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Financial Domination Conditioning

One of my findom clips focus on training , so if you are new walletslave to my world and want to learn how financial domination operates this is a great clip. Even experienced moneyslaves will get weak and triggered to serve.



One of my money slavery addicts, in his own words expresses the power of this video clip:



"When watching this clip i realized a big change has happened in me. i consider this clip as Your answer to my prayer. But if i had watched it a year ago i probably would have scared badly.


Until now my biggest worry has been what about if i fail to carry out or obey all Your financial demands. Now i am confident i can't fail if and when You help me by using Your great abilities to manipulate, brainwash, and train my brains. Yes, that's exactly what i need. i wish to get fully under Your power. i wish to be willing to obey You no matter what. i wish to please and make You happy. i am so grateful to You for this clip.



Maybe i was not yet ready enough to surrender to You a year ago. i had not yet got over my ex-relationships and not dealt with feelings of disappointment. Now things are changed. i feel mentally and emotionally free from all other dommes or women to serve You. Clips of Yours has changed my world. The connection i feel to You is something special i have not experienced before. i am not just curious to explore financial domination with You. The urge to serve You financially is overpowering me."


get the clip; Financial Domination Conditioning:

Worship your Goddess with your dick in hand and credit card in your mouth. Let my voice guide you, conditioning your brain, setting up new goals and priorities. Mindlessly nod and let me place the triggers. I bet you will not even notice what is happening.

Ps. Do not mind some small occasional background noise, I am recording and editing everything myself, and still learning.



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