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My life update

Was not sure if I should post about it , or just keep it separate from the world I am offering you guys.. But this is part of me so I decided to share and hope for your understanding. 



As some of you may know I have 4 yorkies, my oldest one is 16 and just gotten very sick last week.. It took priority in my life, over my schedule. That will explain why you could not catch me on line as much as scheduled. 

Yesterday, after 2 visits to the vet, and ultrasound he was diagnosed with  liver cancer. I got medicine to keep him comfortable and reduce inflammation.  I do not want to go into more details, but wanted to let you know. 

I am still around, there are scheduled updates coming up for you to enjoy. Working keeps my mind busy and really helps! It helps the stress and anxiety I feel now.

If you want to help, keep getting my content, enjoy it and leave positive feedback. That will put a smile on my face.


As you may also know , I have planned a trip, for 3months, and it involves other people.. I decided not to cancel the trip, the timing is unfortunate but I am leaving my pup in good hands for the time I am gone. My brain needs it.  I will be posting updates from my trip! Ge a glimpse into my vanilla life. I will be travelling with girlfriends who have no idea what I do. I would not be surprised if they are suspicious but they never question the version I present them for my job:)

If you want us to enjoy our trip some more send us some tributes for coffee, drinks and dinners!

Just a quick note that I opened AVN Stars account. I feel it deserves a whole separate post, so I will work on it as soon as I can.  BUT for now, use this link to sign up for FREE and follow me. Follow is FREE , or chose a paid option. ( preferred of course) 

I see you guys are loving my Thursday updates on clip sites! Keep on getting my content to show support and feed your addition. 

There is more coming out next Thursday! Foot Fetish ones, Cleavage ones! 

Talk soon, 


Mistress Lilyan




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