Hey minion! welcome to 2021
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Weekly Schedule Phone and Cam

This is a schedule for  May 31- June 6 30 2021  in EST time zone

( I will be taking time off June 11-30) only available for contracted subs and those solid regulars.

Cam sessions mentioned in schedule available via my cam platform only. 

If you want a DISCORD cam session- it must be pre booked 24 h in advance ( prepaid ) 

NEW: I will keep on phone when driving, sometimes I spend 1h at a time in a car and some of you requested this opportunity to call.  If you call and I happen to be driving , I will let you know right at the beginning and if you chose to call another time I will send you 2 min free towards your next call.  via NF only! 

I plan for it and try my best to stick to it, but sometimes life happens and it takes priority. Of course any sessions that are BOOKED ( pre paid for) will be always honored or rescheduled! 

For Phone links click here 

For Cam links  click here


Phone/  11.30 AM -8PM   



Cam/ Chat 2-5 pm 

Phone 12-5 PM 



PPV/Chat  9 am - 8 pm    PHONE 1.30PM-8 PM 


Also FINDOM PPV and Booked chat time! See MENU post for rates 

Prefect day to play rt debt games too!  


Phone 8 AM-5 PM  

Cam 1-5 PM 

2 PM EST Scheduled Show 1 h , Theme to be announced! 


Phone 12 -5 PM   

Cam 2-5 PM





Keep in mind I am available across several platforms so if I do not respond  to your phone call email me via the site,

and have patience when you message me. I will get back to you as soon as I am free to engage. 

Weekends, usually OFF but check in you may find me on my phone lines, cam is never offered on weekends unless pre booked.

Higher/ Special weekend rates apply . 

Other time slots may be available by appointment I pre paid in advance,

I usually require at least 24 h notice.

I plan to update this page weekly  so bookmark it for your reference.

If there is no update, email me mistresslilyan@gmail.com



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Troy Williams

Mistress is the most intelligent, superior, and sensuous woman you will ever meet. She will totally dominate every thought, every aspect of your life. She is so worth it!

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