Slave Dave confessions part 5 FootFetish + Financial Domination
Financial Domnation Training

Slave Dave confessions part 6 Blackmail Interogation?

As i re-watch the session now, I'm so surprised that it was only a little over 30 minutes! She did so much to my mind in such a short time.

She wore black stockings and the sexiest red dress that hugged her wonderful curves. Her makeup was exquisitely applied and I loved her earrings and bracelets too. While i'm usually into shoes, they were lovely too and complimented her outfit perfectly. Absolute class all the way.

As soon as the session started she started to interrogate me. Ask me questions about my life, my fetishes, my weaknesses. Then she used that to get my real name  and some other info. She now had me in her clutches. It was done swiftly and without mercy. But also skillfully and seductively. With the precision of a surgeon. My head was spinning, i didn't know what was going on... all i knew was that i had to follow her orders.

She made me promise to be loyal to her and only think of her... Every pose she did and every word she said was perfection. Totally beyond my wildest dreams. She got inside my head and planted the seeds that have spawned this blog you are reading now.

I'm an addict and she is my drug. Nothing else will excite me, only her.

I'm an addict and she is my drug.
I'm an addict and she is my drug.
I'm an addict and she is my drug.
I'm an addict and she is my drug.

This is what she made me say to her over and over again... it is my mantra. Her body controls me. I can't resist.

Errr.... where was i?

Since then I have been in her free chat rooms... admiring her beauty and foolishly commenting on the poses and clothing she's worn that has made me particularly horny. I'm sure she has taken mental notes of each of these confessions.

Yes it may look rather grim for me, right?  Wow, this Dave guy must be totally lost already, right? No way he can resist! But i did resist one time... the first time she wanted me to go into her private room. so, maybe i can resist? Maybe i can win this battle? I must keep hope... without hope there is nothing... I must win.

I'm an addict and she is my drug.
I'm an addict and she is my drug.
I'm an addict and she is my drug.
I'm an addict and she is my drug.............


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