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New addition to my WEB, OnlyFans

After giving it much thought and requests from many of my fans I finally opened another layer of my web!  OnlyFans! 


Perhaps you want to silently lurk at what is happening in my Goddess life or you want to be loud and comment on all of my posts, this is a place to be! I cannot imagine you not being a part of it if you want to be a part of my web.

So I am thinking of adding majority of images/ clip teasers there instead of regular Twitter. I am planning to update daily or as close to it.

My goal is to grow OnlyFans EMPIRE so I want to create a place that will feed your addiction to me constantly.

Mistress Lilyan PresentsOnlyFans

It is not easy when it comes to addressing many people at the same time, with various fetishes, preferences and needs.

So be mindful of that.

My goal is to have a mix of everything,
My messages to your brain, my daily life updates, my bits from sessions (when the participants agree to being published ONLY or when post/images are anonymous) , travelling pictures and such.

Fetishes I plan to cover are the ones I cater to
Foot fetish

And more

It will be a MIX to bring you closer to my life as if you were a fly in the wall.



If you are a member of other OnlyFans and you see what works best, in your opinion, let me know!


Join Now! I am waiting inside.. 

Mistress Lilyan


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