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April teases! Foot Fetish, JOI, Cleavage and manipulation!

Single Loser Challenge- Humiliation

I was in a session with one of my regulars and while talking with him, I got inspired to create this clip for single losers who love being humiliated. Some of you need to be put in place with a strict guidance and humiliation. 

When you are living a loser life with no purpose, what good are you? I know it is depressing and you need purpose like everyone else. Start here! That cleavage will put you on track! Simple task that will create a snowball effect in your life.


I got some great feedback from this clip, scroll below to see what my sub is saying of his experience watching the clip: 



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Hello, Goddess! I have been thinking about the Single Loser Challenge 1 You told me to do a few days ago and I came to the conclusion that I can achieve the desired end goal of killing my social life, just not by pretending I have a girlfriend, but by being who I am: a social inept. What I mean is, I already very rarely see/talk to my friends. Pretty much all the friends I've made in my life are from elementary school, majority of them I've lost contact with over the years. And the few of them I still keep in touch with, I only see 2-3 times a year. I'm currently in college and I very rarely talk to the other students there. I don't really socialize with them. I don't even know the names of most of them, only a few of them I do (it's a fairly large group that I'm in). There's nobody there that I'd consider to be my friend. And when I do talk to them, it's because of something related to either one of the classes, professors or exams. Exclusively college stuff, no personal life.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that my social life is already pretty dead and lonely. I would actually have to start socializing more with others just to eventually bring up to them the notion that I have a girlfriend. I wanted to tell You all of this, so that You know that I am not trying to displease You or be disobedient by not creating the idea that I have a girlfriend. It's just that I don't really have an established group of friends/colleagues that I socialize with that I could convince there's a girlfriend in my life. Finally, I hope this news doesn't disappoint You too much and that You at least find the fact that I'm still achieving the desired end goal (of no socializing and wasting money on it) somewhat pleasing.

Also, it might amuse You to know that, around 2-3 weeks ago, I ignored a message from my best friend from elementary school who messaged me and said he wanted to catch up with me. I didn't reply at all because I feared if I go hang out with him, I might have to spend money while we're out. Money that should rightfully be spent on You.


That makes me so happy; both that You love my confessions and that You're not disappointed with me! Thank You so much for understanding. And I feel so honored that You plan on using my confessions on Your website! It just made my week a billion times better. It already felt extremely amazing to be mentioned on Your Onlyfans and on Your Twitter, but to be mentioned on Your very own website... I can hardly believe it!
To celebrate this, I just went to Your IWC store and purchased Your newest clip!


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