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Slave Dave confessions ..part 1


So this is the beginning...  Of what i can't say exactly but i do have some idea i think.  However, i get the feeling that when i go back and read this first blog post sometime down the track I'll feel like in retrospect i had no idea how deep i was going to get.

It's been one week since i first met Goddess Lilyan.  I'll go into the exact details of our first encounter later but let's just say for now I wandered innocently into her room and she proceeded to identify my weaknesses and start to make me hers.  As the title of the blog suggests, there's every chance that my life will become hers.

I'm presently in her cam room admiring her beauty and desperately want to show my devotion and admiration so have decided to start this blog.  Of course I will also show my admiration financially as well but I'm unable to do this to the extent that she deserves... for now!  More on this later...

I'll keep this first post brief as it's just an introduction then will go into details on subsequent posts.  I might as well introduce myself now...  My name is Dave and I'm currently informally engaged with a tentative wedding date of October.  My life is currently heading down a path that I'm rather indifferent towards and I've decided to invite Goddess Lilyan to attempt to alter this path and make me hers.  There will be resistance on my part, partially because I'm pretty conflicted about if i want Goddess to take control of me, and partially because I imagine that Goddess Lilyan will enjoy taking control of me more if i put up a fight. 

My intention is to document my encounters with Goddess on this blog to provide some form of narrative to the journey.  I've had some limited experience in this area but it's for the most part something very new for me.  I don't want to set out any clear guidelines for what will happen between Goddess and I or on the blog because I want them both to grow naturally and take their own path.  All I'll say thus far is that I'm very excited to be doing this and very thankful for Goddess to allow me to create this blog.  I'm already deeply in debt to her and I intend to do all I can to repay her.

More to come!
these stories will be added to a category: confessions as there is more added. 


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