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Poppers and Intox : Mastercard and Visa Restrictions.


This is not good news for popper or intox lovers. Mastercard and visa are now causing clip sites to remove all intox clips .I know at least one porn site (pornhub)  did remove them a  few months ago for the same reason. 

IWC has removed all of my intox clips already.

 I do not want to go into the politics of it, just bringing it to your attention. 

Nothing has been happening to my NF/ Clips4Sale/AVN  intox/ poppers goodies at this moment, but I believe this is just a matter of time  ( hope I am wrong) but just in case, get the clips and save them while they are available here. 

As far as calls go, one day the intox lines may be renames or gone, but you know my mind and that will not change. Nobody can censor what we talk about via phone. So just remember that:) 


Clips will still be available for a direct custom order paid via tribute. As well as I will have a list of banned clips that are already produced for sale, available for purchase. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Mistress Lilyan 


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