I am proud to announce I have been nominated again for the Fetish Model of the Year Award at the Bucharest Summit . I won the Award at the 1st Edition of Bucharest Summit in 2017, what an amazing experience! Make sure you help me win this year too! Vote ( you will need to sign up with a valid email) https://bucharestsummit-awards.com/votes You can watch the voting and me accepting the award here: CLICK FOR POST Read more →

Special Wish List Edition Some of you are so lucky if you have a Victoria's Secret store near you.. you bring a wallet full of cash or a credit card and this list - guaranteed to make me happy! Bookmark this page , as I will be adding new items when I want something:) Once you purchase items in the store you will email me the pictures and a copy of your recepit, to mistresslilyan@gmail.com Items must have tags and be brand new of course. Once I confirm you made the purchase I will reply with my PO Box ,... Read more →

I am now allowing new subs to enter a contract with me to become my property. The fee to get started is $19.99 PAY and REPLY with your email address. Contract will be emailed to you. The fee will be credited back to you for your first week of contract fee. for example if the weekly fee is $49.99, you will only pay $30 for first week. Credited only if you sign a contract of course. Who should sign the contract : - money slaves, sissies, crossdressers, worshipers, chastity boys, cum control boys, slave in training, consesnual blackmail slaves -... Read more →

Collect coins! Task for slaves in USA Canada and UK

your task for this week: you will go thru all of your pants, drawers, jars and what not, and collect all of the coins and turn them into something DELICIOUS!! Let Coinstar® turn your pennies, nickels and dimes into something delicious Don't let loose change clutter up your life - turn it into a Starbucks Card FOR FREE at participating Coinstar® locations! When you use Coinstar® to get a new Starbucks Card, there's NO FEE and you save yourself the hassle of sorting, counting and rolling your extra change. Find a Coinstar® Once you have the card. you will email... Read more →

I am reviewing my BLACK BOOK of my boytoys , and see how well they behaved in 2010 ! Were you a good boy? Did you take part in challenges and fulfilled them? Have you shopped on my wishlist at least once? Have you tributed via amazon, NF ,TS or other means? Have you opened all of my PRECIOUS EMAILS ? If the answer is yes to all of these questions chances are I AM PLEASED WITH YOU! and you MAY MAKE IT TO MY 2010 SUMMARY POST! If the answer is no, you still have few days left to... Read more →

I decided that I need some entertaining during these long cold winter nights so I am sending out my challenges and assigmnets! Pick one for yourself and entertain Me! FEMINIZATION You want to be like Me don't you? Lean, slim, seductive.. you want to discover your feminine side more and more..you want to follow Me..a REAL WOMAN who is your INSPIRATION and ROLE MODEL. Get this challenge and feel so feminine and sexy! Your chance to show off! Drop the soda for Mistress, 4 week challenge! Break the cycle of addiction to soda! It will make you healthier so you... Read more →

I expect you to financially contribute to My life of leisure every day. I love to be properly honored on a regular basis. I love to SHOP! You love to let me SHOP and PAMPER myself! Money Slave Assignment :Start from a $5 gift certificate from Amazon, and then return daily to increase the amount you send. How high will you go, it quickly gets addictive! I wonder who the biggest Loser will BE! Listen to instructions: Biggest Loser Instructions Gift Certificates: Send to MistressLilyan@gmail.com
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