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Only Fans or AVN Stars. Which one to join?

I created this blog post to help my submissives decide what platform they want to use.

I have been a big fan of the new adult friendly social media alternative to Twitter!  Twitter has been shadow banning SW ( sex workers) , deleting their content for a long time now.  I used to put daily effort and time into my Twitter account so you guys feel connected and feel my presence. However when I face the fact that this work can be deleted without explanation, I started searching for my options.

First, I signed up for Onlyfans.   I made a post about it here when I started and I was super excited about it. I still am! 

I post 5-7 times a week, and that is all included in your monthly fee.  The posts vary in content, it is a seductive image, a short video teaser, or a written story of my sessions with my submissives.  It allows you to get a closer look into my world. 

Since starting Onlyfans I have kept my efforts limited on twitter. Yes I am still there daily. But you will notice a change there, there is a lot of automatic updated when my clips are sold. ( they are usually visual, so I think you guys love seeing my cleavage or my  face on your timeline !)  There are notifications when my phone lines go up, when I receive a tip, or start a rt debt contract game. 

But my work focuses on OnlyFans posts. This is a place to be where you want to know more and see more of me. 

But as I got to know the Onlyfans site I learned there are some limits I did not anticipate, limits that made me feel very constricted.. so the search continued.. till I found AVN Stars. 

So what do they allow me that Onlyfans do not? 

  • forced intox  content!!!!! YES!! This is one of my top kinks and I cannot imagine being creatively restricted when it comes to that particular fetish.  Onlyfans wrote me when I posted an update with an image of vodka bottle and a story of my coerced intoxication session. 


  • under the same umbrella - poppers, you guys know how I love popper effect on your brains, and being able to freely express it on AVN Stars was what I was looking for! 


  •  Ability to have 2 options at the same time . FREE TO FOLLOW and PAID SUBSCRIPTION.   Love that!  I can message both lists at once and I love using that for my PPV games or going live on cam announcements.  OnlyFans PPV games work great , but is only available to paid subscribers so the reach is limited. 


  •  CLIP Store on AVN. I can add my clips there while OnlyFans does not have that option at the moment.


  • When posting on AVN I decide whether  I want the post to be FREE to VIEW or SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. I love that versatility! 


  • Their customer service is so responsive, which unfortunately is not the same for OF.  As I am typing this, I am in the process of opening a free to follow Onlyfans, but they rejected my account, I emailed them, and no reply. But when I eventually set it up, I will let you guys know on Twitter. 

These are the major differences for me. 

Do I post the same content on both sites? Yes and no. 

Visual posts may be the same.  I post updates on my life and my sessions stories/ summaries only on Onlyfans at this point. So if you love to read those, get excited seeing me mention how I used your weakness, then you belong on OF!  Join now!.  + go FREE FOLLOW option on AVN.

If you are into forced intoxication/ poppers sessions, and want to see that, chat about that with me , but my intox video clips / order customs.. then AVN Stars is your place! Join now! 

Subscriptions are same price.  If you want both of the world, subscribe to both! 

Worth mentioning, I established a TIP MENU , same for both sites.  I offer paid chat sessions/ custom pics/ clips or audio recordings. Phone via Discord. See below.

Also TIP OPTION on BOTH sites are one of my favorite tribute methods! 

Both sites offer the same payout to me. I know you want to use whatever makes more profit for me.












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Nicely said, and I have to say that customer support plays an important part in making a decision!

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