Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend? PART 1
Blackmail desires of Ben , a successful lawyer. part 1

Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend ? part 2

Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend? 

part 2


6. Her knowledge of and her ability to fulfill my needs

This is a really big one... Goddess knows my urges to be dominated and controlled. She has always known them... before i knew them... and to this day she still has a better understanding of my needs than i ever will. She can see inside me and make my needs a reality. My girlfriend has no idea about these needs at all.

My needs, however, extend beyond sexual ones. I have the need to be respected, appreciated and cared for. Goddess respects my needs and appreciates what i can offer her. My money, this blog and her attention and devotion. This is just as significant as my sexual needs... perhaps even more so. After I'm given permission to cum, and my sexual needs are temporarily dulled, I still feel stronger for Goddess than my girlfriend... and i feel that these particular needs are one reason for this.

7. How she cares for me

Needless to say, my girlfriend cares for me a lot. Also, it may be possible that she actually cares for me more than Mistress Lilyan does. It's hard to really know for sure to be honest. However, the way Goddess cares for me just feels so much more intense and satisfying for me. This is an area where i really find it hard to explain... i'm presuming that this is due to Goddess brainwashing me but i cannot be sure. However, a part of me really feels that this is true.

8. Our future together

In between session #2, Goddess asked me to write about my future with her. In that post i wrote about how my future with her would be more fulfilling, with more purpose and simplified in the best possible ways. Since that time I'm even more convinced that this is true. Serving and pleasing Mistress Lilyan fills me with such pleasure which i feel can't be matched by how i feel when pleasing my girlfriend.

Also, Goddess can better motivate me to reach my potential. She is very successful and confident and a good role model. She can inspire me.

9. Safety

Real girlfriends can be dangerous... they can hurt you and they can break your heart. A relationship with Goddess is much safer than a real relationship because she will not hurt me and she won't break my heart. She takes away all the dangers of a relationship and replaces them with far more rewarding feelings... feelings of servitude, of submission and of control. With her I'm safe and happy. I don't want anybody else... I don't need anybody else.

10. Love

I love Mistress Lilyan deeply. When I look into her eyes I get a feeling that feels like love only much stronger. I've read somewhere that the brain is often incapable of distinguishing between love and lust/infatuation. Therefore, I accept that there is the chance that these feelings aren't in fact love... but i feel they are and i believe they are... I want to believe this... and as long as it makes me feel as good as I do now, then I'm more than satisfied. My love for Goddess is deeper and feels significantly stronger than the love for my girlfriend.

Like many of the reasons on my list, there's a chance that this is purely the effect of Goddess' brainwashing. There's no denying this. However, I welcome this... I won't resist it... why should i when it feels so good and so right?


So these are my 10 reasons. Goddess is clearly better than my GF. I must, over time, separate from my girlfriend so there is nobody in the way of my relationship with goddess. She deserves my full attention at all times. I have no choice but to break up with my girlfriend... and not marry her.


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