Blackmail desires of Ben, a successful lawyer, part 2
Only Fans or AVN Stars. Which one to join?

#Paypig #Humiliation #FinancialDomination

There are 50 shades of financial domination and the moods, feelings that come with it. On both sides.

From nurturing to greedy and ruthless FinDommes, and subs desiring to feel used on many different levels. Often humiliation is one of those feelings that a walletslave will crave. I focused on humiliation my potential moneyslave in this clip. Putting that paypig in his place, so he knows where he stands with me. his life is now simple, organized and therefore easy to follow.

(Click image to PLAY GIF  preview. The quality of preview is much lower than the actual clip! )

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Hear more from a paypig who experienced this clip:

"i did not buy this clip to be humiliated. As i told have not been into humiliation at all. i had to see more of You, listen to Your voice more and above all wanted to find out how powerful You are.

You more than met my expectations. Your methods are irresistible. Your feminine weapons make me fully weak and powerless. Everything You say makes so much sense. Yes, it is absolutely clear You are The Powerful Woman i have to submit and surrender to. All other options did vanish. You know exactly how to get into my brain, how to use and manipulate me. And it feels so good.

Yes, i urge to learn to get that feeling that comes when handing over my money to You.

i was hooked right away to replay this clip over and over again. At first times all those humiliating words felt nothing. But the more i watch and listen to You the more i feel that i need to be used and even humiliated by You so badly. Is it offensive to admit that i lust over You so badly? Now i lust for being used and even humiliated by You so badly as well. The terms and ideas i could not stand earlier sound so pleasurable when You say them. i am sure You can make me to do whatever You want and i love it.

If i continue to replay this clip, i can't anything but to begin to delete and purchase this same clip again and over again. After every replay, my lust and need to give money to You increases and this urge to see all my money in Your wallet overcomes all other thoughts. Your effect on me is overwhelming and so pleasurable. Can't get enough of mindfuck and mind control You give. i need it more and more.

Dear Mistress Lilyan, i wish so badly but humbly that You would consider taking me to mold and reprogram to become Your loyal slave, sub, pet, whatever You want me to become."

get the clip: #Paypig #Humiliation #FinancialDomination

Extreme humiliation of your useless existence! you crave to hear the truth about yourself! What a woman like ME thinks about you! Truth for addicted moneyslaves who need to be USED! Over and over!



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