6th Annual Boytoy Report for 2015, Pink and Black Book Awards
Bucharest Summit 2018 , Fetish Model of The Year Nomination

2018 Valentines Blackmail Party! Join the raffle and try your luck too!

It's that time of the year again! my darling robots, sissies , paypiggs and subs.

Aren't you blessed that every single one of you have ME in your life to celebrate this wonderful , ohhh so romantic day ?

you should not need any other reasons to spoil me!


but if you get thrilled just thinking about being blackmailed but do you really want to do it? As always it is consensual. If you chose not to follow the rules you every bit of info I have collected from our conversations or emails are at risk. Yes! The same info you delivered into my perfectly manicured hands, so I could own your life, control it and manipulate it as I see fit.

Entering into my world fascinated you, perhaps you have been reading this website for months before you decided to contact me. When you did , you confessed your sins, you opened most vulnerable parts of yourself, I entered into your world too! In one way or another I got control of some aspects of your life. Perhaps it i your cock I am controlling  , perhaps your finances or guide your fantasies. I know things about you..


I know you are happy when the secrets stay just between us.  I know you love reading somebody's else secrets though! But when it comes to you, oh no..pleaseeee Mistress, not me!

Do I have your name ?

Do I have your phone number?

Do I have your address?

Do I have your  pictures?

Do I have your voice recorded?

Do I have your video?


Well this is entirely up to you.

Simple rules.

Spend $125 minimum on the wish list of your choice -shipping not included. Then email me confirmation of your order. Must be completed by Feb 15th. mistresslilyan@gmail.com

If you are the one who spends the least amount you are at risk, of being exposed as well. Don't be cheap on this fabulous romantic day!

ALSO!  Every time you ignore one of the special days in the year , your rates with me will go up. So keep your rates the same  by spending for Valentines.

Wish List:


Remember it is a perfect occasion to impress me, I will definitely look back at participants when collecting data for Black Book and Pink Book Awards!

Don't miss your chance.




I will be collecting hearts all day Feb 14 on DreamHouseLive.com (DHL) They appear in my chat room or you an send them to me offline from this link 

To satisfy my blackmail party requirements , you need to send at least 25 hearts.


Are you NEW to DHL?

If you are a new user to the site, I assure you it is safe , I have been there for many years. You will also receive 120 free credits when you add your account that will cover 2 hearts already. 

RAFFLE! Chance to win virtual time with me!!




Ps. Ignoring my Valentines Blackmail Party this year puts you at risk of exposure to the world. Removal of exposed info , will cost $400 to cover administration fees. 



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