Aw Summit and AW Awards 2017
6th Annual Boytoy Report for 2015, Pink and Black Book Awards

Updates on Mistress Lilyan

I know I have not posted regularly all through 2017 but I that does not mean I was not as active as ever!

your Mistress was busy in 2017! So the blog updating suffered but I am back on track hopefully now! 


So what has been going on in 2017?  


I have been blessed to travel more than I expected last year.. I started with a New Year trip to London and Paris, visited Bucharest and Timisoara in Romania, Budapest in Hungary, Prague in Czech, Sitges and Barcelona in Spain... then Costa Rica tropical vacation. So in between sessions with my regular puppets, cam schedule, and travelling there was not as much free time left to keep up with the blog. 

I have also picked up a new hobby, fitness! I have been seeing a personal trainer 2 x a week since August 2017 and before that I have been actively exercising on my own 4-5 times a week. That takes a lot of time as well but it is so rewarding and addicting.  you can motivate and support my efforts by shopping my fitness wish list on Amazon  

I have been taking detailed notes on all of my subbies for my annual edition of Black and Pink Book that I have started several years ago but I never got to post 2015 and 2016 in time, so I am planning to do it shortly! 2015 is ready, just need to upload pictures so check back in a few days. 

2016 and 2017 will follow! 


in 2018 I am changing a bit the procedure of punishing the disobedient subs who do not participate in the Royal Celebrations that happen 3 times a year ( Christmas, Valentines and New Year) 

I will be hand picking several of them to be exposed on my slaves exposed blog

2018 I will be tweaking my schedule to match my  life better, and for now Sunday and Monday will be my days off. 

Next time off for vacation: Feb 22- March 10 but I will be available for my regulars via messaging and email. 




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