New addition to my WEB, OnlyFans
Coerced Intoxication with poppers

Txt me your secrets!

MistressLilyanTXTImagine texting with me while at work!

in bed with your wife or in a boring meeting or a class!

Or getting a txt message from me when you least expect it! How exciting would that be? 

Every single message designed to bring you closer to your me.


I love being in touch with my pets, subs, betas, sissies ..whatever group you find yourself in..  my goal is to build a steady relationship between us. Yes, there are some of you who are drive by's and that is expected but I am especially paying attention to my regular pets, who build report with me and I get to know them. 

I realize you cannot call my fetish phone lines on a daily basis! My phone lines are the best way to interact with me, but now I am offering CHAT sessions that are more budget friendly so you can be in touch with me DAILY! Increase your interaction with me, build your relationship with me, FEEL YOU BELONG. 

Here is how it works:

  1. you will need a niteflirt account and initiate CHAT with me. 
  2. Once you leave your message I will see it and respond when available.  If you are new, introduce yourself to me, tell me what brought you to my page, what you are looking for. Tell me about your fetish!

I love chatting about financial domination with moneyslaves, poppers and drinking with intox subs planning their coerced intoxication session with me, sissies loving to dress up in pink panties and matching lipstick, forced bi that need to be pushed to visit glory holes, chastity betas that know they are useless as men, and more. Tell me your kinks.  Just a note, that my Instagram or twitter is not the place for texting! 

So here is the deal, I am not sitting by my PC as if I had a desk job, I am living my Goddess Life and check my messages when I can, usually once every hour, and respond to them. 

Sometimes I am out for the night, sometimes I am at the gym, shopping so it will take 5 hours before I get to see your message. Or perhaps I am sleeping, then it will obviously be even longer. 



If you would like to have uninterrupted 15 -30 min or longer chat session with me when you get my FULL ATTENTION, lets schedule it! That is the time when I will be by my desk, drilling into your brain, learning your secrets, and pushing your limits. 

Block Chat sessions require additional tribute 

Those sessions are available for all kinds of kinks, just like my phone lines.

Financial domination, coerced intoxication, poppers, sissy training, homewrecking, chastity, cbt, sph , beta conditioning. 

Now, try it! 

Mistress Lilyan






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