Christmas Party 2018! Yes! you are invited!
Mistress needs your votes!

Coerced Intoxication Calls for Less?

Call Mistress Lilyan for phone sex on


Intoxication Time!

PROMO April and May 2019 4.99 3.99/min

Click to see if I am available now


( for callers who pre book a DAYTME call, in EST or later afternoon/ early night in London)

Message me via discord or DM on twitter for appointments and details)

Buy Discord ID:

get a drink NOW..and continue to read
you know you want to lose control and listen to my hypnotic sexy accent
the longer you stay on the phone with me the weaker you are, willing to tell me all of your secrets!
make sure you load your account FULL before you call! soon you will not be able to remember your own name!
I will make you so weak, learn your weaknesses and addictions then mindfuck you and program you to my liking.
yes! you will become my addict

Grab a bottle of whiskey, vodka or poppers and call me for a session of coerced intoxication


Listen to my voice, as I guide you and take you from sober, to buzzed, to fucked up!

Prepare yourself for destruction drink by drink or sniff poppers as I take complete control of you.

I love to get MY boys drunk and make them do increasingly stupid things. Intoxication often can go hand in hand with forced bi forced feminization, consensual blackmail or financial domination , so be careful what you wish for!

I will get you to tell me all of your secrets..

You may want to schedule that party ahead of time! :)


Drink and give me your info! VIDEO CLIP

join the weak who already surrendered to me after watching it!

Consensual Blackmail maybe? lets see!
Have a drink ready before you purchase to make it more fun!

Be ready to be seduced and used....

Buy from Mistress Lilyan through


read about my sessions!

Read about my intox session with PH . 110121-234140

Ph is such a weak slut when I look at him and when he hears My voice.. He knows I am a SPECIALIST in FINANCIAL DOMINATION and once in My claws he is not able to escape.. The session lasted close to 11 hours..and ended just because I wanted to go to sleep..

He spent hours and hours looking into My eyes wanting to give Me more and more.. He is so addicted to Me , to My Feet and Eyes there is nothing that compares to the experience he gets with Me!

"this is the best sexual experience of my life!"

"I realize now what YOU are doing to me!"

PH is obsessed with the need to be controlled to the point of hypnotizing him..making him experience our stories on a different level.. I empty his brain and his wallet.. and there is more to come!

If you want to see samples of My session with PH.. you can buy them here!

It was a cam2cam session, but you are only able to see Me. Click each button for details on each sample video.

Financial domination, Foot Fetish, Stroke and Pay, Long Nails

Welcome to My Royal World of Seductive Manipulation and Domination,
let your addiction start!!!

I enjoy financialy dominating my intoxicated drones!
Using boytoys weak points to get them to spend spend and please me!
We go online shopping, or shop my wishlists! Amazon 
It excites me so much seeing you sacrifice your own comfort of life for my luxuries!

call me now or buy my discord ID to chat about your intox time!



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