Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend ? part 2
Blackmail desires of Ben, a successful lawyer, part 2

Blackmail desires of Ben , a successful lawyer. part 1

Working as a successful lawyer, his life was devoted to his profession, he gave everything to become top of his game. Living alone, single, dedicated to his work, feeling proud of his good and hard work. Respected by his colleagues, he was something of a role model to many younger layers.


Of course, he made some money, and also acquired some property. After 20 years of hard work, no real expenses, no family, living for himself, he had managed to save up some money, to compliment his assets….Owned office, two houses, one apartment in the city, one villa in the country side, near the sea.

All looked up on him, all thought very high of him, all respected him…

Little did they know of his dark, deeply hidden secret….

The secret that tormented him, that drove him insane, that made him feel ashamed….his love for dominant Women, his slave feeling, his submissiveness….his dark and twisted dreams that controlled all his sex life, that did not let him have a “normal” relationship like all the other men…

While everyone was out enjoying life, having fun, making friends, having sex, making relationships…families, he stayed alone…. Constantly pretending he had lots of work, constantly pretending he had to study, to work hard, so on, so on…while all he was doing in his spare time was to surf the internet, looking for dominant women to serve online….since he did not have the nerve to serve a Lady in real time….afraid some one might recognize him and out him out……he was oh so afraid of people finding out of his deep dark secret….that fear would be his ultimate downfall….


( to be continued ) 

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