I am continuing this tradition to group my best subs and worshipers into my Black and Pink book levels and reward them for a year of dedication, loyalty and devotion... The most obedient and devoted boys are placed in the Black Book, the book they have been dreaming about ! It is not easy to becomes one of the black book boys.. one has to be devoted for the whole year, has to prove me his dedication and willingness to sacrifice and adopt to a new life - under my control. Whatever way you serve... Read more →

Forced Intoxication is so much fun and one of my favorite subject in sessions with my subs. I enjoy the power I have over them, and always wonder how low will they sink today.. Sinking in alcohol, poppers , smoking and more.. is losing their control and accepting I will take charge and know what is best for them. RIGHT! I always know what's best for my boys, dont I boys? WHAT DO YOU NEED BEFORE THE SESSION Make sure you prepare yourself right for forced intoxication session: Make sure you have enough time, you don't have to drive anywhere,... Read more →

marcello is a new sub who loves to be financially abused and loves to serve! I have not decided if he is going to be a good boytoy, but he already bought me 2 toe rings! Well done marcello.. keep up the good work.. italian loser is so addicted to my beautiful body he is so easy to brainwash and while I hypnotize him with my perfect lingerie, he tells me all about his business and wife! I took so many pictures of him wanking at his work desk, he is forever mine! When he spends his own money, he... Read more →

I am loving My Life! Exploiting My subs is giving Me so much pleasure , that I decided to share some of the thrill my subs have been experiencing with Me! den- signed up for weekly payments, so he has no choice but make sure his account has funds to cover it! If not.. I have enough info on him, pictures included to make sure the funds are there! HAHA! Speaking of Blackmail.. I recoded a new video titled Blackmailed By lady in Black , total hit, you will find it in my clips4sale store . DANGER DANGER!! You will... Read more →

As promised at the end of the year I have prepared a summary of My good boys for 2010! 1st annual report! Black Book Boy Toys PH, CB, DEN, MARK,TODD The most obedient boytoys in 2011... The category is very ELITE and I require a lot from a Black Book BoyToy! These boys have been very good in 2010, I am impressed and pleased with them..and want to continue training them to make them rise the bar even higher in 2011. Congratulations! Each of my Black Book BoyToys will receive personalized email with My Voice recording congratulating them! Pink Book... Read more →

eyebrow experiment

one of my subbies decided to entertain Me, so I odered him to shave in between his brows every 3 days to see if the unbrow would start growing.. to give it the best chance he went to the drug store and purchased a serum to grow eyelashes.. perhaps the serum will make the unibrow grow too.. We shall see ! I should make him put the serum on his eyelashes too! to give him a nice feminine look.. you hear it den? go ahead..apply twice a day, unibrow and eyelashes:) Read more →

hypnotized him

one of my favorite fetishes is HAIR FETISH ! I love to excersize my power over my subbie by brushing, touching my hair, hypnotizing him to the point I have full control over him ( and his wallet in this case)... but I wanted to challenge myself and try to introduce this particular slave to a new fetish he never enjoyed before.. FOOT FETISH... Slowly session by session I would hypnotize him with my feet and dangling movement, it would go straight to his brain and slowly to his cock too! :) he is now my new foot subbie as... Read more →

My week update

This week I met a cute boi from Ireland, but so sad! Oh, imagine, he is a young 19 years old boi but he will not get aroused without sending Me money! How convenient for Me, isn't it? So in 30 min chat with him, I kept sending him bills to pay that came up to around $400.. He loves my feet and my panties , and he is getting none of that before he fills up his cc again:) On top of all that, he was chatting to me from an internet cafe.. How desperate! That is what I... Read more →

niteflirt phone session with Mistress Lilyan and other updates

a little insight into my night.. my sub4goddess is back, he cannot stay away form my gorgeous legs too long! got him nice and drunk while we talked. got him dressed up nice and girly for me.. he will be back very soon.. ********* met a new tiny dick today..oh he feels so pathetic, he needs to justify his existence by tributing to me.. and he is so right!The shorter you are, the more you send! Simple! ******** also den ordered a tattoo machine, oh I am looking forward to this new tattoo of his..My Name of course!! He will... Read more →

Gifts from den and robbie arrived. Always welcome! I have also added new pictures sets to my store, look at the new widget on the right side menu. Collect them all ! I have been busy with some family matters so I have not updated in a little while, hope you missed me! Read more →

Taking over his pc

He is so addicted, as soon as he gets his cc paid down a little bit he gets so anxious, it is so cute! How could I deny him the pleasure? I log to his PC and let myself have fun.. I check how well he is doing with his email account ( not too much porn spam? haha) and of course I go shopping. Gift certificates and Amazon Wish List this time. Gotta Love Canadians:) if you wish to have your pc taken over, you need to become my moneyslave first. The bigboy game will come in time for... Read more →

It is a lovely feeling when they get addicted and let me know they need more! So I took his pc over again! D in Canada, he gets the shakes when he sees me sending money from his account to mine , then I went online to my wish list and added 2 items to his cart and sent them to me. not much, but enough to make me smile! I am sure he will be back soon! Read more →

That was lovely! This little paypet of mine was so in trance he didn't even notice when I took over his PC and went shopping with his cc.. haha! Then I went to his yahoo and deleted all contact info and all emails that were not mine! and then! I set up forwarding his emails to my email address. LOL Now I have full insight what my paypet is doing. Are you ready to have your pc checked by Mistress? When you do, call me! Read more →