Bucharest Summit 2018 , Fetish Model of The Year Nomination
Sissy training, ForcedBi and more.. with the remote controled butt plug HUSH

2018 Royal Birthday July 13 , you are invited!

Royal Birthday Celebration!

Best time to show your appreciation!



you think of me, I am on your mind, I have changed your life for the better in so many ways. If you have been with me for a while we probably developed a connection that no one else can understand or provide. 

If you are new, get ready for a ride of your life! I will take you to places you did not imagine going, push your limits and enjoy watching you spin.

I love what I do!  Do you love what I do? 

It is the best time to show me your support, appreciation, your devotion and admiration.

Show me the love!

On this special day I want to feel all of my GOOD BOYS and GIRLS send me all the love from all over the world!

Spoil your Goddess with a gift of $125 or more from My Amazon Lists:

Birthday List

or Fitness List - support my goals and show your appreciation for my hard workouts. Those legs don't maintain themselves.

If I feel you forgot to celebrate my Royal Birthday, I will forget you exist. Skype/Discord privileges will be removed.

Rates will be raised.

Its your job to make your Goddess feel wonderful!

Go on good boy, click away!


 If you are one of my BLACKMAIL sluts:

I know how the thought of being blackmailed gets you hard and horny.. so this year we continue the tradition -  the thrilling game  to celebrate My Royal Birthday July 13th.

I love to be spoiled , and your duty is to serve and make me happy! The more you adore me the more you spend on my special day!

Think about the information I have on you.. full name? address?

phone number? work number or address? family contacts?

facebook contacts? How could I expose you..think about it for a moment..

(if  we never played before, it is high time you surrender to my seduction and give me your information!- get and play my videos

Buy from Mistress Lilyan through Niteflirt.com

Buy from Mistress Lilyan through Niteflirt.com


 you have till July 15 midnight EST to purchase a gift from my wish list or amazon 

to keep your information safe. it will not be published  if I receive a gift from you. The minimum of the gift total  ( without shipping , can be combined several items) must be $125.

However my financially controlled robots, paypigs and wallet slaves, need to step it up!

Expect to spend  anywhere from $300-$1000 , and perhaps you will get an email from me with a specific gift I have in mind, I want from you!

If you do not have that money put aside for My Birthday, what were you thinking! Better apply for a new credit card or a loan!


so this is the consensual part... it is up to you to obey or to be blackmailed..


if you do not purchase gift(s) and send me email conformation by July 15 midnight , you agree to having your information exposed!


All of my robots who celebrate my Royal Birthday, will be safe from blackmail and have the privilege to keep their current rates for sessions with me.

Disobedient robots will either be excluded from contacting me ever again, or their rates will go up. That's up to my discretion, which option I will choose.

Mistress Lilyan


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