I am proud to announce I have been nominated again for the Fetish Model of the Year Award at the Bucharest Summit . I won the Award at the 1st Edition of Bucharest Summit in 2017, what an amazing experience! Make sure you help me win this year too! Vote ( you will need to sign up with a valid email) https://bucharestsummit-awards.com/votes You can watch the voting and me accepting the award here: CLICK FOR POST Read more →

Soo excited to be a part of Bucharest Summit, taking part in mentoring participants in fetish world as well as enjoying the most glamourous event in industry I have attended yet! And the most exciting part is that I was nominated for the Fetish Model Of the Year and I WON! Such an accomplishment and I am very proud of it. Being nominated out of the pool of fetish model all over the world is already a huge honor, but going home with the award in my hand definitely made me feel fabulous! I wore a gold sparkler, floor length... Read more →

I am so E X C I T E D for my L U X U R I O U S beach vacation this year with DreamHouseLive.com crew! I won this trip with contributions from my most loyal fans and subs and I am leaving this Wednesday. you know who you are, G O O D B O Y S !! Look forward to my updates on twitter and perhaps Instagram too. Everything is paid for, the hotel is famous for hosting celebrities and I cannot wait to be pampered and relaxed! Looking forward to meeting some of my friends,... Read more →

Top 10 March This is the very first Monthly Top 10 and I intend to regularly update my website with new ranking post each month, to acknowledge my best submissive girls and boys and let you know where you stand. Ranking is based on amount spent in that particular month ( total for DHL, NF, Amazon and so on) and the level of your loyalty / sacrifice as well. 1.Steve123 For outstanding $pending , total of $35900 in March. What a good paypig he is! He has been serving me for 2 years now. Regularly and loyally. Truly addicted to... Read more →

Shoes speak louder than words. These are fabulous ,aren't they!? I could not resist little shopping today so I selected a pair of Christian Louboutin's of my wishlist. Why not spoil myself? Awesome feeling. "Her superfine stiletto heel makes "So Kate" one of the most delicate of all Louboutin pointed toe pumps. Her dramatic pitch provides with a supremely sexy silhouette. Ultra-chic black patent leather version,sky high pump. Heel height : 120mm See more colors here: CLICK I know you are drooling over them, sissies want to put them on, shoe lovers want to see me wearing them! I will... Read more →

Oh yes I know you wish it was you travelling to this 5 star resort. My life is fabulou$$. This is how a true Financial Domme is spending her vacation$. Lavi$h. $candalously decadent. Were you a part of this lavish vacation ? There was a contest during summer months at DreamHouseLive with the all inclusive stay in Silver Sands in Mexico. So if you have been in my private session, tributed to my tip target or tipped in June, you were part of this awesome vacation! I won ! I kept the destination private , so I don't have any... Read more →

Musings from Sissy Samantha Hello, Sissy Samantha here, grateful and fortunate to be owned by Mistress Lilyan. I say this because I had a really crazy idea recently. Mistress was on vacation for several weeks and when she returned she was on camera only once before being overtaken by illness. Yes, even our beautiful and brilliant Queen sometimes falls victim to the limitations of the human body, even a body as sublime as Hers. In any case my thought was, in light of Her extended absence, perhaps I should try to slowly wean myself off of this Goddess addiction. What... Read more →

I have been busy as always, but here is an update , in random order. scotte : Singed a blackmail contract about 3 months ago and has been paying weekly fees like a clockwork. Well he does not have a choice, or I should rather say , to pay is the smart choice:) We went shopping on Victoria Secret a lot! It is one of my favourite stores for casual clothing , great to lounge in and they have some cute and sexy dresses. While we shop I always remind him what his place is and what my plan is... Read more →

I adore Chanel designs , and adding new items to My CHANEL COLLECTION is always fun! I took mikes black visa card and spent his money on myself! Yes feels amazing, mike works hard running his business , not an 8 h job, more like 16 a day.. what a working bee .. But I am Queen Bee , and I take what I want, and I wanted some Chanel! What girl could resist? "Chanel Eyewear The classic brand, made famous by its creator, the sultry and stylish Coco Chanel, has never gone out of fashion. In fact, sunglasses with... Read more →

so excited about this new ring from Vera Wang! “My design philosophy is rooted in the classics. I believe in simple, elegant designs, that enhance the beauty of any bride. Its timeless design will be treasured for an eternity, and features blue sapphires, a unique design statement, and symbols of everlasting love. I am thrilled to share this exclusive design with you.” –Vera Wang matty has been very good boy , putting his entire tax return towards this $3000 ring to add to my DIAMOND COLLECTION . he could have spent that money on himself easily, but he wanted to... Read more →

usedslut is on a moneyslave contract for 12 months , and he must send $1500 monthly whenever I demand it .. under my conrol , for my amusement . I received 3 envelopes from him recently , here is the first one with his writing assignment , I will open other enveloped later, I am too busy these days! Read more →

steve paypiggy has been serving on and off for a while now.. 2 years maybe.. he has several weaknesses and he knows I cater to them so well ... I know exactly what buttons to push to attack his wallet, milk him with my silk gloves on , no chance to escape until I am pleased. steve is my milking cow, I love to milk his out of his cash and set triggers in his brain that he will crave to see again and again.. work to transfer steve! Read more →

