Do you wonder what my custom videos are like?
He belongs to Lilyan- erotic story

Life as a poppers addict...

My heart starts to race. ‘’Keep sniffing ____’’ My mind begins to melt as she says my name. ‘’Good boy _____’’ My eyes shutter and I feel weaker and weaker. I slowly come back to reality and Mistress crushes it. I’m ordered to take it to the next level and get more fucked up for Mistress. I love this right? I'm not a victim, I volunteered. I follow her orders mindlessly not thinking of any consequences. I can feel my cage throbbing almost crying to escape. Mistress Lilyan knows that brown bottle is my weakness and she knows the perfect dose to give me. That little bottle of destruction and devastation mixed with her gentle voice of dominant demands. My mind flashes, I forget who I am. ‘’Sniff and hold, Sniff and hold. Sniff for 10 seconds. 10…9….8…’’ Each hit bringing me to further submission. My brain molds to her perfect playground. Her voice drills in my ears and all I know is Mistress Lilyan… My body only knows how to react with soft moans… She tells me her plan with me and I have never felt more submissive in my life… Fear with curiosity mixes as I drown it with a drink. I beg for my release.




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