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Since you are here you are very curious about how to start the adventure of being blackmailed by Mistress Lilyan.. I know you are eager but probably scared so I think you should start with getting familiar with some of my blackmail fantasy content created based on my interactions with my contracted blackmail slaves as well as those who run scared.. When you think you are ready for this next step , a BLACKMAIL CONTRACT, find it in links below. it will give you a better idea what you may get yourself into. No strings attached, YET. Below you will... Read more →

This is a schedule for May 31- June 6 30 2021 in EST time zone ( I will be taking time off June 11-30) only available for contracted subs and those solid regulars. Cam sessions mentioned in schedule available via my cam platform only. If you want a DISCORD cam session- it must be pre booked 24 h in advance ( prepaid ) NEW: I will keep on phone when driving, sometimes I spend 1h at a time in a car and some of you requested this opportunity to call. If you call and I happen to be driving ,... Read more →