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Slave Dave confessions part 3: Why Mistress Lilyan?

Here are 10 reasons why Goddess Lilyan has had such a profound impact on me in the space of a week:


1.  Her legs

Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first.  I'm definitely a "leg guy" and Goddess Lilyan has the most perfect legs i've ever seen.  I can say with all honesty that i doubt i'll ever see anything as perfect.  Her thighs are the part i get particularly drawn to.  However, much like Lilyan's other features, there's so much more to it rather than just her legs being sexy...  Having the assets is only part of it... it's using them that is the most important part.  She is able to strike the sexiest poses that highlights their perfection.

2.  Her voice

Goddess has a very sexy voice.  Yes she has an accent (a very sexy one too) but there's so much more to it than that.  Many visitors to her room want to know where she is from but she won't answer... I really like that.  Her nationality doesn't make her who she is nor is it what makes her voice so seductive and powerful... although it may help!  It's the tone of her voice... how she varies it weather she is talking down to subs, berating disrespectful users or seducing weak minded people like myself.  I love how she says my name "Dave"  it gives me chills of pleasure every time.

3.  Her hands

Goddess has beautiful hands and nails.  She also wears very nice rings to highlight their beauty.  The best part of her hands, however, is how she runs them over her legs and hair and other parts of her body.  then when she wears gloves it's taken to a whole new level.  I feel that her hands are very expressive...  she uses them to focus her devotees to parts of her body she wishes to be focused on.  So in a way they are an extension of her mind.  which brings me to...

4.  Her mind

This is probably the most powerful aspect of Goddess Lilyan.  She is obviously very intelligent and understands how the mind of her devotees work and how to get inside it.  You can also tell by the way she speaks and her choice of words... she's very well spoken and this is extra impressive if English is in fact her second language (which it may not be i'm not sure)  I feel like there's so much that can be said about the power of her mind but I'm only starting to understand its power.  After a week, however, there's no doubting its power and it's something I'm very very attracted to thus far.

5.  Her wit

Goddess Lilyan has to deal with all sorts of annoying, freeloading visitors to her free chat rooms.  This could potentially be irritating for her and for other members in her room but Goddess is able to make a positive out of this by putting them in her place with her dry wit which is very entertaining :-)  I love hearing her "i'm from your computer" response to "where are you from?" She's also witty with her devotees too.  This is once again an extension of her mind.

6.  Her smirk

Goddess' use of wit is often coupled with her sexy smirk.  Even sexier is when she is chatting with a devotee who she knows she has wrapped around her finger.  She knows they are hers and she can do what she likes with them...  This appears to amuse her greatly which is what results in the smirk.  I've been the recipient of such smirks a couple of times and hope to receive many more in future.

7.  Her eyes

Goddess has the most beautiful blue eyes.  They are warm and deep but also piercing and powerful.  She really knows how to use them too.  In my first session she zoomed in to them as she really started to mindfuck me.  Her eyes are also very expressive... they often light up when she smirks and when she gives a sexy warmer smile too.

8.  Her style

So far every outfit I've seen Goddess in has been stunning.  Her choice of stockings/pantyhose, lingerie, dresses and skirts have all been really sexy.  But it's not only her clothes, it's her accessories as well... her makeup and jewelry.  She has really good taste and pride in her appearance.  She also seems to really look after her body and health too.  She aims to be the best of herself and demands the best from her slaves as well.  It's something i really admire about her.

9.  Her care

Providing you show your respect to her, Goddess will care for you and your needs.  It must be hard having several rooms online simultaneously and answering several questions from different people at the same time, many of which may have no interest in showing their appreciation, and maintain a caring attitude.  Of course she is a dominant woman and guys should rightfully serve her rather than she serve them and this is what happens.  However, there is an element of care a mistress can have for a slave... providing the slave serves her well.  Goddess Lilyan appears to have this a lot.  When I'm in her room she cares for my thoughts, responds to my comments and has let me start this blog for her.  When she has a private show she tells everyone and even sometimes says how long she will be gone for.  She doesn't have to do any of these things but she does and it's very generous of her.  I feel that she has given me much more than I have to her.  It's something i really really appreciate and greatly increases my fondness for her.  If she is doing this out of true generosity or as a tactic to increase the addiction a new slave has for her i'm not sure... but both possible reasons are something i'd be happy with.

10.  Her lips/hair/feet

I wanted to only write 10 things but i have three more to write about so will mention each briefly here.  There are times when Goddess licks her lips and that drives me crazy.  Also when she applies lipstick it gets me really really weak.  Hair and feet are 2 things i've never really had a fetish for before but Goddess' are undeniably stunning.  As she teases and seduces her devotees with her hair and feet i can feel myself getting some new fetishes.  Something that is quite exciting to say the least.


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