Had a nice call with usedslut yesterday , and YES I used him..as you can see he was ordered to load my mastercard with a $1000 , which he did ..good boy! permission to wank over your own money leaving your bank account right into my silk purse. He was not allowed to cum of course, maybe today during his cam entertaining session he will have more luck,PERHAPS! Read more →

jona is a low uk paypig , and he loves to be financially used..ordered him to buy me some silk! I love sleeping in silk... I rarely use cotton any more.. yes I am a Princess! jim1 bought this black wet look skirt as a part of his gift for Christmas. Looks good on me!jim1 is learning how to be a good slave. I have been training him for a while. Sasha picked up a garter belt for me at Victoria's Secret. Always needed accessory for a Queen of fully fashioned stockings. Read more →

davefetish enjoyed his teamviewer session while I was selecting some shoes from my wishlist. They are very sexy on my royal feet. already brought many of you to your knees when I wore them in my live cam events at LilyanWebcam.com the Swarovski hair piece is amazing! I uloaded a video of it on my twitter via telly, you can find it there. It sparkles amazingly and is very well made. It is a part of Royal Christmas Party Game gift from Jona. yes same Jona who sent $5000 buyout of his contract . DaveC bought UGG sequin boots, I... Read more →

Love getting gifts, did you know that? I am all woman, and love to be spoiled. andy sent me smashbox make up from my wist- just one of the things he bought me for Christmas .. tomiee sent some body mists from Victoria's Secret, yum! I use them as room sprays and room diffusers. drunk steve bought the Benefit make up , I love it! good job boys! Read more →

Some more sequins for me, in a sexy mini skirt, that will be a head turner I am sure! and I have to say I am proud of sasha, good boy went to Victoria's Secret then called my phone line to politely ask of he could buy me something SEXY!! bras, parfume and make up.. good job sasha!! you actually held the items in your hands, how amazing is that? Now they are in mine.. Read more →

it is an honor to send me gifts, as well as cash that I spend on items I want I love sparkle in jewelry and clothes too! I love the black sequins on this top, could not resist. and the biggest sparkle ( hard to capture in a photo) comes from the black and white diamond ring in white gold from adam. I LOVE black diamonds. One more to my fabulous collection. Read more →

One of the drunks that call me for forced intox was a bag boy.. I required him to call me once a week..or I will have to have a talk with his girlfriend, who's number he game me while we were on the phone.. Well but know my good heart, when I have not heard from Steve in a few weeks I sent him a gentle reminder ,still nothing.. It got me upset and Steve knows last thing he wants is me to be upset so he went to my amazon wishlist and bought me this gift: that is an... Read more →

This year's party was faboulous! So many of you attended and brought gifts I am touched! HAHA None of you spent less than $100 so I am very proud of you all who participated! I will be posting updates as I have time to take pictures of the items, some are still in the mail:) you bought gits on my wishlists as well as loaded my mastercard and I went shopping myself. OMG I LOVE spending your cash, it turns me on, knowing you work hard for the $$ I spend so easily.. Read more →

Love opening letters and find these in! ecerytime you go shopping with your wife to the grocery store you should pick a gift card for me! HA! wouldnt that feel good? make her pay for it too! no wife? , then every time you buy groceries for yourself, you should spend equal amount on gift cards for me.. email me for acceptable gift cards mistresslilyan@gmail.com Read more →

well well, Jonathan is my new victim, welcome! He was not able to resist when he googled blackmail mistress and fate lead him to me.. this pathetic UK sub has always dreamt about Polish Goddess to own and control him, so its fate he found me.. During our 90 minute session he felt excited, humiliated , used, owned and laughed at! good slave already submitted all of his information to me, including full name and address ..so he had no choice but to play my Royal Christmas Blackmail Game! and he did.. while talking to me, we just kept adding... Read more →

Entry 4: moneyslave shopping my wish list if you are a regular reader of my site you know that financial domination is such a turn on for me and one of my favorite fetishes. Moneslaves are so entertaining! but this one of more than just a paypiggy.. he is a loyal, devoted hypnotized slave who is going to be mine totally and with no going back very soon.. The process has started and I am programming him during out phone conversations using hypnotic set of words that make him so weak he is powerless. I have a perfect plan for... Read more →

I love spending my paypiggies' hard earned money on sparkle! I love sparkle, I love SWAROVSKI! I have a special curio designated to my collection. But that is not all, I spread the sparklies all over the house too! and of course you cannot miss two decadent Swarovski crystal chandeliers, one in my dining room and one in office. Every time I turn them on, I feel like a spoiled princess, and smirk , thinking how easy it is to spend your money! and not to mention my head turning Chanel Iphone case made with Swarovki crystals.. Fabulous shine! I... Read more →

How does a Princess like me relax? .. well one of my favorite things to do is to shop till I drop! using your hard earned money of course.. this time I am using usedslut's credit card to pay for accessories to my house.. all that without even speaking to him.... just laughing every time I press PURCHASE , knowing he gets an email notification ! I get them too , as all of his emails are automatically coming to my inbox.. yes piggy, clicking and laughing is so relaxing.. while you wank your useless dick, thinking how to pay... Read more →