All my loyal puppets, paypiggies, blackmail bitches have done a great job spoiling me this July for my Royal Birthday! I have a BIG SMILE just writing this post and sharing the presents I received.. Yes I could buy myself all of these and more, but receiving them from you feels a LOT better! This year I got some fabulous shoes from hosieryboy; Black Diamonds from adam; patio furniture, sonos system ,lots of make up and other smaller stuff from usedslut; another sonos system and Chopard sunglasses from marco; andy bought me some amazing furniture ( lucite table and chair),chandelier... Read more →

oh yes my boy toy andrew kept his word..not like he had a choice.. financially raped during our last phone call, used and left confused and unsure of what exactly happened.. He loved every minute of it though! Celebration of My Royal Birthday has started! We maxed out his credit card that day. Total over $1000 plus phone charges! Such a TURN ON!! want to experience the same thril!? call my Financial Domination Phone Line and / or shop my wish lists! amazon or neiman marcus If being a money slave is your turn on you must have these! Greedy... Read more →

here is a perfect example how a good puppet shows his devotion I just ordered your birthday present my supreme Goddess!! What a rush it is for me to purchase shoes for you!! I can imagine your gorgeous feet inside them, stockings and all, and then you slipping out of those shoes and pressing your feet against my face!!! Ohhh, the intoxication for this puppy!!!!! My tail is wagging Mistress!! I expect to call you soon, before your actual birthday on the 13th. You own me indeed Mistress!! Your submissive and obedient boy if you are on my website reading... Read more →

Yes I LOVE to be spoiled! you know how hard you work and how much you love buying me gifts! Sonos Play 5 from adam, fabulous whole house system. I need 2 more..Sonos 3 play for other rooms.. buy them here.. Buy it now Swarovski exquisite tray, for my mirrored desk, to carry my Swarovski pens! from jonathan Luxury Dior makeup from popper , while sniffing his poppers:) Decadent Longines Yellow Gold and DIAMONDS Watch OMG so precious! from adam and vanity mirrored collection , so glam!! from ukrainian tim !! LOVE LOVE!! Read more →

OMG more gifts for Me! Jeweled Victoria's Secret Limited editin Angel perfume - one of my favs! and Dior Addict Be Iconic Limited Edition Kate Moss mirror - from ukrainian tim Dior make up, miniature perfume set from popper! he loves shopping while sniffing his poppers. Fabuloys Melissa Pink pumps from hosieryboy Dior Miss Dior Cherie Perfume from andrew and more from popper- swarovski jeweled hair pins! cuttest ever! welld one boys:) you shure know how to put a smile on my face! Read more →

Got this sub to go to Apple store and overnight me 2 Iphone 4s phones. Black and White, keeping white, giving black to my sister.. that's right, what an honor for adam to spoil both of us! My current Iphone4 is white too, got it from my subbie last year. Nice upgrade adam, I know you could not resist my hypnotic voice and hard dick in your pants when you paid for these, am I right? financial domination is one of my biggest turns on, such pleasure to make someone sacrifice their $$ for my decadent lifestyle. I understand the... Read more →

My good puppies have been tributing towards my new house and it is time to furnish my decadent office It is being painted as I write this, pretty charcoal color, cant wait! I selected fabulous furniture for my office, the best of the line mirrored desk, sideboard and a vanity! Thousands of your $$ went into this set and I will have a smile every day I enter my luxe office, knowing it all came to me so easy.. while you worked hard to earn it! Imagine me sitting behind this fabulous Regency desk, and read your emails, and answer... Read more →

I want to give special attention to my new puppy that has fallen under my spell and is now under my control. He knows I have the most exquisite feet and legs , that make him weak ...on top of my precious voice of course !! He purchased my used house shoes and a pair of my worn pantyhose, and he was mine! My scent is so intoxicating he easily got addicted.. Now he often indulges in my fabulous scent .. what a lucky puppy! puppy has purchased so many cute pairs of shoes for me! I think he purchased... Read more →

work still in progress, it goes slow but the outcome is amazing! I change my mind a lot , that drived my designer and my artist lady crazy! but they want me happy!!!! This image is a part of dining room being stenciled, cream color wall with pearl white stencil on top.. all over the wall.. all my NF CALLS on financial domination are paying her wages! keep calling! and this is how I used the money boys have loaded to my visa ! yes directly to my visa! yay! I went to the chandelier store and bought all Swarovski... Read more →

