Royal Birthday and Blackmail Game 2021. Must Read!
Happy Birthday to me! Blackmail Rules 2022. New Rates.

Christmas Party 2021 is on.. Blackmailed?

Read carefully..

The Holiday time is one of my favorite parts of the year!  The lights in the city , the decorations in my house all puts my in very festive mood!  you however can make it even better ! what you do matters! Especially after surviving 2021 and the pandemic, we need to celebrate with a BANG! 

Perfect time to show that you worship me and COMMIT yourself to me.


No matter what is going on in your life at the moment, your priorities are set right- Mistress Lilyan's holiday mood!


Perfect time to strengthen our Domme/sub relationship.

Perfect time to spoil me with your heard earned money to show how much you crave to please me

Perfect time to make me a priority

Perfect time to make sacrifices for me.

This is your chance to starts new year of our relationship right. Lets make 2022 your year of submission to Mistress Lilyan and it starts TODAY.


Yes, you are ready to make 2022  best year yet!

I know you need that special connection, guidance and just to know your Domme knows you like nobody else does, am I right?

Of course I am. You need to stand out to show me how badly you need it.


And if you are on a BLACKMAIL CONTRACT this is part of your duties as a blackmail slave.. 

This year is a little different than other years when I would send you to my Amazon wishlist. 

This year it is TRIBUTES I WANT.

deadline Dec 31 2021

I expect a $125 of your paycheck ( not that much considering !) unless your contract says otherwise

Ways to tribute :

Venmo ( preferred for US slaves- contact me for info) 

AVN stars Tribute ( doesn't need to be a subscriber, free account is OK to tip ) 

Only Fans ( doesn't need to be a subscriber, free account is OK to tip ) 


Clips4sale tribute

IwantClips Tribute

Once you tribute , send me a message or email  to , and if you are new , introduce yourself! 


It is a perfect opportunity to secure your spot as my regular pet. 


I will always prioritize my regular pets over drive by's! My pets get the best rates possible, and to keep them at the same level make sure you spend the 125 ( or M O R E )  by end of year on tributes to spoil me rotten! 

I will be rising my rates in 2022 for all my chat/ discord cam sessions, pre booked sessions , so make sure you PLEASE ME NOW to avoid this unpleasant but necessary change. 

Talk soon! 

Mistress Lilyan 










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