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Slave Dave confessions part 2

OK so this post will probably be rather long but i'll try to keep it concise. If i'm going to document my supposed surrender of my life to Goddess Lilyan then probably the best way to start is to talk about what my life is like now. I've decided that i don't want to reveal private information about myself because I want to remain anonymous. Not just for myself but for people who my actions may effect. I know that many slaves enjoy giving out personal details for blackmail and things like that but while it's something i find interesting... Read more →

So.... I am going to give it my best! I will admit that I have not been on any particular schedule with my phone lines, and I understand that can be very hard to catch me or figure out when to expect me to be available. I have been very good at keeping my CAM SCHEDULE though! I update it weekly, usually late Sunday or Monday for the current week. CAM Schedule As far as my PHONE LINES go, I will send out an email with phone plan for the following week. I will also post it on my twitter... Read more →

Slave Dave confessions ..part 1

Introduction So this is the beginning... Of what i can't say exactly but i do have some idea i think. However, i get the feeling that when i go back and read this first blog post sometime down the track I'll feel like in retrospect i had no idea how deep i was going to get. It's been one week since i first met Goddess Lilyan. I'll go into the exact details of our first encounter later but let's just say for now I wandered innocently into her room and she proceeded to identify my weaknesses and start to make... Read more →

Once in a while I will be taking calls all night long under a AFTER HOURS special event. The rates will be higher though ( obviously ) but if this is the only time you can play, still sooo worth it! Click PHONE tab on the top for my links. So tonight , regular rates till 11 PM EST ( New York) and then switching to AFTER HOURS rates. Thursday calls will be on starting 5PM est till 11 PM + after hours special 11PM - 6 AM Friday : 8 am till 2 pm , after 2 pm :... Read more →