Blackmail desires of Ben , a successful lawyer. part 1
#Paypig #Humiliation #FinancialDomination

Blackmail desires of Ben, a successful lawyer, part 2


Gradually, in his long years of serving online, tributing here and there, pretending to serve Women online, he realized he was only lying to himself. He realized he was not really serving, but only indulging in his fantasies, in a safe manner…. He spent some money…..he ejaculated….that was it..from time to time, he happened to talk to a Woman, who was much more dominant…he always thought that this time it would be different…this time he had found the One…to serve forever…but it was not the case…some ejaculations later, he felt the shame, he felt the regret…he went away….


It gradually became a routine for him…a boring routine….working hard….staying inside alone….logging in cam sites…fandom twitter….or other online means… serve online…..cum….go back to his life….

He had reached the age of 45, he was still alone….successful…..respected….had some money, and some property….and that was all

His deep dark secret…his need to serve was consuming his thoughts, but at the same time he did not have the courage to go further. He felt safe there, and also quite comfortable with his money and life.

His problem also was that, after many years on the internet, he had seen so many ideas, fetishes, stories, fantasies….that he also had evolved in his submissive thoughts and imaginations….what had started as a need to lick high heels, and worship boots, had become a full financial domination fetish, compiled with blackmail. He had read so many stories of financial domination blackmail, that he now could only get hard when he fantasized of that….being totally trapped, in the clutches of a beautiful, ruthless Woman, Who would not hesitate to use him without mercy, take everything from him, leave him totally poor….

( to be continued) 


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