Royal Birthday , July 13! you are invited!
Addicted to being exposed? Humiliated?

Poppers and Brainwash and Chastity

COERCEDiNTOXlILYANSo you called me before..

Or you are thinking of it..

Anticipation. Anxiety. Followed by Intoxication. Mind corruption. Personality Bending. ’’Sniff your poppers pet. Drink and Sniff’ echoes through your mind as you eagerly wait for me, Mistress Lilyan to answer your call..

Just by the first sound of my voice you can feel submission overcome you…

your shyness and obedience are now exposed to me and it’s almost like I knows exactly what to say to make you feel vulnerable again.

your mind slowly begins to sink and your manhood presses against chastity cage. Bound by my voice you begin to take a sip of your drink as if I was holding it to your face and pouring it down your throat. My laughs, my giggles but caring voice beings to break down your walls and what is yours becomes mine. The real corruption hasn’t even began and you begin to fall deeper to Mistresses spell… Bottle to your nose and my whisper ‘’Sniff your poppers’’ Brainwashing process is ON!

Are you ready? Go ahead call me !

Nite Flirt: 

Call Mistress Lilyan for phone sex on


Are you curious what some of my calls are like? you can listen to my coerced intoxication calls with others!  ( yes they consent to these being recorded) . I do not record calls otherwise. Click on the button to see a further description and preview when available. 
                                                                               Turning my sissy into a JUNKIE : 

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Under My control 

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