So you called me before.. Or you are thinking of it.. Anticipation. Anxiety. Followed by Intoxication. Mind corruption. Personality Bending. ’’Sniff your poppers pet. Drink and Sniff’ echoes through your mind as you eagerly wait for me, Mistress Lilyan to answer your call.. Just by the first sound of my voice you can feel submission overcome you… your shyness and obedience are now exposed to me and it’s almost like I knows exactly what to say to make you feel vulnerable again. your mind slowly begins to sink and your manhood presses against chastity cage. Bound by my voice you... Read more →

here is a perfect example how a good puppet shows his devotion I just ordered your birthday present my supreme Goddess!! What a rush it is for me to purchase shoes for you!! I can imagine your gorgeous feet inside them, stockings and all, and then you slipping out of those shoes and pressing your feet against my face!!! Ohhh, the intoxication for this puppy!!!!! My tail is wagging Mistress!! I expect to call you soon, before your actual birthday on the 13th. You own me indeed Mistress!! Your submissive and obedient boy if you are on my website reading... Read more →

Oli has been in chastity for close to 1 year now I believe.. September 26 2012 (see his blog), to be exact.. and he has been my good slave on top of that sniffing poppers and drinking beer and vodka to my command.. I know he loves to be controlled and we have built a really close Mistress- slave relationship , very close to owning him..but not yet! yous till have work to do Oli! He is one of my best slaves for forced intoxication! CLICK TO GET POPPERS The largest selection of poppers on the net. Featuring Rush, Jungle... Read more →

"I am Michael, 28 years of age, and have just fallen into your web of seduction and destruction. My fantasy is to be forced on my knees and worship your feet and whatever else you allow me to do so, verbally degrade and humiliate me, spitting, flip me off with your middle finger tell me "fuck you stupid loser" etc (like your youtube video:, permanently branding me as your property, and put me in a cage wearing a chastity device. Speaking of chastity, I would like to be locked long term, if not lifetime...i feel i do not deserve... Read more →

I am now allowing new subs to enter a contract with me to become my property. The fee to get started is $19.99 PAY and REPLY with your email address. Contract will be emailed to you. The fee will be credited back to you for your first week of contract fee. for example if the weekly fee is $49.99, you will only pay $30 for first week. Credited only if you sign a contract of course. Who should sign the contract : - money slaves, sissies, crossdressers, worshipers, chastity boys, cum control boys, slave in training, consesnual blackmail slaves -... Read more →

I have removed several disobedient slaves from My Life and I have few openings! Do you want to serve Me? are you: a moneyslave? foot slave? shoe slut? nail lover, My silky hair admirer? simply in love with ME? sissy who wants to be trained? or become My LIVING DOLL? get this application and begin your NEW LIFE under My SPELL! Comes with a DEVINE PICTURE you will put as your wallpapers as a daily reminder to serve! PLUS MY YAHOO ID ! Read more →

well well.. I have a new property..slave herb... locked in chastity for a YEAR!! yes one year! He called Me and we have talked for a long time and agreed to his chastity terms. I already have the keys, both of them.. herb is locked , and will be obedient to Me..his beautiful European Mistress who has total power over him.. As my property he will fulfill all of MY commands and if he dissapoints Me.. I will gladly add another month to his chastity sentence! I love to punish bad boys. I am looking forward to brainwashing herb, getting... Read more →