Solid White Glamorous Latex Lined Bathing Turban from popper Sliding Into Home , I like Kendra. bought with gift certificate Hef's Little Black Book bought with gift cert. Vanity Fair (1-year auto-renewal) matty got the subscription for me Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid SPF 50, 1.4 fl. oz. popper bought it Givenchy Hoisery - Leg Apparel Women's Floral Garter Backseam Sheer Tight - great buy! from popper and steve White Swim Bathing Turban Cap With Ruffled Fabric popper bougth it Bond 6975 Pink 2 Piece Garden Pruning Set With Lopper & Pruner yes, pink is a must while gardening,bought with... Read more →

Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics, Chocolate & Raspberry, oh yes I love chocolate raspberry! this is heaven! popper bought it. Olay Daily Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloths - Normal to Dry 120 Cloths these are a must every night, love them! popper bought them. Yves Saint Laurent Love Umbrella brightens up a rainy day! popper bought it. Godinger FIORI CANDY DISH/RACK from popper. The Acupressure Atlas I want to learn acupressure, got the book from popper. Mind Control Language Patterns oh self explanatory! sin bought it. InStyle (1-year auto-renewal) from den Vivienne Westwood by Melissa Women's Anglomania Ultragirl VI Pump OMG... Read more →

As many of you know I have moved into my dream house about 6 months ago, and some of my best subs were honored with the opportunity to send their offerings towards my furnishings and decor.. you can see lots of decor purchased on my wish list , cash collected via tributes went towards paying contractors.. this week, I am adding art touches to the paint on the walls in the living room.. long process, and have kept me very busy! If you called my phone lines and I did not pick up, it is probably because I have people... Read more →

Its been a looong time since I updated my brag wall, with all the gifts I received! it has all been bought on Amazon wish list thiis is just an example of what my mail is like every week:) Its like Christmas! see Bella gets interested too! I love opening the boxes and envelopes.. whats in there? Yves Saint Laurent Poudre Eclat d'Ete Bronzing Powder 04 Sunny Glow I Love YSL, and the price was a huge bargain! popper bought it! Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup Spf 15 great stuff, bought by popper Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish pH Bond... Read more →

I am so excited, my mirrored chest from Pulaski arrived! It looks amazing and will go so well with my decor! I have hired an interior decorator to help me get the look I want! One that is royal and princess worthy! I cannot wait to see what she will come up with after she listened to my ideas. This is what the chest looks like : it was purchased my adam, from my amazon wish list. There is plenty of items left on my wishlist so make sure you stop by! I will be adding more for my house... Read more →

time to update my boytoys on what is going on in Mistress busy life! I usually take vacation in August for about 3 weeks, but this year is different.. I will be moving to my new house!! I am so excited!! I have been planning it for a while and it is that time! i will be packing Fri 26th and on.. till I pack all my shoes, handbags LOL I am assuming I should be done within 4 days. Then moving and unpacking.. shopping for new furniture as my new house is empty! I am looking forward to that... Read more →

I have celebrated my birthday like never before this year! This year has been fabulous in gift department, thanks to some of my most devoted boytoys! I have been so busy last weeks I did not even have time to update my site about some exciting news! But I know how much you crave those news from my royal life.. how you check here every day to find out what has been going on with me! There has been so much going on, I have a whole list of things I need to post about and it will be added... Read more →

well well ... I have not posted about My gifts I have been receiving in a long time. not because there were none, but because I was so busy with training My boytoys.. Time to update on the gifts and praise the good boys who always crave those words! I got a charm for My bracelet from robbie, this is a second charm he has put on My bracelet.. well done, good boy! It is not a big expense, but it shows Me you are thinking about Me!. robbie has been kept around for a year or 2 now.. always... Read more →

