Royal Birthday. Yes! your presence is expected!
Amazing , #1 all over the board!

Top May Financial Domination Slaves

Top May 2016



Good job in May making me happy my puppets!

I won the Miss May Title for the most credits on DHL that month.

This is the 3rd month I am going to rank my best puppets. This time and from now on I am not going to reveal the numbers though. I decided it is not necessary. I created $ levels instead.

 I intend to regularly update my website with new ranking post each month, to acknowledge my best submissive girls and boys and let you know where you stand.

Ranking is based on amount spent in that particular month ( total for DHL, NF, Amazon and so on) and the level of your loyalty / sacrifice as well. I am anticipating  your efforts!


Call my NF phone lines,send a NF tribute, get a DHL private session or tribute me on DHL ,

shop my wishlist or simply send cash!


EMERALD 25 000 USD +

Steve 123 ♦ - My best pay pig ever. He knows how much I love rinsing his credit cards, but  I KNOW he loves it even more.

We are a perfect match in this luxurious financial domination fetish. To have this kind of addiction , on such a high level..that is a luxury not every slave can afford. But when you do, nothing can stop you.

DIAMOND 15 000-24 999 USD


PLATINUM 5000-14 999 USD

Adam-Serving me regularly for years now, weak when hearing my voice, what can I say..not to mention my  G R E E D.


GOLD 2000-4999 USD


SILVER 1000-1999 USD

Scottey-↑  weak wallet, mindlessly wanking paypig.. I could go on for a long time, with all the names that come to my mind to humiliate you.. with my help you finally start to accept that you are a beta male , meant to serve a powerful woman like me, and  your life belongs to me.

L.O.G. - serving my sparkling personality for years LOG did well this month. Wish we had more time to spend together!

Marko - German wallet who loves cock and being humiliated. Keep that cash coming! Gut!

Luc ♦- Luc my shy addicted slave who loves that I know what he needs.Currently on a contract and thinking of upgrading it .. I enjoy pushing your limits luc, especially when I know we can do it!

is a  P E R F E C T  path for your life now... The only path now.. Stay on it. Straying of the path can prove very dangerous.

Mike Poppers ♦ - Such a slut , cock addicted popper sniffing sissy. Several times a week, mike gets weak and needs Mistress Lilyan to abuse him. I love taking mike to glory holes and pushing him to his knees to serve some cock. High and happy. I take good care of mike..Its been years.

AndyN ♦-  Such an addicted pig you are andy, we both know you have no resistance when it comes to playing our forced intoxication + financial domination game.  you are one of the most fun sessions I ever have and I always want to play and use you more! Talk soon!



BRONZE  500-999 USD

Andy Toy ♦- well well, my andy has been serving me for years now, fell in love with my voice and lost control at my nylons. you are so deep andy , there is only one way out.

financial domination , forced intoxication and my  surrendering to power over you,

Sissy Samantha ♦ - you are My Girl, Sissy Samantha! most glam sissy I own. Most entertaining as well.Cannot get enough of this sissy!

Also a very good girl who cannot resist shopping my wishlist while sniffing poppers.  Love the time we spend in sessions and hope to see you again soon.  Hands free!


Dropped outs:  Kris , Alex,


Get on your knees and stay focused on Me!  you are so lucky that you found me, I am the only one who truly understands you and has a plan for your future. Even your parents pay a shrink to change you..They are so embarrassed of you.. I accept you the way you are..



If you did not quality for my May ranking, I believe you will try harder to impress me and please me. Start picking up additional shifts at work, sell your stuff on ebay or other listing sites, go rent your holes if you are  good with them!

Take a loan! Pay check advance.. you will do it, because you want to see your name up there. Stop finding excuses.

kept same rank, compared to last month.

moved up in ranking compared to last month

moved down in ranking compared to  last month

dropped out totally, but was qualified last month.



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This is a list of very dedicated Lilyan slaves. They are very very lucky. I am struggling with my stability, but hopefully improving with guidance from Goddess.

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