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Why do I enjoy being a member of Mistress Lilyan's ONLY FANS
Because it gives me a unique access into Mistress Lilyan's life through Her sensual videos, photos, audios and text posts that I can't see or hear anywhere else. Another big reason is because it gives me an opportunity to actually contact Her by sending Her messages. The experience of actually talking with Mistress Lilyan is so thrilling that it makes euphoria course through my entire body. Now, I suppose the bigger question here is: why Mistress Lilyan? Well, the most obvious reason is Her unparalleled beauty and the perfection of Her physical form. I've spent years pondering this question, so I DO NOT say these words lightly. Mistress Lilyan IS undoubtedly the sexiest and most beautiful woman to have ever walked the Earth. I've seen a fair share of beautiful women during my life, from other dommes, actresses, models, singers, etc. None of them can match Her.
From Her alluring smile and devious smirk, to Her gorgeous silky black hair to Her incredible blue eyes (which, depending on Her mood, can either feel like icy tundra that freezes you to your very bones or, at other times, like a vast ocean that you can't help but want to drown in), to Her flawless figure; from Her large breasts and enticing cleavage, to Her slender waist, to Her wonderfully round buttocks, to Her shapely, long legs and Her perfectly pedicured and skillful feet. I can't help but emphasize this since it's quite important to me, Mistress Lilyan is the undisputed Queen of foot fetish, legs, dangling, pantyhose and stockings domination. If you have a fetish related to legs or feet (like me), it's your lucky day since. Mistress Lilyan knows and understands exactly what foot lovers and leg lovers want and She has every means at Her disposal to mercilessly tease them and drive them crazy with desire for Her.
Every part of Her feet is perfect: from Her delicious toes, to Her high arches, to Her divine soles. Furthermore, there's an attribute of Mistress Lilyan that I think goes a bit underappreciated, if only because it's sometimes overshadowed by Her other attributes: Her mesmerizing laugh. This is also quite an important factor for me. Mistress Lilyan has the most erotic laugh that you've ever heard, especially when She's mocking and humiliating you (see audios on Her website or Her video on IWC: #Paypig #Humiliation #FinancialDomination). Whether it's a short, mischievous giggle or it's vicious, sadistic laughter, it feels so incredibly arousing and brainwashing that Her voice will be forever implanted in your brain after you hear it. The last thing I want to say regarding Mistress Lilyan's beauty is slightly vague, but quite relevant. She is both sexy and beautiful. In my opinion, 99% of women that are considered attractive are either one or the other. Now, what does each term imply?
For me, beautiful women are more obviously attractive than sexy women. They are attractive in a more innocent, but still alluring way, though their demeanor and mannerisms are more timid than that of sexy women. Now, sexy women often aren't as clearly attractive as beautiful women are. That's because, while they are definitely physically attractive, the sexiness they possess stems from their behavior, their choice of words, the way they move and the way they think and how they communicate their less-than-innocent thoughts. Where beautiful women are more innocent, sexy women are more naughty and mischievous. So, what do I mean when I say that Mistress Lilyan is both since my definitions of the two terms are quite different. What I mean is, Mistress Lilyan is incomparably beautiful on the outside, but She is unbelievably sexy on the inside. Her looks can seem perfectly innocent and sinless, but Her personality is absolutely 100% sexy.
Which I guess is a good segue into the other, even more important, reason why I chose to join Mistress Lilyan's Onlyfans: Her personality. Firstly, Her understanding of so many different fetishes is truly unmatched. From financial domination, to foot fetish, to sissy training, to poppers, to humiliation, to orgasm control/denial, to JOI, to cleavage brainwash, to homewrecking, to pantyhose and stockings domination, to ASMR, etc. It's truly astounding, not just how many fetishes She caters to, but how She understands them all so well and how cleverly She uses Her knowledge to brainwash and manipulate Her slaves in order to ensure that their addiction to Her becomes incurable and inescapable. And, on the off chance that your fetish isn't among the ones She caters to, there's no need to worry since She is very open minded and there's nothing that shocks Her. However, it's not just Her understanding of various fetishes that makes Her personality so sexy.
It's how much She enjoys using and abusing Her slaves, taking everything and anything they have, rinsing their wallets and credit cards dry, furthering their addiction to Her, making them crave Her abuse and control, ruining their lives, marriages and families with a smile on Her face, etc. And the best part is, She does all that solely because She finds it entertaining, because it's fun for Her. While Her insatiable greed and cruelty ravage and destroy your life, She feels no remorse or guilt and She even makes you thank Her for it. Though I must emphasize, it's not really about the money for Her, it's about the sacrifice. She enjoys making you sacrifice your needs for Her desires and luxuries. Letting you keep just enough to survive so you can continue to serve while She takes everything else. But do keep in mind, She can be kind and nurturing as long as you're obedient and respectful to Her. Overall, She is strict, but fair.
Goddess Lilyan's puppet
There's also Her boundless creativity which is evident in the variety of tasks that She sets for Her slaves (like her Single Loser Challenge 1), contests that She makes them partake in (like Her Valentine's Day contest on DreamHouseLive) and rewards that She grants them for doing well in those tasks and contests (here on Onlyfans, occasionally She grants most active members in the comment section a personalized audio catered specially for them). In conclusion, Mistress Lilyan has an astonishing personality that's every bit as perfect as Her physical form. If you're looking for a domme that can fulfill and surpass your wildest fantasies, you will never find anyone better suited for the job than Mistress Lilyan. All the traits that I've mentioned here is what makes Her the supreme perfect Goddess that She is and it's why I love being a member of Her Onlyfans.


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