I need to give credit to CB who has been contributing regularly and I have bought this amazing ring with his ( well MY money) well done boy! Black diamond jewelry has been my latest craze! you know that already if you have been reading My blog regularly.. and if not, then you have a lot to catch up. read the whole blog carefully until you get to know Me. The rings gets attention every time, and everyone asks me who did you get it from..:) I just smile knowingly and say.. it was a gift :) CB has been... Read more →

I am so happy with My new jewwelry that arrived recently.. I LOVE black diamonds! I have My small collection already and My good puppies keep adding new delicious items :) This bracelet came from PH. Well done! I LOVE IT! Purchased from My amazon wish list. The bigger the better? Certainly ! This is such an eye catcher.. Love this cuff,came from PH as well. Purchased from My amazon wish list. it will go with any glamourous outfit from My wordrobe and get lots of attention.. PH - you love knowing I wear something so glamorous , and you... Read more →

What a fun week! I took some time to record new clips / videos and shoot some pictures for my site and store ( they will be available soon ) . I loved to pose to my camera knowing what effect it will have on you! How weak you get watching me on your screen, and how you need more and more.. I know! I will be sending a special email to all of my NF followers with a peek into the new shoots.. If you are not on my NF list yet, make sure you call me or purchase... Read more →

I have received this envelope as a total submission from my money slave ( mark).. for him financial slavery is a full commitment to his Goddess and he promised me a while ago to start a new account and put his hard earned $$ into it,instead of spending it on himself ( how lame would that be) . He started the savings account after he was trained by listening to my voice over and over. He purchased whisper control and knew he found what he was looking for.. a Princess that he was going to spoil every way possible. I... Read more →

I don't know where to start describing this session.. a new slave (lets call him PH) contacted me and set up a session for Forced Intoxication and Stocking Fetish which is one of the things I enjoy most.. Looking at my feet, he got so weak he confessed his biggest secret that he is a money slave.. That put a big smile on my face of course! I will not got into details about the forced intoxication, I will leave that to your imagination, but the effect were dramatic... it was an ultimate session for Me and for him.. first... Read more →

I have a new boytoy, an aspiring leather slut! I took my new boytoy shopping and this is what we got! Gorgeous leather long stiletto boots from Casare Paciotti. I love them! I have always loved stiletto shoes , especially sling backs, mules and boots. Size 40 european. We also got black opera gloves in leather, with silk lining..The silk inside..mmmm what a great idea! I think he will be a good useful boytoy, and I should add some awesome pieces to me leather collection. I am planning to use his leather addiction to the fullest and have a good... Read more →

taking over the pc of my little dick subbie

this subbie was really scarred of me taking over his pc.. he danced around the idea , that seemed so exciting but also scary to him for a month I think.. finally he got the guts to let me in.. I enjoyed myself, of course, I always do! He was thrilled after the first session , he was back the next day for another one! Now $300 later he is saving for another session of me getting into his secrets! (my oh my the pictures he stored on his pc.. I felt really sorry when I saw him naked.. )... Read more →

for all ATM slaves, look and learn! message from my newest paypet : Message to MistressLilyan:i hope this is okay but i have taken the liberty of sending You a $200 Amazon gift token - i hope that is okay, i am sorry if i have been disobedient. He just got on the ignore line, as I post this, he is on his knees listening to me type ,how entertaining. Right after all of his minutes are gone, he will go to my wish list. He begged for this privilege to buy me beautiful things.. I think he may be... Read more →

Gifts from den and robbie arrived. Always welcome! I have also added new pictures sets to my store, look at the new widget on the right side menu. Collect them all ! I have been busy with some family matters so I have not updated in a little while, hope you missed me! Read more →

Todd has been saving for a while, to get me this TV. Not just a TV.. 3d LED TV that blows my mind when it comes to the picture quality, and I am not a person who gets easily impressed. It comes with a 3d starter kit, including 2 pair of glasses, blue ray player ( high time to have one!) and a dvd. Well done todd.. todd has been saving , by selling his belongings on ebay for me. I have watched his progress and we were both having fun, when bids were going up and up, especially on... Read more →