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Financial Domnation Training

Today I woke up in a particularly 'findom' mood. I thought to myself..

For moneyslaves or aspiring walletslaves, 

who want to feel


I want to take everything. For 2 months.



Leave them with bare necessities.  Utilities, mortgage/ rent and nothing for entertainment, eating out, no purchases at all, unless approved by me.  I think that would be insanely hot and challenging. But what do they get in return? 

The privilege for be a paypig for 2 months, to feel the reality changing on them from day 1 of financial control. I will not let them  go out to eat, no lunch breaks at cafes, no Starbucks, no clips purchases.. No cash withdrawals.

I will request: 

Obviously a job with a decent paycheck. Minimum $500 left after necessities paid.

List of all necessities needed to be paid with $ amount. Do your homework before contacting me.

Full bank access so I can monitor paycheck going in and everything going out.

Further details will be discussed privately. 

Must be in English.

This position has nothing to do with blackmail, but that is a possible twist if interested. 


How to APPLY: 

email me with a tribute of $25 attached.  No tribute inquiries will be ignored. 


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