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I know you love getting high on poppers, the rush is incomparable! Sniffing alone does excite you but imagine what it feels like to be told to inhale deep by a mistress in charge. I talk to popperpigs ( as they call themselves often) on a daily basis so I have a lot of experience in handling your kink. I created a video for the newbies who are curious and want to learn more before they call my Intox Phone Line Coerced Intox Fantasy How to prepare for your 1st call on my popper line? What will poppers do to... Read more →

Imagine texting with me while at work! in bed with your wife or in a boring meeting or a class! Or getting a txt message from me when you least expect it! How exciting would that be? Every single message designed to bring you closer to your me. Read more →

After giving it much thought and requests from many of my fans I finally opened another layer of my web! OnlyFans! Perhaps you want to silently lurk at what is happening in my Goddess life or you want to be loud and comment on all of my posts, this is a place to be! I cannot imagine you not being a part of it if you want to be a part of my web. So I am thinking of adding majority of images/ clip teasers there instead of regular Twitter. I am planning to update daily or as close to... Read more →

I am happy to announce I have been nominated in another prestigious event that I am planning to attend , in Bucharest Romania in June 2019! At this glamourous event I have been nominated in the following categories: Fetish Model of Th Year Independent Model of The Year Best Live Cam Model Personal Site VOTE here ( Just once, but you need to register a free account, every single vote matters! Scroll through the page to find my 3 categories) Thank you! Read more →

This is a free task that will make a difference! I want you to go to this link(CLICK HERE) DAILY and vote for me in 5 categories. That simple. I will be attending the gala in Romania and hope to WIN! But that can only happen when every one of you votes! Start right away! I am honored to be nominated in the following categories: Fetish Model Of The Year Premium Queen European Live Cam Model Glamour Model of The Year Best Entertainer xoxo Mistress Lilyan Read more →

Intoxication Time! PROMO April and May 2019 4.99 3.99/min Click to see if I am available now ( for callers who pre book a DAYTME call, in EST or later afternoon/ early night in London) Message me via discord or DM on twitter for appointments and details) Buy Discord ID: get a drink NOW..and continue to read you know you want to lose control and listen to my hypnotic sexy accent the longer you stay on the phone with me the weaker you are, willing to tell me all of your secrets! make sure you load your account FULL before... Read more →